Aliexpress Singles Day 2021 | Everything you need to know to get MASSIVE discounts!

by Tim Blue

The Aliexpress Singles Day is one of the most popular days on Aliexpress. This is the day to purchase whatever you wanted. You get massive discounts on all products across the store! This is a feeding frenzy because retailers run out of stock because of the huge demand. 

TOP Brands on Sale on Singles Day

Biggest Discounts on Singles Day

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Coupon Codes for Best Selling Products with 3 Day Delivery

€35 OFF €300 with Code : FAST 35GO

€30 OFF €250 with Code : FAST 30GO

€18 OFF €150 with Code : FAST 18GO


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€4 OFF €30 with Code : ESD114

€15 OFF €100 with Code : ESD1115

€29 OFF €30 with Code : ESD1129

€9 OFF €30 with Code : ESD119

€18 OFF €30 with Code : ESD1118

€43 OFF €30 with Code : ESD1143

€16 OFF €30 with Code : D11ES16

€50 OFF €30 with Code :D11ES50

Promo Codes for Aliexpress France

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€8 OFF €50 with Code : 11AE08

€11 OFF €70 with Code : 11AE11

€15 OFF €110 with Code : 11AE15

€22 OFF €150 with Code : 11AE22

€30 OFF €199 with Code : 11AE30

€45 OFF €299 with Code : 11AE45

€60 OFF €399 with Code : 11AE60

Promo Codes for Aliexpress Poland

Check it out here

$5 OFF $40 with Code : SZYBKA5

$11 OFF $80 with Code : SZYBKA11

$20 OFF $150 with Code : SZYBKA20

$25 OFF $200 with Code : SZYBKA25

$30 OFF $300 with Code : SZYBKA30

$50 OFF $200 with Code : NIESPODZIANKA2021

Promo Codes for Aliexpress Saudi Arabia

Check it out here

$2.6 OFF $18.1 with Code : SADOUBLE2

$3.9 OFF $25.9 with Code : SADOUBLE3

$7.8 OFF $51.9 with Code : SADOUBLE7

$11.7 OFF $77.9 with Code : SADOUBLE11

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$19.5 OFF $129.8 with Code : SADOUBLE19

Promo Codes for Aliexpress South Korea

Check it out here

$5 OFF $50 with Code : KR12

$7 OFF $70 with Code : KR14

$8 OFF $80 with Code : KR15

$10 OFF $100 with Code : KR17

Promo Codes for Aliexpress Brazil

Check it out here

BRL 50 OFF BRL 280 With CODE: D11liquida

BRL 85 OFF BRL 565 With CODE: D11compre

BRL 170 OFF BRL 1,170 With CODE: D11ganhamais

BRL 250 OFF BRL 1,700 With CODE: D11useagora

Promo Codes for Other Countries

Check it out here

$9 OFF $65 with Code : 965DOUBLE11

$12 OFF $100 with Code : 12100DOUBLE

$18 OFF $150 with Code : 18150DOUBLE

$23 OFF $190 with Code : 23190DOUBLE

$30 OFF $250 with Code : 30250DOUBLE

You need to REDEEM your coupons super quickly to avoid the product from going out of stock. You need to add items to your cart before November 11, 2021! 

Here is a guide to help you traverse the crazy shopping festival that is Single days. 

Aliexpress Singles Day 2021

Rule 1 : Don’t forget the number one rule  

The campaign starts on the 28th of October. And you can start adding products to your cart and then buy them from November 11 to November 13. 

Step 1 : Start redeeming your coupons from 28th October onwards

Step 2 : Add items to your cart from the 28th of October

Step 3 : Shop from November 11 to November 13

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Here is a guide that explains Singles Days in a much more detailed manner. 

The Aliexpress Big Sale lasts for two weeks. The two weeks is divided into a warm-up period and the big-sale day. 

  1. Warm-up Period 
  • The warm-up period starts at 11.00 AM on 28th October and ends on 10.59 AM on 11th November. 
  • This is the period where you can line-up your coupons and add your products to cart. Why is this important? All the coupons on Aliexpress are of limited quantities and if you want to buy your product at a steep discount, you need to do it during the warm-up period
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  1. Big-sale day 

  • This is is the day when you actually place your order. There is so much traffic on the Big Sale day, it’s hard to get coupons and add to cart and there is only time to place your order. 

aliexpress singles day

How to get coupons and to find the best deals on the Big-sale day

  • Main Page

This is the page where you’ll find all the main details of the Big Sale. You can find out all the deals, games on offer, coupons on offer and more. 

  • Coupon Page 

If you are looking for all the best coupons available for the Big Sale, then you need to access the coupon page. 

  • Game Page 

There are small games that you can play to win some coupons and deals during the Singles day festival. This is a great way of adding more coupons to your list. 

  • Coupon Rain 

Every once in a while, a ‘coupon shower’ rains down on the website. This is coupons that is generated on random that you can collect and redeem 

  • Adding products to cart

When you add more products to your cart, you get more of a discount. So if you are looking to increase your discount rate, then add more products

  • Top Choices page

This is a custom page that is shown to a user from every region with the most popular products in that region. So if you want to know the best selling products in your country, then this is the best place to go to. 

To remember the rule – Add your products to the cart and add your coupons before November 11, 10.59 AM. 

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Type of Coupons on Aliexpress

  • Store Coupons

Store coupons are specific to a single store and will not be applicable on other stores.

  • Select Coupons

There are specific coupons which are applicable only in certain circumstances. You need to look at the item’s detail page to see if the select coupon can be applied

  • Aliexpress Coupons

These are the best coupons going around that can be used on any product in any store. It can be used only once.

Issues you might encounter on the Big-Sale day 

  1. Make sure your internet is fast, otherwise you might have a problem browsing as there is a lot of traffic on that day. 
  2. The initial few minutes of the Big-Sale day will have a lot of traffic and the check out page might get stuck, but you just have to wait it out and refresh the page after a bit. Everything will remain the same, you can check out and complete your transaction.

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