Best Birkenstock Dupes 2023 | Dhgate Birkenstocks reviewed.

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Looking for a great pair of Birkenstock dupes? Check out our list of the best Birkenstock dupes for all the details!

Whether it’s fashion enthusiasts or soccer moms, Birkenstock footwear has always been extremely popular and convenient. In fact, they’ve carved out their very own niche for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, they can get quite expensive. Even a classic Birkenstock sandal can cost up to a whopping $135.

Fortunately, there are a ton of duplicates out there that don’t lose out in terms of quality, materials and craftsmanship. In fact, with the really best of the best Birkenstock dupes, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

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Birkenstock on DHgate

The best Birkenstock dupe is 805 Mayari Arizona Gizeh Birkenstock Dupe from yunpeng5113 Store. Not only are they 1:1 dupes but they are also made of great quality materials, ensuring high durability and longevity.

Are Dhgate Birkenstock Worth it?

805 Mayari Arizona Gizeh Birkenstock Dupe from yunpeng5113 Store

The 805 Mayari Arizona Gizeh Birkenstock Dupe from yunpeng5113 Store is definitely one of the best Birkenstock Dupes out there. In fact, this one is a 1:1 replica of the classic cork sandal. In addition to being flat heels and for unisex, it also happens to be $100 cheaper than the originals at just $35.

Moreover, these flat-heeled sandals come with Genuine Leather for the upper material and the tough EVA wood rubber as the outsole which offer amazing grip and stability. 

Additionally, the gladiator style is quite fashionable and can be worn for all casual events. Especially, as it comes with buckles. Even the lining material is made of genuine leather, which makes it look rather classy.

The shoe width is also quite wide and is comfortable for almost all foot types. As for the store, they’re highly reliable with over 100% positive feedback and reviews. 

Check them out here!

Duplicate Birkenstock Waterfront Brown Leather Sandals from Monogram Store

The Duplicate Birkenstock Waterfront Brown Leather Sandals from Monogram Store is hands down one of the best Birkenstock dupes in the market. These Booty Moccasin style of sandals are perfect for everyday use, indoor use and even beach use. The originals as well as these dupes are meant to be used in the summer months and are ideal for men.

Moreover, the materials that are used to make these dupes are frankly quite good. The manufacturer uses PVC Rubber for an upper material and Eva Rubber as an outsole material with a canvas lining. The insole, on the other hand, is a comfortable Eva material. However, it does tend to rip faster than the originals. 

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More than anything, these slippers are perfect for those looking for comfort and convenience. They come with buckles and are quite fashionable as well. 

As for the store, you can find it on DHgate and they have a decent rating with a 98.7% positive feedback and over 835 reviews, making it one of the best stores that sell Birkenstock Dupes. Most importantly, you can even get a refund within 7 days if you don’t like the sandals. 

Check them out here!

Birkenstock Dupe Shoes With Platform Sandals Straw Bottoms from Xinjiamei Store

These Shoes With Platform Sandals Straw Bottoms from Xinjiamei Store are not only amazing in quality but they also happen to be extremely affordable at $24.52. Moreover, you can actually expect to get a discount if you plan on making a wholesale order. 

These flat heels are quite durable and are ideal for women. The upper material comes with a sturdy PVC material and the outsole is made of a rubber that does scuff easily. Additionally, these also come with straw bottoms and buckles. And a lift that’s 3-5cm in height. So, it’s definitely a looker. 

However, these are best worn for casual events and for daily use. Especially, as the sole is made of a soft leather material that is easy on the feet. We recommend you don’t wear these to the beach or in the rain as these aren’t waterproof. 

Check them out here!

Non-slip Wear-Resisting Sandals Birkenstock Dupe from aikuaimaoyi Store

These Birkenstock Dupes are more of slippers than sandals. However, the decorative style and patterns make it suitable for wearing outside to the beach or for any leisure activities. But at the end of the day, Non-slip Wear-Resisting Sandals Birkenstock Dupe from aikuaimaoyi Store is meant to be worn in the shower room. And these slippers are unisex.

