How to Buy from Aliexpress in Canada?

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Aliexpress is a famous eCommerce from China. From the beginning, it does not serve to all countries and Canada & USA public was not able to access its services. With time, the popularity of Aliexpress starts increasing North America.

After getting increasing trends in this part of the world, Aliexpress start serving to the USA & Canada. All these things are part of the business expansion of this particular platform. With the help of upcoming details, you can get some facts those you need to keep in mind while placing an order from Canada or USA.

Does Aliexpress Ship to Canada?

One of the easiest ways to check if Aliexpress ships to Canada is to go to the Sellers page & see if they ship to Canada. I’m taking a random example here.

You can see in the screenshot below that they don’t ship that particular product to Canada.

You can see another product below, where they do ship to Canada

If you want a quick fire way to know which product can be delivered to Canada, look out for products that has “Choice ” Shipping or Choice service.

Those products more often than not, deliver to Canada.

Ordering From The USA Or Canada

Payment ways

In the past, the only way to pay for products was through Alipay. But now, there are a lot of other payment options which are listed below.

The interface development of Alipay is completely inspired by the Paypal. With it, there are several features also similar to the Paypal. The biggest feature which can help you a lot is related to the payment security. It provides a complete buyer & seller payment protection.

The other payment options on Aliexpress from Canada or USA includes Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Troy, American Express and more.

Paying for aliexpress shipments from Canada and USA


There are a few shipping options from China to Canada and China to USA. It depends on how quickly you want the product and how much you want to pay for shipping.

All buyers want to avail the best shipping services by which they can get product delivery instantly. If we talk about product delivery from Aliexpress to USA and Aliexpres to Canada, then it consumes lots of time for the free shipping option. The time which is taken to deliver your goods is around 3 to 4 weeks. Using China, mail it’s cheap and free on most deliveries, but it does take time.

But the newer and easier method is to actually use ePacket.

In case you want to get product delivery within 7 to 21 days then you need to spend a little extra. But these days even ePacket shipping has become free for certain sellers. So when you are buying a product, make sure to check the shipping details as well.

You can can consider the way of ePacket services. These services are highly beneficial in reducing the delivery time, and you will get the product quickly.

Cost of shipping

Ideally, the shipping options are decided by the seller. Now it may look like Aliexpress controls the shipping, but the seller provides the shipping options to the buyer.

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If you take an example of the seller below, these are the options they offer for shipping. There’s Free Shipping which is Aliexpress Standard shipping that is basically using China Mail. The ePacket options through EMS is $3.80. The shipping times are similar.

Shipping method. Aliexpress to Canada

If you take another seller, the shipping options change. For example, the seller below offers Free shipping through ePacket. Seller’s own shipping method that’s free and other methods that includes DHL and EMS.

The value of the products also decides if the seller offers free shipping or not.

Aliexpress to USA and Canada

Most of the buyers are thinking that all these things are the scam. These types of thoughts appear in their mind due to the lower prices and better services of the Aliexpress. The major reason that’s why this particular source selling products at lower prices is it deals directly with manufacturers.

The eCommerce platform completely eliminates the middleman by which the prices are reduced. With it, there are some specific products offered by the source those are available with free shipping. It is also a big reason by which the use of Aliexpress is increased.

Quality factor

Quality is the biggest factor that can influence each & every decision. The products those are available on the platform contain a good quality. It always tries to provide the best services to their customers and keep them happy & satisfied properly.

One of the best ways to figure out the quality of the product you’ll receive is to see whether you are dealing with a Top Brand or not on Aliexpress.

Top Brands are hand picked companies that have shown exemplary customer service and have really good ratings and reviews for their product quality and response rate.

So how do you identify a Top Brand? At the top of the store page. Look out for this.

Aliexpress USA Canada

Most top brands have the best products and prices for American and Canadian citizens.

The shipping services are promising that they deliver the exact product which is seen by the user on the platform. Due to it, the individuals need to choose the product after checking the quality properly. There are some tricks available that can help you in checking the product quality.

The main thing which can help you a lot is related to the reviews. The buyers can check out reviews for getting introduced to the real facts about the product. With it, the buyers need to inspect the actual image of the product properly.

Custom clearance

When it comes to shipping a product from one country to another then custom clearance is the biggest part of the complete shipping course is customs clearance. In case the delivery does not clear by the customs department then the products get stuck, and the buyer gets nothing.

In case of the history of 2 years of Aliexpress these types of issues never appear in front of the platform. The orders never stuck on the customs clearance, and delivery gets failed. There is not any kind of guarantee provided by the platform regarding these factors. These things are depending on the government authorities and their terms.

