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If you can’t decide what you want more — sturdy nails (but prone to breakage) or soft shiny ones that come with acrylic and gel nails respectively, Polygel nails should be your clear choice. You get the sturdiness of the acrylic and the flexibility of the gel nails with the added benefit of durability. They are also significantly easier on your nails.

Thank goodness for AliExpress and the plethora of pocket-friendly Polygels options it offers. Whether you’re simply looking to pick up a hobby or are a no-nonsense person when it comes to well-done nails, this is a great place to start. Create your own nails every time you want to. Preferably in a gap of 4 weeks.


Most fashionable Polygel on Aliexpress

Best AliExpress Polygel

Limegirl Poly Nail Gel for Nail Extension — US $2.85

This is one of the best selling Polygels on AliExpress and for good reason. Not only do they have tonnes of variety — right from solid nail colors and glitter ones to those that glow in the dark and temperature changing — but they are also long lasting.

The materials used in the formulation of this poly nail gel are completely natural and free of any harmful substances. Each tube has 15 ml worth of gel. The tube may seem small, but you don’t need more than a small pea-sized drop to work with on each nail.

For you to experiment with this at home, you’d need a UV lamp to cure it and a good slip solution to ensure these polygel nails don’t detach from your natural nails easily.

Roasalind Manicure Poly Builder Gel US — $2.22

These poly nail gels are made keeping one thing in mind — the health of your natural nails. To protect that, the gel includes natural resin, plant-based colorants and water minerals. These polygels are available in vibrant colours as well as glittery liquids.

If you’re planning to mix colours and create an ombre effect, these work perfectly for that. The Opal shade displayed in the picture can be one of those shades. You could slater a coat of gel nail polish on them if you’re not happy with it! Your call. 

What I love most about it though, is the fact that they have absolutely no odour unlike other cheap polygels. 

ROHWXY’s Jillradia  Nail UV Gel — US $ 1.48 – 2.43

Everyone loves Rohwxy. And if you’re a fan of nudes and nude pinks, you’re to feel as though you found your holy grain. The consistency of the poly nail gel is slightly thicker than gel, but not thick enough to mould easily in the nail form. However, if you keep it in the refrigerator for an hour before use, you’ll most likely have a thicker consistency that would make your whole process easier. 

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Using these polygels is a thing of convenience! Like I mentioned earlier, their consistency eventually makes it very easy to shape, they dry quickly under the lamp, and thanks to the formulation, you don’t require additional glue on your nails. Despite that, they stick around for a long time.

ROHWXY UV Builder Gel — US $1.38

Another one by Rohwxy! If you’re looking for sophisticated summer nails, these are the best ones around. Yes, I said summer. I do not recommend these in the winter, solely because of their formulation. The polygel has crystal glue, which is a sort of colloid that hardens in lower temperatures. Ultimately, it becomes hard for you to squeeze it out of the tube as well as shape it.

The formulation makes it absolutely unnecessary to use any kind of glue to hold the nail together. In the place of the slip solution, all you need to do is use the brush tool dipped in water to shape your extension poly gel. You have one in an absolutely clear liquid form if you prefer a more natural look.

Beautilux Polygel Laquer Nail Enhancer — US $7.24

These are standard polygel nail lacquers that you can use when you want people to notice you put an effort into getting your nails done. They look great in a way that one would know they are artificial but in the most natural way possible. They look rich enough to tell that you care about the event.

These nails have a formulation that ensures your nails and cuticles feel no pain when they are being cured under the UV lamp. Because of the consistency of the polygel, you don’t need a special paper nail form to help you shape the lacquer. A standard nail form and some basic filing skills will get you started!

Mobray Poly Nail Gel Set — US $8.67 – 26.00

If you’re a newbie looking to save a few bucks by escaping trips to your nail salon, get this deal! It’s got everything! Right from topcoat and base coat along with cuticle pusher and nail file to get started with, to 1 to 3 tubes of 30 ml worth poly nail gel, a bottle of slip solution, nail brushes, whole pack that has 100 nail tips and finally, a 6W UV lamp to cure your nails!

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The shades of the poly gel are usually in the realm of whites, nudes and pinks. But they also have a glittery range you can choose from when you feel like being snazzy.

This set will last you forever. The gels don’t dry up and the rechargeable lamp comes with a cable. So, you’re good.

Kodies Arcyclic Building Poly Gel — US $7.99

This is a bit pricey compared to the other Polygels we saw, but for good reason. This polygel is easy to handle, is buildable and can easily be worked with at home. When cured under a UV lamp, they are sturdy, which also makes them an excellent choice for your toenails. 

You’ll have 6 colour options, all are nude pastels that are perfect for a french manicure. This is as natural as it gets. Once cured, they also become a creative base for your nail art. The quality of this polygel ensures that they’ll stick around, completely attached to your nails for about 4 weeks, provided your everyday routine isn’t too rough on your hands.

Pinpai Nail Poly Acryl Gel — US $2.85 / $4.45

The price difference indicates that there are two different sizes available from the same seller in the same colours. In a range of nine colors, from white to pink to coffee, you’ll find that some are solid colours while some have a certain translucency to them.

When you receive the tubes, it may seem as though the polygel is slightly hard, the seller recommends that you put the whole tube in a bowl of lukewarm water to soften your gel before use. The formulation of the gel consists of natural resin and oligomer. The presence of an oligomer ensures the extra shine that you get from gel nails. 

IBCCCNDC Nail Gel Extension Builder Polygel — US $2.99

This polygel is a literal saviour. Supposedly you’ve already gotten UV gel nails or acrylic nails done, this polygel can be used to build the grown out place, despite it not being the same material. The versatility is astounding! Of course, you can use them to extend your natural nails as well. 

Whatever you do, make sure you apply a base coat to maintain the health of your natural nails. Good looking nails come at a cost, not the kind where you have to bring money out of your pocket.

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These nails, if done the right way, can last you for 30 to 45 days. Depending on the speed of your nail growth, you will have to refill your nails, but then again, this is the perfect building polygel for that.

Mobray 15 ml Polygels Kit — US $3.20 – 8.00  

Want a manicure? This set should help you get party-ready nails in no time. This polygel nail kit has got everything. A filer, a cuticle pusher, a  dainty bottle of slip solution, a brush to use the solution and of course, your polygels and a nail clip to trim off the excess. 

It also comes with a set of nail forms for you to be able to shape your polygel nails well. The formulation of the polygel is such that you can choose whether or not you want to use the slip solution. The solution will guarantee durability for longer.

Is Polygel bad for your nails?

It is surprisingly safest among gel nails and acrylic nails combined. If done properly, there is no reason for polygel to harm your natural nails. The polygels don’t release any chemicals when they are being used.

Is Polygel better than acrylic?

Acrylic nails, because of their sturdiness, can be prone to breakage. However, there is a certain flexibility in polygel nails despite the strength of the acrylic. So yes, polygel is better than acrylic.

How do I remove Polygel at home?

The process of removing polygel nails can be more time consuming than gels or acrylics. It is recommended that you get it done professionally at the salon, but on the off chance that you do want to do it by yourself, 

  • The first step would be to clip off the poly gel nails with a nail clipper.
  • Make sure you don’t clip off your natural nails.
  • Then you horizontally file down the poly nails till the layer on your natural nail is really thin.
  • Take cotton swabs, one for each nail and soak them in 100% acetone solution and place them on each of your nails.
  • Wrap aluminium foil around each fingernail to soften your poly nails.
  • With a wooden stick, you can remove the softened portions. The poly nails should just flake off upon some nudging.
  • Finally, buff your nail with two-three strokes.

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