Best Selling Products on Alibaba

by Tim Blue

Alibaba has been the go to place for importers for more than two decades. Knowing what sells well on Alibaba will give you a better understanding of the products that are in demand, not only in a specific country, but worldwide.

In my travels to China, I see a few products that are best sellers and based on my research on Alibaba, the same products are best selling on Alibaba. 

We’ve compiled a list of 50 Best Selling Products on Alibaba. 

50 Best Selling Products on Alibaba 

The sales figures below are the sales of one product for the top seller. Products that sell well on Aliexpress also sell well on Alibaba, you can find which platform is cheaper. If you are looking to kickstart your Alibaba business, then you can also get free samples from sellers, provided you establish trust.

1Tempered Glass146,000
2TWS Bluetooth Earbuds44,908
3Smartphone case60,908
4Smartphone USB cables2,28,966
5Necklace / Pendants27,448
7Power banks2,175
8Nail Art84,421
10Car Accessories4,045
11Fake Eyelashes39,427
13Leather iPhone Cases10,678
14Makeup Brush 49,121
15RFID Wallets8,665
16Women’s Lingerie5,128
17Men’s Watches16,270
18Women’s Watches12,379
19Women’s Blouses & Shirts16,979
20Men’s Jackets8,228
21Men’s Tees13,217
22USB Splitter HUB12,452
23Watch Straps50,131 
24Women’s Earrings6336
25Sticking Tape44,274
26Clothes Hangers12,845
27Drying Rack4,834
28Suitcase Stickers10,143
29Toy Keychain8,542
30Pouch Belt / Fanny Pack8,112
31Card Wallet Holder5,755
32Messenger handbags5,155
33Fishing accessories8,622
34Tire Valve Cap6,329
35Jogging Shorts15,049
37Leggings, Yoga Pants13,179
38Slip-on women’s shoes8,888
39Men’s Mocassin Loafers8,544
40Fur Slippers5,794
41Slimming massager28,047
43Ceramic Nail Drill21,696
45Paint Roller Brush7,553
46Wifi Smart Water Heater6,468
48Universal Remote6,444
49Smart TV Box24,957
50Organic Salt Soap3,837
51Swiss Lace Wigs6,759
53Light Box3,446
56Soy Wax Candles2,500

iPhone Tempered Glass 

best selling tempered glass on alibaba

Tempered glass is by far the most popular item on Alibaba because of their price. They cost around $0.30 to $0.80 and as they are required to protect smartphones. Tempered glasses or screen protectors in retail stores sell for $10 or more and there are good profit margins on these products. Repeat purchases are very high. 

TWS Bluetooth Earbuds 

best selling earbuds on alibaba

TWS Bluetooth earbuds like Apple Airpod alternatives are super popular on Alibaba and also on Aliexpress. They range from $9 to $80 and they have great profit margins. They are ever popular products and people keep buying them once every few years. As they aren’t dependent on smartphones, all types of earbuds can be sold. 

Smartphone Cases

best selling iphone cases alibaba

Smartphone cases are eternally popular and they have become a fashion statement. On average smartphone cases range from $0.30 to $2 and can easily be sold for $10+. The best thing about smart phone cases is the rate at which people keep changing their cases and it’s all about design. 

Smart Phone USB Cables

alibaba usb cables

USB cables are a must have product. Similar to smartphones. People these days have multiple cables for travel, office, home and more. They are reasonably priced and cost around $0.40 to buy and can easily be solid for $10 plus. As cables have become standardized, one cable can be purchased for multiple devices. 

Necklace / Pendants

alibaba necklace and pendants

Necklaces and pendants are ever popular from China. Their designs are astounding and can be purchased for as cheap as $0.10. Necklaces and Pendants can be sold for $4 and more. These pendants come in different various colouring, shapes, sizes and also customizations. These are one of the best selling products on Alibaba


headphones on alibaba

Electronics is one of the best categories and in that headphones are super popular. Headphones range from $10 to $100 and cater to a wide range of audiences. Although Headphone’s popularity has reduced slightly over the past years because of TWS earbuds, it’s still a strong segment. 

