12 Top Clothing Manufacturers for Small Businesses with Small Orders

by Tim Blue

As a small business, you have to keep in mind that you only produce what is absolutely necessary so that you’re not just shelling out money and there are actually returns. Limiting your production to small quantities based on the ‘loyal audience you have will help you keep track of your resources.

When you’re an apparel seller, it helps to have tie-ups with a clothing manufacturer with low minimum order quantities. Clothing manufacturing is booming in the USA and is only steadily growing. So, all you small business owners, gear up, because I have created a list of the top 12 clothing manufacturers you’ll find in the USA. You might be looking for reviews of steve apparel or reviews of bryden apparel. These are some of the popular small manufacturers. But there are way more than these two and we cover them all.

Along with that, I’ve also included certain ways you can find legitimate suppliers and the ways you can communicate with them.

Small Batch Clothing Manufacturers

Clothing Manufacturers in the USAMinimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
Argyle House of ApparelFor T-shirts, Tank Tops, Panties, and Wraps – 750
For Swimwear, Button-Down Shirts, Sportswear, Casual Dresses – 500
For Blazers, Outwear, Formal Dresses, Structured Intimates – 250
Indie Source300 units per style and color
Euphoric Colors300 units per style and color
Organic Apparel USA500 units per size and color for at least 5 sizes
Stylus Apparel GroupScreen Printing ‒ 36 units in each design

Woven labels – 1000 pieces
Cut and Sew Manufacturing – 72 units per design; 12 units per size
Royal ApparelNo minimum order value if the order is from stock
TEG (The Evans Group)50 units per style
Nature USABetween 1000-1500 units, depending on the style
Good Clothing Company10 units per color, size, and style
Steve ApparelOnly disclosed upon request
Visionary Manufacturing50 units for cut and sew

25 units for blank printing and embroidery
Bryden Apparel480 units

Argyle House of Apparel

You could call Argyle House one of those A to Z organizations that help you in clothing manufacturing down from trends research to packaging. If you’re looking for a broader approach, you could always choose that, but if you really want your entrepreneurial endeavors to shine, Argyle House’s expertise in clothing manufacturing allows you to build individual patterns and tech packs for your garments, be it simple T-shirts or complex intimates.

Argyle House is a recognized name and even works with some established designers to help small to mid-sized companies scale. Their competitive prices and moderately varying MOQs keep it in running for being one of the top clothing manufacturers for small businesses in the USA.

Indie Source

One of the best parts about Indie Source clothing manufacturers is that they go all the way. They don’t leave your hand as soon as you get your apparels and they get their money. No, they will also help you market your products and find you the right buyers for your products. 

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The company is not selective about who it works with, whether the brand is established or is still in the works of emerging in the market. The company is based in the US but works with clients in all parts of the world. In about 4 to 6 weeks, you can see your ideas for a button-down shirt or a dress go from merely an idea to a fully finished piece.

Euphoric Colors

Euphoric Colors takes pride in maintaining high standards of production quality, a thing that sets apart clothing manufacturing in the US when compared to ‘Made In’ labels of other countries. They have design teams and manufacturing personnel with extensive expertise that stay in touch with you throughout the process to keep you updated. Besides, if you see it, they have a system that helps you restock in a limited timeframe.

With Euphoric Colors clothing manufacturers, you can diversify your product line into swimwear, leggings, hoodies, and whatnot. Their MOQ is as low as 300 units per style.

Organic Apparel USA

If you’re a little concerned about the impacts you have on the environment through the clothing manufacturing process, you’re in the right to go here. Organic Apparel USA uses organic clothing and safe processes to manufacture your materials and finished goods. But being more environmentally conscious doesn’t mean they have less of the other — quality. 

In fact, getting your goods manufactured by this clothing manufacturer actually adds as a selling proposition for you. Selling something under the label of ‘sustainable fashion’ can go a long way.  If you want some involvement in the manufacturing process, you are free to give your own designs and sketches to the manufacturer and they’ll turn it into a reality.

Stylus Apparel Group

Stylus Apparel specializes in manufacturing clothes for private labels and well as clients with corporate needs. Their development process is inclusive of patterning and grading of new clothes and then turning it into a custom label and ‘sets it apart’ feature for a brand. 

Apart from that, the people at Stylus Apparel indulge in garment embroidery, sublimation and dye printing, screen printing and cut and sew. Fun fact about Stylus Apparels, The more your order quantity is, the more percentage of discount you’ll get.

Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel has been around in the clothing manufacturing business since 1992. In the two decades of perfecting their business model and constantly improving their quality, they have built a reliable customer base. Their huge client base also means that they have expertise in making multiple styles of apparel. 

They always have stock, irrespective of what you may need. And as long as your order number lies within the stock availability, you don’t have an MOQ. Additionally, Royal Apparel ships internationally, so being out of the country isn’t even a hindrance.

TEG (The Evans Group)

Everything about The Evans Group (TEG) screams amazing! At first glance, it may seem like just another commercial clothing manufacturing company, whereas in reality, their priorities are customer satisfaction, precision, attention to detail, and your growth!

