Dhgate Wholesale Eyelashes in Bulk | How to buy eyelashes in Bulk?

by Tim Blue

The market for false eyelashes has grown considerably over the last decade and if you’re planning on opening an eyelash business then you will need to find a good wholesale vendor that deals with high quality products at affordable prices.

That being said, it’s not difficult to find a wholesale eyelash vendor online today. Simply punch in the keywords “wholesale eyelashes in bulk” and Google will throw up a long list of vendors that deal specifically in wholesale eyelashes. 

Wholesale Eyelashes in Bulk  VendorsVendor InfoBest For
YSDO Official Store96.7% satisfaction rating;73K+ followersMink and faux mink lashes
Red Siren95.8% satisfaction rating;20K+ followers3D mink lashes
DHgate Beauty – Miss Secret99.6% satisfaction rating;18K+ transactionsNatural silk protein mink lashes
Candyeyelashes98.9% satisfaction rating;600+ transactions3D long and short cross mink lashes
Sunshineeyelashes98.7% satisfaction rating;2K+ transactions25mm 3D mink lashes
Qingdao Cannes Cosmetics4.8/5 rating;30+ high value transactionsCurly mink lashes and Magnetic cat strip lashes
Qingdao Eyelash Beauty Cosmetics4.9/5 rating;350+ high value transactionsD curl Russian mink lashes
Akara Arts & Crafts4.9/5 rating;280+ high value transactionsSiberian mink fur lashes

Sites like AliExpress, Alibaba and DHgate have a wide collection of eyelashes that you can buy in bulk and the only problem is that you may end up with bad quality products if you don’t select the seller wisely.

So, in order to make your selection process easier, we’ve taken a bunch of top rated wholesale eyelash vendors from all three platforms and have reviewed them based on factors such as efficiency, quality, pricing and responsiveness. 

Here are some of the best places where you can buy wholesale eyelashes in bulk.

How to buy Eyelashes in Bulk?

The best place to buy eyelashes in bulk is Dhgate. Dhgate eyelashes are quite popular as most people search for it. As you can see, if you get higher quantities such as 100+, the discounts get better and you can demand customizations from the seller. Why I prefer Dhgate for buying eyelashes in bulk is because, it’s much easier to place an order compared to Alibaba where there’s a lot of back and forth with the supplier and the buying experience is way better on Dhgate. Dhgate is also more popular for buying eyelashes in bulk compared to Alibaba.

how to buy eyelashes in bulk

What are the popular types of wholesale eyelashes you can buy in bulk?

There are over 5 different styles of eyelashes you can choose from. Each one is unique and would look different from the rest. 

  • Mink eyelashes are eyelashes that have been made from the fur of minks. They are expensive and are a glamorous enhancement for your appearance. Mink eyelashes are commonly worn by celebrities and other fashion icons.
  • Faux Mink eyelashes are a cheaper alternative to Mink eyelashes and are made from a synthetic material which is safe to use.
  • Silk eyelashes are flexible, lightweight and softer than synthetic eyelashes. They are more commonly worn by brides and can be colored if you want a more natural look.
  • Sable eyelashes are eyelashes that have been made from the fur of the sable. These animals are generally found in Russia and the texturing of the sable eyelashes are soft and flexible.
  • Synthetic eyelashes are made from a polished acrylic material that makes them sturdy. They are typically used by costume designers and can be worn to parties, formal occasions and other events. Synthetic eyelashes are glossy in appearance and can hold curls quite well.
  • Doll eyelashes are meant for cosplay and often appear thicker at the center of the eye unlike the others that are leveled.
  • Special eyelashes are fancy eyelashes like feather lashes which you can buy on special request from some of the sellers. Not everyone has these in stock, so make sure you reach out to the vendor and check if they can have special eyelashes sent to you.

Eyelashes for Sale in Bulk

Buy wholesale eyelashes in bulk on AliExpress

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YSDO Official Store

wholesale eyelashes manufacturer

The YSDO official store is based in China and has been operating since 2016. They offer wholesale eyelashes in bulk at extremely affordable prices. Most of their products are sold with no MOQ, but there are a handful of items such as the Mink lashes and Faux Mink lashes that require you to purchase a specific quantity.

The quality is awesome and these eyelashes look and feel natural which is something you definitely want. We had the chance to purchase their Faux Mink eyelashes and a lot of 250 pairs (10 boxes worth) came up to $16.58 which is truly a steal deal. YSDO also specializes in colored eyelashes, messy, short and matte eyelashes that you can order in bulk by reaching out to the seller directly.

Red Siren

wholesale eyelashes in bulk

Red Siren is a new store recently opened on AliExpress that sells different styled Mink eyelashes for dirt cheap. Their highest selling products are sold at $0.01 a pair and every item on sale in their store has been carefully handmade in China. Unlike YSDO, which offers bulk products at reasonable prices, Red Siren tends to price their retail products a bit more reasonably than their wholesale options.

We picked up a 5 pairs mix pack of fluffy mink lashes and were more than satisfied with the quality of the finished product. They are super soft, easy to wear and don’t droop into your eyes. A box of 5 pairs came up to $16.55 which is great considering they were shipped from within the US, but we’re rating this store as one of the best places to buy wholesale eyelashes in bulk mainly for their overall quality and delivery speed.

Groinneya Official Store

wholesale bulk eyelashes

Groinneya is a new store on AliExpress that has picked up quite a bit over the last year. They’ve sold thousands of eyelashes and have achieved an overall store rating of 96.8% with around 31K followers. They specialize in fluffy mink lashes and faux mink lashes that are retailed at around $0.01 for 10 pairs.

