Where is Xbox Made in 2023?

by Dwain

As a passionate gamer, you may wonder, “Where is Xbox made in 2023?” Xbox, Microsoft’s renowned home video game console, has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. 

In this article, we will explore the manufacturing locations of Xbox consoles, including the latest Xbox Series S, and shed light on the company responsible for their production. 

Read on to discover the fascinating journey of Xbox manufacturing process!

Where is Xbox Made?

Where is Xbox Made

Xbox’s are manufactured in cutting-edge facilities located in China, Mexico, and Hungary. 

China has emerged as a pivotal location for Xbox manufacturing, hosting multiple production facilities. 

The Dongguan facility, known as the largest Xbox manufacturing plant worldwide, is responsible for producing the Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and Xbox One Elite models.

In addition, Shenzhen serves as another key location for Xbox production, specializing in the manufacturing of Xbox 360 consoles, controllers, and other Xbox accessories. 

Microsoft even established a strategic partnership with BesTV, a Chinese media firm, to open a production center in Shanghai. 

This facility played a historic role as it was responsible for manufacturing the Xbox One, the first gaming console to be released in China following the country’s ban on consoles.

The Xbox Evolution

Over the years, Xbox has gone through four generations of consoles:

  1. First Generation: Xbox (2001 – 2009)
  2. Second Generation: Xbox 360 (2005 – 2016)
  3. Third Generation: Xbox One (2013 – 2020)
  4. Fourth Generation: Xbox Series X and Series S (2020 – Present)

Is the Xbox Made in the US?

While Microsoft collaborates with companies like Flextronics and BesTV for production in China and Mexico, the company has a significant manufacturing presence in the United States. 

The Austin facility in Texas serves as the primary production center for Xbox consoles in the US. 

Since its establishment in 1996, this facility has been instrumental in manufacturing Xbox 360, Xbox One series, and HoloLens devices. 

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Employing around 1,100 workers, it stands as one of the largest gaming hardware production centers globally.

Where is the Xbox Series S Made?

Where is Xbox Made

The Xbox Series S, the latest addition to the Xbox family, is proudly manufactured in Shanghai, China. 

Leading manufacturers Flextronics and Foxconn play a key role in bringing this powerful gaming device to life. 

The Xbox Series S boasts incredible features, such as a custom SSD for lightning-fast game loading and seamless game switching, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Is Xbox American Made?

While the Xbox One X was assembled in the United States, it was actually manufactured in China. In general, Xbox consoles are made in China, Mexico, and Hungary. 

Microsoft Corporation, headquartered in the United States, chose China as its primary manufacturing location due to its cost-effectiveness and expertise in video game console production.

Are Xboxes Made in China?

Where is Xbox Made

Yes, the majority of Xbox consoles are made in China. Microsoft’s partnership with BesTV has been instrumental in establishing manufacturing plants in Shanghai, China. 

China has a strong tradition of producing video game consoles, with 96% of all video game consoles being manufactured in the country in 2019. 

The low labor costs and thriving gaming industry make China an attractive choice for producing Xbox consoles.

Is the Xbox Made in Mexico?

Where is Xbox Made

Although most Xbox models are manufactured in China, the first-generation Xbox was produced in Hungary, Mexico, and China. 

Microsoft set up a factory in Guadalajara, Mexico, in collaboration with Flextronics, to facilitate mass production and design revisions for the Xbox. 

Mexico’s gaming console exports have seen consistent growth, reaching over $347 million in 2021. In fact some of the popular Xbox games from Ubisoft are made in Mexico.

Which Company Makes Xbox?

Flex Ltd., the third-largest multinational electronics manufacturer in the world, is responsible for producing Xbox consoles. 

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This American Singaporean company played a pivotal role in elevating the Xbox market from $93 million to a staggering $15 billion.

Who is the Manufacturer of Xbox Controllers?

Where is Xbox Made

Microsoft itself is the manufacturer of Xbox controllers. The first-generation Xbox controller, affectionately known as “The Duke,” was introduced by Microsoft in 2000. 

Since then, they have continued to design and produce controllers to complement their gaming consoles. However, Microsoft utilizes batteries that are made in China which is why you would notice a “Made in China” tag on the back of the controller, where the battery sits.

Who Makes Xbox Games?

Where is Xbox Made

Microsoft doesn’t directly manufacture physical copies of Xbox games. Instead, they focus on game development and publishing under its gaming division, Xbox Game Studios (formerly known as Microsoft Studios). 

Xbox Game Studios is responsible for creating and releasing a diverse range of Xbox games, from captivating first-party exclusives to exciting collaborations with third-party developers.

Once the games are fully developed and ready for release, Microsoft partners with various game publishers and manufacturing companies to handle the physical production and distribution of Xbox games. 

These publishers and manufacturers take charge of manufacturing physical copies of the games, ensuring they are carefully packaged and sent to retail stores and online retailers.

When it comes to digital distribution, Xbox games are made available through the Microsoft Store on Xbox consoles and the Xbox app on Windows PCs. 

Factors Driving Microsoft’s Outsourcing Decisions:

The decision to outsource Xbox production to Flextronics and other companies was driven by several key factors:

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Cost-Effectiveness: Collaborating with Flextronics proved to be a cost-effective choice, given the company’s efficient management of global supply chains, reducing disruptions and streamlining the manufacturing process while maintaining Microsoft’s quality standards.

Lack of Hardware Expertise: As a technology-focused company, Microsoft initially lacked the expertise in manufacturing hardware. Partnering with Flextronics allowed them to leverage the latter’s proficiency in this domain.

Multiple Manufacturing Facilities: Flextronics’ extensive network of production plants globally enabled rapid production of millions of units, a capability that Microsoft and other tech companies didn’t possess.

Advanced Technology and Information Systems: Microsoft and Flextronics employed an advanced, web-based information system for real-time communication, reducing manufacturing errors and ensuring efficient collaboration.

Longstanding Relationship: Microsoft and Flextronics already had a longstanding relationship, having collaborated on the manufacturing of other hardware products like computer mice and joysticks. This existing partnership fostered trust and reliability, making it a natural fit for outsourcing Xbox production.


Xbox’s journey from its inception to the latest Xbox Series S showcases a global manufacturing process, with China, Mexico, and Hungary serving as key production locations. F

lex Ltd. has been instrumental in Xbox’s growth and success as the major manufacturer of Xbox consoles, while Microsoft maintains complete control over the production of their iconic Xbox controllers.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, Xbox remains a dominant force, captivating players worldwide with its innovative technology and immersive gaming experience.


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