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Because of its scale and name, the company mostly deals with the manufacture of high-end apparel. So if you’re a small business running a boutique, you are looking at the right thing. Their minimum order quantity is no more than 50 orders in each style. Split that in sizes and you’ve got a tonne of wiggle room.

Typically, all their production is done in-house in a time frame of 4-8 weeks, but they do take rush orders at an additional surcharge.

Nature USA

Nature USA is one of the top leaders in sustainable fashion. As a policy of the company, they implement circular fashion in all facets of production, where re-use, upcycle and recycle methods are a part of the development process. 

The company is based in California and source to the States as well. The company’s typical turnaround time is around 10 weeks, but special rush projects can be done in under 4 weeks.

Good Clothing Company

You’d be surprised by how low their minimum order quantities are. They take pride in knowing how much profit they can maximize for their customers by limiting the MOQ to 10 per style, color and size. Moreover, they are willing to take their clients’ own designs and styles without pushing them to take a pre-made pattern.

Good Clothing Company is not picky or selective about who it works with. As long as you’re an entrepreneur, they’ll consider helping you!

Steve Apparel

If you’ve heard of creative freedom, Steve Apparel embodies it. They offer customization as far as it can go. This option helps you get brownie points in the eyes of the customer. Through cut and sew, private labeling and casual wear manufacturing processes, they offer a wide range of products and processes for your finished goods. Some of these include tank tops. Y-shirts, and hoodies. Their MOQ is only disclosed upon request.  Considering the customization they offer, it shouldn’t be too high.

Visionary Manufacturing

With MOQs as low as 25 per style, Visionary manufacturing seems to be a viable and reliable option for affordable clothing manufacturing. Small businesses especially benefit from the MOQs. The company deals mainly with making streetwear and fitness wear, but it also has experience in making influencer merchandise. They use methods such as cut and sew, outside decoration, pattern making and even do material sourcing for each of your products.

Suuchi INC

If you think of a large incorporation or enterprise, you think of lack of communication, delayed responses and subpar satisfaction. But that is not the case with Suuchi. At first glance, it is a large supply chain management company. But in-house they have a manufacturing section for clothing that will blow your minds.  They do not have an MOQ of more than 50 units and are not selective about who they work with.

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Since it is all handled and powered by software, the clients see a certain amount of transparency in the workings of the company and getting the job done.

Getting your clothing manufacturing done within the US can be quite advantageous. The quality standards of production here are high by a large bar, the laborers are also remunerated accordingly. Communication internally and externally is top-notch. Additionally, seeing the reputation of the US, marketing ‘made in USA’ products is easier. Besides, if you’re within the US, getting clothes manufactured in the US makes more sense because of the avoidable shipping time and shipping rates.

Alsico USA

Unlike other clothing manufacturers in the US, Alsico is well known for its international recognition and the fact that it’s not just one company, but a network of different organizations that specialize in manufacturing and shipping their orders.

This brand doesn’t specialize in your regular t-shirts, jeans and other types of apparel. Rather, this manufacturing company is perfect for those who own businesses that deal in clothes and uniforms for firefighters, worker men and even medical staff. You can however place a request with them to manufacture and print your clothes and they will be able to get the job done.

Alsico is based in Ohio and they have a minimum count of 12 pieces per order. Prices are reasonable and one of the primary reasons why this manufacturer is listed here is because they provide good quality service in a timely manner and you can reach out to them via their website, offline factory and even by calling them on their telephone number.

How to choose the right clothing manufacturers for small businesses in the US?

Once you have decided on the design and what type of clothes you’re going to sell, there are certain pointers to consider before finalizing on a single manufacturer. 

  • Choose the manufacturer based on the quality and price of their products. The manufacturer you select should deliver high quality finished clothes that are also light on the pocket. Don’t go overboard with the amount you pay as you also have a business to run.
  • Another pointer to consider is the shipping speed and delivery options provided by the manufacturer. The shipping speed and delivery time depends on whether the manufacturer is local or based overseas, so you have to be prepared in advance.
  • Finally, choose a manufacturer that has years of experience and good reviews from previous customers and other businesses. New manufacturers don’t have the experience that’s needed and will not have the connections needed to have your clothes manufactured and delivered in a timely manner.

You can ask around as well, conduct your own research to find the best clothing manufacturers and even if possible, visit the factory to view the entire manufacturing process. You can always request the company to do this for you as it will help you validate their business and see if their way of working syncs with your line of business.

How to communicate with the clothing manufacturers?

First things first, be aware of what your business needs, how many customers you have and are hoping to get. Accordingly, you can discuss your requirement with the manufacturer.

Knowing the terminology and the certain type of process is important so you’re aware of the resources you are going to spend on it.

Knowing your requirements will help you find a clothing manufacturer whose MOQ is under your number.

Keep in mind your business plan, when you want to launch or introduce a new product, according to that discuss the time frame of production with the clothing manufacturer to prevent and last-minute hassles.

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