Power banks

powerbanks alibaba

Power banks are getting smaller and smaller and more powerful. Brands live Floveme make power banks that fit in the palm of your hand and cost about $10. These can be easily sold for $20+. Power banks will be popular for at least the next few years because of the increase in smartphone use. 

Nail Art

nail art alibaba

Nail art is the underrated popular segment on Alibaba. Nail art products are super cheap and they are sold in massive quantities. Even if you look at sales on Aliexpress, there is more than 84,000 sales on the most popular product. Nail art will be popular forever and they have a good profit margin as well. 


earphones alibaba

The competition for earphones has reduced because of the popularity of wireless products. This makes earphones lucrative because there is still a strong demand for these products. Brands like Simvict make earphones for $0.30 to $2 and these can be easily sold for $8+. 

Car Accessories

car accessories alibaba

People are always looking to jazz up their car and the car accessories that Alibaba has is unparalleled. Do a small comparison between Alibaba and Amazon and check out the different car accessories. Hands down, Alibaba will have more unique products. From chargers to ports. 

Fake Eyelashes

fake eyelashes alibaba

Who knew Fake Eyelashes was a thing? Based on our research, Fake Eyelashes have a massive market as they are cheap ways to make a person look good. They cost around $0.04 to $0.50 and can be easily sold for a few dollars. These products fly off the shelf either online or offline! 


rings alibaba

Rings on Aliexpress and Alibaba are amazing. They are super stylish. They come in different types such as platinum, gold, silver and come in different designs. Rings can also have customizations and they can be sold at a much higher price. These rings on Alibaba cost around $0.30 to $2 and can be sold for $10+. These are one of the top selling products on Alibaba. 

Leather iPhone Case

leather iphone case

iPhone products are one of the most popular. From iPhone cases, iPhone tempered glass to iPhone chargers. In this, the leather iPhone case is very popular and one of the best sellings. As trends change, people are moving from TPU cases to much more premium looks and the leather iPhone case is very popular. 

Makeup Brushes

alibaba makeup brushes

In the makeup category, makeup brushes are super popular because of one reason. Makeup brush kits sold online and in stores are very expensive. Makeup brush kits on Alibaba are super cheap and easily a 50% profit margin can be earned. Makeup brushes on Alibaba sell better than the makeup itself. 

RFID Wallets

rfid wallets alibaba

RFID wallets protect the credit card or debit card from magnetic theft. There are scanners that can scan through your wallets and capture the information on your credit or debit card. These types of wallets are very popular as they can hold cards, money and protect from data theft. These can be sold at a very premium price, especially when the design is good. 


lingerie alibaba

The most popular women’s clothing products on Alibaba are lingerie. Women love their lingerie and are willing to pay a high price for these designs. With lingerie, it’s all about quality and the design and the profit margins can be really high. In clothing, lingeries is the top seller on Alibaba. 

Men’s Watches

mens watches alibaba

It goes without saying that watches are very popular on Aliexpress and Alibaba. People love watches and it has become a collector’s edition. Watches like automatic watches, leather watches, sport watches have become very sought after and can be sold for a good profit. 

Women’s Watches

womens watches alibaba

The women’s watch market is underrated because there aren’t too many options for women and their watches. On Alibaba, there are different types of women’s watches that sell like hot cakes. The ones with unique colours, designs and straps always sell well! 

Women’s Blouses & Shirts

womens blouses alibaba

Everyday women’s wear is also very popular on Alibaba because it can be purchased for 60% cheaper. Blouses and women’s shirts are one of the best selling products on Alibaba and China exports millions of clothing worth billions of dollars every year. 

Men’s Jackets

mens jackets alibaba

When I was doing my research, I was surprised to see Men’s Jackets are super popular on Alibaba and one of the best selling items in men’s clothing. One of the reasons for this is good quality jackets cost north of $70 in retail stores. Jackets on Alibaba start from $20 and they are really good quality. 

