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If you are confused by the various TWS earphone options such as the i10, i11, i20, i30 and the i40 and the numerous others, then forget about them. If you want really good Airpod like quality with the same features at half the price. Then the i80 TWS is the strongest contender.

We’ve done reviews of the i30 and the i60. And now it’s time for the i80 TWS Review.

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Where to Buy Airpods Alternatives

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The i80 TWS is a budget Apple Airpod alternative. Priced at $20, it has a 4 hour battery life and has touch activated control. With Bluetooth 5.0, the pairing is seamless and automatic. It’s one of the best selling TWS earbuds.

i80 TWS Earbuds Review

i80 TWS Unboxing Features and Sneak Peek | No difference between the i80 and the Airpods

Inside the Box

i80 tws earbuds

Like most TWS earphones, the i80 comes packed with a wireless charging box, two earphones, USB cable for charging and an instruction manual.

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Let’s talk about design. You might think there’s nothing much to talk about as all of these look the same. That is true, they do. But the design I’m talking about is the quality of the form factor.

When you use the i10’s or the i11’s and see the quality of the product, it looks good. But when you try to put the earphones into the charging box, then you will be met with some friction. It’s not as seamless and it can be a bit “tight” and a little irritating to remove.

With the i80, it’s different. It’s much more seamless and it’s a better fit. The earphones lock in tight inside the the charging box, but they also come out easily. You feel the premium nature, similar to the Airpods.

Now for the design itself. They look very similar to the Airpods with a slightly rounded edge. When it comes to the earphone themselves, you see the grill mesh speakers on the sides and the top has the sensor.

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This is a standard look product, but one of the best parts is, it doesn’t have those blinking light on the earphones themselves.

Function and Use

Similar to the Airpods, the i80 TWS has the chip that opens up the interface on the phone when you pop open the box. This is not a standard across TWS earphones and is only available in the premium versions. This tells you, that the i80 TWS is a premium earphone.

This also has the multi-touch sensor feature where you can control the music through different touches. Single touch for pausing and playing music, double touch for controlling the volume and triple touch for moving on to the next song.

This is a Bluetooth enabled device and the connection between phone and earphones are pretty seamless. You can independently connect each earphone via Bluetooth to your phone.

The two features that make this a premium Airpod clone is the Siri Wake Up function, wherein, you can control the i80 TWS earphones with Siri.

The second main feature is the Wireless charging. Which means you can place the wireless charging box on top of any wireless Qi wireless charger and it will start charging. This is a big feature that a lot of people deem super useful.


The i80 TWS is a premium earphone and it has the sound to back it up. The bass on these earphones is absolutely insane. It really booms and has one of the best sounds of all wireless earphones out there.

The i80 TWS has good treble and fabulous sound quality. In our tests of the mic, our wireless calls were crystal clear.

Battery Life

The Airpods last for a good 5 hours, the i80 TWS lasts for a good 3.5 hours of continuous use. This is pretty decent and this is a standard affair across most TWS Airpod clones. Could the battery life have been better? Sure. But it’s not possible to incorporate a bigger battery in that small form factor.


The i80 TWS earphones costs $40+. Now for people who are used to prices in the $20 range, this is a bit much. But do the features justify the price? The answer is a unanimous yes. If you don’t care too much for the wireless charging and the pop-up feature. The sound quality on the i80 TWS is unmatched and the closest competition can only be the Apple Airpods. The other TWS such as the i11’s and i12’s don’t come close to the sound quality of the i80 TWS.

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Purely in terms of sound, this is a premium product.

So you might have a question. Should you buy the i80 TWS?

The i80 TWS are premium earphones that are of incredible quality. It has all the features of a premium TWS earphone. And this can be considered the closest competitor to the Apple Airpods. This is a very good Airpod clone. The best features for this device are the W1 pop-up chip, the wireless charging, the 3.5 hours of battery life and finally the sound.

i80 TWS Benefits

  • W1 Pop-up chip with direct Bluetooth Connection
  • Wireless charging
  • No notification lights on the Earphones
  • Independent pairing
  • Great form factor that is snug

i80 TWS Cons

  • Price maybe considered a con for many people

I80 Airpods Manual – Common Issues and their solutions

Facing issues with the i80 TWS? Here are the most common troubleshooting issues. Although this off brand Airpods is tested rigorously, you might encounter some issues. Here are the common problems and how they can be solved.