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Even with a customs issue, you will receive the product, but on paying a small fee for customs clearance. The product is still cheaper, when purchased from Aliexpress.

Tracking your AliExpress Orders

It is possible to track your items on AliExpress. It all depends on the shipping method you chose while checking out your order. When you finish purchasing an item, you will immediately get access to the tracking information in your AliExpress account when the seller has shipped the item. 

If it’s a dropshipping order and you have used your business account to confirm and process the shipment then the buyer won’t receive the tracking information and you will have to login to your AliExpress account and forward the tracking number to the buyer.

Here are some available tracking modes on AliExpress.

Free Delivery Tracking

Free delivery orders are generally sent out via China Mail or AliExpress Standard which entitles you to receive a unique tracking code for your number. You can access the tracking code by clicking on the order number within your AliExpress account and you can then use that unique tracking number to check the physical location of your shipment via the Global Order Tracking website.

ePacket Tracking

Accessing the tracking code for an ePacket order is the same as for Free Delivery orders. However, in order to track the physical location of your order, you will need to enter the unique tracking code into the China Post website. The one thing you have to remember is that ePacket orders that are shipped out via China Post or China Mail get transferred over to the destination’s local mail service.

For example, if you ship from China to the US, China Post will track your order until the shipment reaches the coastal region of the states and from there USPS will take over the final leg of the delivery and your tracking number will change.

What Shipping service does AliExpress use in Canada?

AliExpress uses ColisExpat, FedEx and China Mail in Canada to deliver your orders directly to your doorstep. They provide a wide range of services, but not all delivery options are available in all countries.

How long does AliExpress take to ship to Canada?

With the benefit of ePacket delivery extending to Canada. Aliexpress shipments take anywhere between 3 to 7 days for shipping small items. Some sellers take up to 2 to 3 weeks. ePacket delivery is cheap, costing just a few dollars per shipment. 

The ePacket services are a partnership between the postal services of each country like the Canada Post and the Chinese postal service to reduce the cost of shipping and reduce the time of delivery to enable better e-commerce transactions. 

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Does Aliexpress ship to Canada? 

Aliexpress does ship to Canada and the products will reach in about 3 to 21 days via ePacket and about two to three weeks using China mail. 

Doest Aliexpress ship to USA?

Aliexpress ships to USA through e-Packer services that delivers goods in about 3 to 5 days. There are numerous Aliexpress warehouses in the USA and those goods reach any part of USA within a couple of days. Aliexpress’ shipment to the U.S. is one of the quickest and cheapest across international e-commerce platforms.

Aliexpress Canada Reviews

In Summary, Aliexpress for Canadian users is a boon because of the cheap price, quick shipping speed,.

How long does it take AliExpress to ship to America?

With basic standard shipping it takes 15 to 25 days and with express options like FedEx, UPS and DHL you can receive your package in 8 to 10 days but at extra shipping cost.

Can you get scammed on AliExpress?

It is possible to get scammed on AliExpress without taking precautions.

  • Pay only through AliExpress and not directly to a seller. If you do you will not be eligible for AliExpress’s seller protection policy.
  • Buy from sellers with positive ratings.
  • Look at the number of orders the seller has shipped successfully.
  • Check seller guarantees such as on time delivery, return and refund policy.

Does PayPal Work on AliExpress?

A customer can pay using PayPal only if the seller has that as an option. Most sellers do but not all.

  • Check the payment section on the store for PayPal.

Check directly with the supplier if they accept PayPal as a payment option.

How do I avoid custom charges on AliExpress?

  • Cheaper products usually don’t attract custom charges.
  • Using free shipping is also advised as couriers like DHL and FedEx are more scrutinized and pay customs directly at the airport and charge the customer later.
  • In some countries marking products under a certain value or as a gift or sample may help avoid customs charges.

How do I ship items from AliExpress to the US?

  • Set destination country on AliExpress main page to United States. Next in the ship from field select United States if available.

Which shipping method is best on AliExpress?

Free shipping is the best option(Cheapest and takes a couple of weeks). But if you are in a hurry express options like DHL are available.

What happens when an AliExpress seller doesn’t ship item?

You will be protected by AliExpress buyer protection and will receive a full refund.

Conclusive details to Buying from Aliexpress

By paying attention to the above factors, you can get lots of information about the shipping service of Aliexpress to Canada and US. Every buyer from these two places should have knowledge regarding these factors, and they need to inspect all things properly.

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