Men’s Tees

mens tees alibaba

Men’s tees are super popular on Alibaba because tees start from $2 and are very cheap. This is a top selling category and there is high repeat purchase for men’s tees. In many countries, people don’t buy from their local online store or retail stores and buy directly from Aliexpress and Alibaba every single time. 

USB Splitter Hub

usb splitter hub

Electronics are a popular item, like I’ve mentioned, but there are sub categories within the main electronics that do really well. The USB splitter hub is a perfect example of a best selling item on Alibaba. It has a massive demand, especially the smart splitter hubs as they are much cheaper from China than purchased directly. 

Watch Straps

watch straps alibaba

As the smartwatch has become an accessory, watch straps are in huge demand because of the numerous customization options. A watch can have a stainless steel strap, leather strap, TPU strap and more. These straps cost around $0.50 and can be sold for $5 and more for the premium versions. 

Women’s Earrings

earrings alibaba

Women’s jewelry is always a popular category on Alibaba. In that, apart from necklaces and pendants, earrings are also very popular! They come in different styles and don’t cost much at all. They are super cheap to buy in bulk and can be sold for a much higher price because of their unique designs! 

Sticking Tape

magic tape alibaba

The home category may not be considered a hot category on Alibaba, but there are some underrated products that sell really well on Alibaba. Sticking tape is one of them, as it is bought in bulk and for much cheaper rates. Sticking tapes are of super high quality from Chinese suppliers as well 

Clothes Hangers

clothes hangers alibaba

The other household item that is pretty popular is clothes hangers. These are bought in bulk as well and it’s much cheaper on Alibaba and that is why it’s very popular. A person can save a lot of dollars just on buying clothes hangers from Alibaba. 

Drying Rack

drying rack alibaba

Drying racks are a household good that goes through a lot of wear and tear and can be quite expensive. It’s a popular product to buy from Alibaba, because the ones from Alibaba are cheap and are of super sturdy quality. 

Suitcase Stickers

stickers alibaba

One of the cheapest items on Alibaba is the suitcase sticker. They are sold in bulk and have the latest design and trends. Each set costs about $0.20 and can be easily sold for $3 or more. These are perfect for a young audience and have a high purchase rate. 

Toy Keychain

toy keychain alibaba

In the kids category, toy keychains are very popular as it’s an object that kids will love to play with and it also doubles up as a keychain. These comes in various styles and can be purchased for as cheap as $0.70. 

Pouch Belt / Fanny Pack 

fanny pack alibaba

A surprising addition in the bags section is the pouch belt or fanny pack. These are the best selling products in the bags category on Alibaba. These cost around $2 to $3 and depending on the styles and designs, can be sold for $20 or more. 

Card Wallet Holder 

card wallet holder alibaba

Another interesting product that is popular in the accessories space is the card wallet holder. These come in leather patterns and are used for holding credit cards or business cards. These are very popular because they make for amazing gifts and are priced cheap. 

Messenger Handbags

messenger handbags alibaba

The best selling product in the handbags category is the messenger handbag. This is like the long tote style bag that is made of leather. This is the most popular product in the women’s bag’s category. These cost pretty less and can be sold for a higher rate. 

Fishing Accessories

fishing accessories alibaba

Anything that is generally bought in bulk is a best seller on Alibaba. Fishing accessories like fish hooks sell really well on the platform and can be bought for a few dollars on Alibaba. Other fishing accessories are pretty popular as well. 

Tire Valve Cap 

tire valve cap

Due to the increasing trend of health focused living, the number of cyclists around the world are increasing and one of the important components of a cycle is a valve cap. These are very popular on Alibaba as they are reasonably priced. 

Jogging Shorts 

jogging shorts alibaba

Shorts are popular on Alibaba, but jogging shorts that are worn under your main shorts are even more popular as it’s meant to store your phone and other belongings and keeps you comfortable while running. This is a popular product for fitness addicts. 