Moreover, these summer slippers are extremely durable and can last for years if maintained well. The upper material is made from a comfortable PVC material that offers support. Even the outsole is made from a tough EVA material. However, the most amazing thing about these slippers is the animal prints. 

This classic Birkenstock Dupe costs around $21.29 and depending on the number of wholesale numbers, you can look at even low as $8.40 a pair. 

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Check it out here!

Birkenstock Dupes PU Flat Sandals Cork Slippers

These Birkenstock Dupes PU Flat Sandals Cork Slippers are the 1:1 replicas of the entry-level Birkenstocks. However, the only difference between Additionally, these dupes are perfect for the beach and for all kinds of everyday errands. 

Similar to most of the dupes on this list, these slippers come with a PU upper material and an EVA outsole, both of which ensure comfort and stability. All in all, it’s one of the best on this list. Most importantly, the store has a high rating and amazing customer service. 

Check them out here!

How to buy the best Birkenstock dupes?

Choosing the best Birkenstock dupes aren’t as easy as simply heading online and clicking a button. Of course, you can always do that. However, there are a ton of Birkenstock dupes that are terrible in quality. So, it’s always best to look at the following factors before making a decision.

Design and Materials

Fundamentally Birkenstocks are a type of shoe or sandal with a contoured cork-filled sole and a thick leather upper layer. So, these elements are a must when you’re looking for a duplicate. Of course, there can be variations or alternatives like using wood instead of cork. However, the basic appearance should be the same. 

Moreover, just because the materials are similar doesn’t mean it’s a great dupe. You’ll still have to look for one that’s similar in design as well. It should, at the end of the day, look similar to the original.

Size and Fit

These are factors that are more of a convenience to you. After all, these are shoes. So, it’s always best to ensure that the size and the fit are as perfect as possible. When looking to buy shoes, always try and buy ones with enough space for the toes both in terms of width and from the tip of the shoe.

It’s always best to find a reliable online store where you can exchange your product as this will allow you to easily switch between sizes, till you find the perfect pair. 

Reliable Store

This brings us to the most important factor when choosing a duplicate Birkenstock: the store. You’ll have to ensure that the store is reliable. How do you do this? Well, you can check out the rating, transaction history, verification status or third-party validation like reviews. It’s great if they have a return and exchange policy as it can make your life extremely easy.

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The price is just as important when it comes to Birkenstock dupes. After all, you can’t be spending north of $100 on a knockoff. Especially since the materials, not the craftsmanship won’t be the same. So, the cheaper the better. However, it’s always best to stick to quality dupes. So, aim to buy shoes that cost around $25-$50.


How much do Birkenstocks cost?

Authentic Birkenstocks can cost anywhere from $135 to thousands of dollars. However, Birkenstock Dupes, on the other hand, usually ranges from $25 to north of $50. So, it’s always best to buy a Birkenstock dupe than an original as there is such a massive difference between the price. Most importantly, the quality of the duplicates is pretty good. 

Are Birkenstocks worth the money? 

Yes, Birkenstocks are well worth the price. Not only are they comfortable but they also offer amazing longevity. You can expect a lifespan of at least a few years. Lookalikes won’t last as long but they do offer relatively decent durability. And this alone is worth the cheaper price. 

Are there good Birkenstock Look-Alikes? 

While there are a ton of Birkenstock duplicates and knock offs out there, not all are good. In fact, the really bad ones can easily rip and even damage your feet. So, it’s always best to buy dupes from a reliable source.

Are fake Birkenstocks just as good?

Although fake Birkenstocks don’t offer the same 100 years of craftsmanship, it still is quite good. However, you do need to get it from a good supplier. Really good duplicates are not only 1:1 in terms of design but they also happen to offer relatively better quality materials. Of course, it won’t be exactly as good as the authentic German brand. But it does come pretty close.

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Birkenstock Dupes

Looking for a great pair of Birkenstock dupes? Check out our list of the best Birkenstock dupes for all the details!

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