Common issuesSolutions
I80 TWS not connectingThis is the most common problem and the best way to solve them is to unpair and repair. 
Lights don’t blinkThis means, its highly likely that your earbuds don’t have enough charge on them. Make sure to charge your box and then to charge your earbuds separately by placing them inside the box
Connection lost in one earbud while playing musicLong press the earbud that has lost the connection and you will hear the startup sound and you will hear it again
I80 TWS battery is not chargingSometimes the USB-C cable they ship with the product is faulty and you might need to use another USB-C cable and it will work pretty well! 
The charging box is getting dirtyThe best way to protect from dust and dirt is to get a case for the i80 TWS. 

How good are fake AirPods?

Fake Airpods such as the i80 are truly fantastic. They have the same form factor, design and although the sound quality is not as good as Apple, it still is brilliant. Even the battery life isn’t as good as Apple’s Airpods. But you get much more than what you pay for. Airpods like this i80 are so cheap, you can truly buy 3 or 4 of them without thinking twice.

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What are the best off brand AirPods?

The best off brand Airpods in the market are the i80 TWS, i100 TWS, i1000 TWS, i200 TWS and i9000 TWS.

TWS Reviews – Better than Airpods TWS?

A lot of you might be wondering what TWS products are. TWS means, True Wireless. It means they are completely wireless earphones that work independently from each other. This means that each earbud is independent and can be used separately. This works well for calls. 

Are these products any good? 

TWS Earbuds such as the i80, i60 TWS, i100 TWS have become quite the rage and are super popular because there are no tangles to worry about and they are easy to carry. Some people also consider them stylish and better than earphones. 

They are not as bulky as headphones and that is why TWS earbuds have become super popular. They are surely here to stay! The i80 TWS is considered one of the best products in China. 

Are they better than Apple Airpods? Well that’s subjective, but for the price, they are pretty incredible. Literally everybody in my close friend circle has an Airpod replica and everybody loves it! 

How do I pair my i80 TWS?

There are a few ways to pair your i80 TWS Airpods and it’s different for the iPhone and Android phones. The i80 TWS being an advanced Airpod clone has the pop-up feature. This means, when you flip-open your charging box, you can see the pop-up interface on iPhones with iOS 12.1 and more.

If you have an Android phone, then connecting your i80 TWS is the same as all the other Bluetooth devices. You go to the Bluetooth section, find the device and pair it. 

What are the newest TWS AirPods?

The newest TWS Airpods in the market is the Fake Airpods Pro clone that is a big rage in the market. It’s slightly more expensive than the i80 TWS but it has a lot more features such as better fit, better sound, longer battery life, wireless charging, transparency mode, noise cancellation mode, change the settings of the left and right earbuds and more. 

i80 TWS Aliexpress

Is it safe to buy i80 TWS from Aliexpress? This is the best place to buy. You can click on any link below and search for i80 TWS or browse the existing collection. 

i80 TWS on Amazon

Although i80 TWS is available freely online, it’s not available on Amazon. Amazon has strong copyright and trademark infringement protection.

i80 TWS vs i500 TWS

The i80 TWS and the i500 TWS are very similar in terms of their specification and features. Based on my research I’ve seen no difference between the two.

i80 TWS vs Airpods

If you want to check out the i200 TWS, you can see our dedicated review here

Featuresi80 TWSAirpods
True Replica SizeYesYes
Touch SensorYesYes
Pop-up SensorYesYes
Auto Power On / OffYesYes
GPS (Find my Airpod Clone Feature)NoYes
Voice ControlYesYes
Sliding Volume ControlNoYes
Wireless ChargingYesYes

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