Sports bra

sports bra alibaba

Another sporting wear that is quite popular is vests. Vests are worn by both men and women and the ones from Adidas and Under Armour are quite expensive. The ones on Alibaba are quite cheap, are tough and comfortable! 

Leggings / Yoga Pants

leggings alibaba

Yoga pants are the go to wear for women these days. Women wear yoga pants even while not working out as it’s part of the Athleisure trend. Yoga pants from big brands can be quite expensive and that’s why it’s one of the top selling products on Alibaba because they are quite cheap to buy in bulk

Slip-on Women’s Shoes

slip on shoes for women

One of the best selling shoes on Alibaba is actually slip-on shoes for women. These look like Nike’s cost around $15 or less and are super comfortable. Why these shoes are popular because people are shying away from major brands, when they are able to get the same for much cheaper. 

Men’s Loafers

loafers men alibaba

In the footwear category, men’s casual loafers are a popular product. These are generally very expensive and cheaper models are much in demand. Casual loafers and even semi formal loafers will cost only about $20 or so. Bigger retail stores can sell this for $100 or more. 

Fur Slippers

fur slippers alibaba

Another surprising addition in the footwear category is fur slippers. People are really obsessed with fur slippers as they are comfortable, stylish and cheap. This is probably the most popular item as people wear it inside their houses and as the wear and tear is a lot, they purchase a lot of it. 

Slimming Massagers

slimming massager alibaba

In the fitness space, slimming massagers are very popular on Alibaba. They cost less and the most popular slimming massager has 28,000+ sales. These are quite popular as the world is focusing more on fitness and health in the past few years. 

Pore Cleaners

pore cleaner alibaba

Beauty & Health products are very popular on Alibaba and one of the best selling beauty products are pore cleaners. The skincare industry has become massive over the past few years and pore cleaners are a must have in every makeup kit and even grooming kits for men. These are top selling on Aliexpress and Alibaba. 

Ceramic Nail Drills

ceramic nail drills

Nail care is a big business and nail art is one of the best sellers. Ceramic nail drills basically help you file your nails in a professional manner. These are bought by salons and even by direct consumers for their nail needs. 


sunglasses alibaba

Sunglasses are cheap generally, but the ones on Alibaba are even cheaper. It can cost $1 for sunglasses and even a premium one will cost only $4. Alibaba is also popular for Rayban look alikes and these are quite cheap as well. 

Paint Roller Brush

paint roller brush alibaba

Another household category item is the paint roller brush. These can be quite expensive to purchase from a retail store and they are a must have for every house even for small painting needs. With changing weather every few months, it becomes a must to paint a house frequently. 

Wifi Smart Heater 

wifi smart heater

Wifi controlled devices have become very popular in the past few years and the Wifi smart heater is one of those devices that has become a  must for a house. This device showcases the temperature of the water and can be controlled remotely. As a heater is one of the biggest energy consumers in a house. 



Smartwatches are another popular category and is a top selling item. Not everybody can purchase $250 Apple watches or Garmin watches and Alibaba has a lot of Apple Watch alternatives that are priced from $30. These have all the features of an Apple Watch, they look the same and are very popular online. 

Universal Remote 

universal remote

One device could be controlled by remotes, there were many remotes in a household to control all the devices. A universal remote can control multiple devices at the same time and are quite popular in Europe to control many devices simultaneously. 

Smart TV Box 

smart tv box alibaba

Smart TV boxes can make a normal TV into a smart TV and these are by far the most popular electronics on Alibaba after earbuds and headphones. There is quite a bit of profit to be made per unit and that’s why smart TV boxes are one of the best selling items on Alibaba. 


soaps alibaba

Soaps like with natural sea salts and organic soaps are very popular on Alibaba. They sell really well because their prices of raw material are cheap in China. Finding similar products or manufacturing them locally can be quite expensive and that’s why importing soap from China has become popular. 

Alibaba is one of the top Chinese wholesale websites and probably the most popular.

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