The Geoinneya official store is rated as a top brand on AliExpress for numerous reasons. They are timely, resolve queries soon and the quality of the product is just fabulous and soft. Their fluffy faux mink eyelashes were a hit with us for the fact that they were so fluffy and were some of the prettiest eyelashes we’ve seen. You should definitely consider buying from them whether it’s for retail or a wholesale purchase.

Buy wholesale eyelashes in bulk on DHgate

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DHgate Beauty – Miss Secret

real eyelashes wholesaler

Miss Secret is an experienced seller with one of the largest collections of eyelashes available on DHgate. They’ve been functioning for over 7 years and have achieved a 99.6% satisfaction rating which is not so easy to get especially on sites like DHgate. They specialize in all kinds of mink and faux mink eyelashes and almost all their orders would be shipped out within 4-15 days.

While ordering from Miss Secret, you will have to specify the style name so they can process the order according to your requirements. There are over 20 styles to choose from and we ordered 60 lots of C kind lashes to check the quality and overall service. I must say that the delivery was spot on and the quality of these lashes were great, they looked stylish and were lightweight which is definitely a plus point in our book.


eyelashes in bulk from china

Candyeyelashes is a new DHgate store with a reasonably good range of fake eyelashes. They deal in bulk and you would have to order a minimum of 40 pairs of lashes from them. Based out of China, this store specializes in all kinds of faux eyelashes and mink lashes of different sizes, so there’s something there for just about anyone.

Most of their lashes are handmade and are lightweight so they feel natural over your eyes. One of their most popular products is the 25mm faux mink lashes that looked quite like a unibrow until we opened the package and took a closer look. They’re the fluffiest eyelashes we’ve ever seen but the quality, finish, packaging and delivery were decent so we ordered some more. I have to say, a lot of people really do like extremely fluffy mink lashes.


eyelashes from china

Sunshineeyelashes is a store with a lot to offer. They have a large collection of fake eyelashes that you can buy on wholesale and in bulk for your personal needs or business requirements. They specialize solely in mink lashes so if you’re in the market for synthetic or doll lashes then you’d have to check other stores like YSDO or DHgate Beauty – Miss Secret.

Their 10mm natural mink lashes were a bit hit and they came with a plastic cotton stalk unlike the others that had used only cotton. The store owners were friendly and answered our questions ASAP. However, we did notice that most of their other designs and styles were stocked out and they would only take requests if we wanted anything other than what’s in stock right now.

Buy wholesale eyelashes in bulk on Alibaba

Qingdao Cannes Cosmetics

eyelash sellers from china

Probably one of the best and most experienced fake lashes manufacturers around is the Cannes cosmetics that deals only in mink lashes, colored lashes, horse lashes, silk lashes and even eyelash extensions and applicators, all which can be bought in bulk. They’ve been functioning for oa little over 6 years with their primary market being North America.

All their fake lashes are natural, handmade and have been made in a cruelty free environment. It’s also one of the only stores on this list that offers services like personalizing the volume and effect of the eyelashes and designing custom shaped eyelashes based on your requirements. What’s more, Cannes cosmetics even offers free samples with every inquiry, so go ahead check them out!

Qingdao Eyelash Beauty Cosmetics

If you’re looking for a place to buy wholesale eyelashes in bulk then no list will be complete without Qingdao eyelash beauty cosmetics. This brand has managed to take over Alibaba as one of the best places to buy fake eyelashes in bulk. With a 4.9/5 satisfaction rating and having completed over 70,000 orders till date, they are one of the most efficient and timely vendors we could find.

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Some of their popular products include mink and faux mink lashes, clear band and magnetic band lashes and even storage boxes for your fake eyelashes. If you plan on ordering from them, you will be happy to know that they don’t have any minimum order count for most of the top rated products and all items they sell have been handmade and carefully inspected so there are no flaws.

Akara Arts & Crafts

Here’s a Chinese manufacturer with over 7 years of experience making high quality fake eyelashes and makeup tools. They are currently one of the biggest eyelash manufacturing companies in China that specializes in Korean silk lashes and mink fur strip lashes. 

Akara arts and crafts deals in wholesale orders and they don’t have any minimum order quantity so you can order as many pairs as you’d like at wholesale prices. Each pair comes in a uniquely designed storage box and if you’re looking to buy customized packaging or add a customized logo on your order, you will have to purchase at least 50 pairs of any fake eyelashes.


How much do wholesale eyelashes in bulk cost?

Most wholesale eyelashes that are bought in bulk are priced anywhere from $0.01 to $4.50 a pair. The prices for high quality mink lashes can range from $4.50 a pair to around $8.00 a pair. But there are a handful of sellers who offer wholesale deals on real mink lashes at under $1.50.

Are magnetic lashes better than glue?

In many ways magnetic lashes are better than glue-on lashes as the latter can be messy and there are high chances that you can accidentally get glue stuck on your eye.

How can I find a good eyelash extension vendor?

There are many things you can do to find a good vendor for eyelash extensions. You can check the reviews and the ratings section of each vendor. You can also search for wholesale eyelash vendors or wholesale eyelash accessories in DHgate or AliExpress to pull up a list of vendors. Based on our experience, Cannes cosmetics is a place to buy eyelash accessories and extensions.

Which is the best place to buy wholesale eyelashes in bulk?

The best marketplace to use for wholesale eyelashes in bulk is Alibaba. They have some of the leading experts and manufacturers listed on their platform and sellers like Cannes Cosmetics and Akara arts and crafts are top rated places you can buy wholesale eyelashes in bulk from.

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