i60 TWS Airpods REVIEW 2021

by Tim Blue

After the arrival of the Airpods and their ridiculous pricing, there has been a slew of TWS Earphone products that have been made available in the market. Now it can get pretty confusing as to which is which and this is why at Best Chinese Products, we are doing an individual review of each of these products.

You can check out the i30 TWS Review here. There are other models like the i500 TWS, the i100 TWS and more. If you are looking for a complete list of alternatives to the Airpods, we got that covered too.

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Today we do the i60 TWS review. Let’s see how it’s different from the other TWS earphones.

Update : The i60 TWS Earbuds might not be sold under the same name. It might be named the i500 TWS or the i100 TWS.

Is it worth buying the i60 TWS in 2021?

In terms of sound quality and battery life. The i60 TWS is perfect because it has been upgraded over the years. The only downside is the fit of the device. If you prefer the Airpod Pros sort of design, then you won’t get it with the i60 TWS. But if that doesn’t concern you, this is the MOST STABLE replica you can find online!

The i60 TWS earbuds are an $18 TWS Earbud replica of the Generation 1 Airpods. It has a touch sensor feature to control the music and the device. Enabled with Bluetooth 4.0, it has Bi-anural sound and a mic for hands-free calls.

i60 Airpods TWS REVIEW 2021

i60 TWS Features and Sneak Peek | Budget version of the i80 TWS

The i60 TWS Airpods replica costs about $18.

Check it out here

i60 TWS vs Airpods comparison

Specsi60 TWSAirpods Generation 1
Touch SensorYesYes
Pop-up interfaceYesYes
DesignTrue Replica, 1:1Original Design
Battery Life3 – 4 hours4 – 6 hours
BluetoothBluetooth 4.0Bluetooth 4.0

Inside the Box

Shipped inside the box is the i60 charging box along with the earphones. You also get the lightning data cable and the instruction manual.


The design for the i60 is very similar to the i30, which is very similar to the Airpods. It fits in the palm of your hand and has that pristine white finish with the rounded edges. The only difference between the i30 and the i60 is, there is a button on the backside for the i30, whereas there is no power button for the i60. So how does it work?

It works when you pop it open. Super simple.

Function and Use

The i60 has the H1 chip, which means, when you pop open the i60 in front of your phone, you will see the charging interface on your phone open up as well. Now when it comes to the functionality of the i60 TWS. It’s very similar to the other Airpod super copies.

It has mainly three functions. They are Play/Pause, Next Song, Volume Control.

All these can be controlled directly from the i60 TWS itself and you don’t have to go to your phone to access these.

  • If you press once on the i60TWS, you pause or you can play.
  • If you press twice, you can increase or decrease the volume. To decrease the volume, you should double tap on the left pod and to increase the volume, you need to double tap on the right pod.
  • If you press thrice, you can skip and play the next song.
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Before I tested these functions, I had an inkling that these actions would be super irritating to perform, especially because you had to tap something in your ear.

It does take some getting used to, but it isn’t too bad. But if you want to skip the song, you need to ensure you triple tap and sometimes when you aren’t paying attention, you might not get it right.

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Wireless Charging

When it comes to the wireless charging, it’s pretty confusing with cheaper TWS models because you don’t know if your product is getting charged or not. A lot of the cheaper versions have various colours blinking all the time.

It’s super simple for the i60. When it’s fully charged, the notification colours is blue, when you are charging it, through a wireless charger, it turns into red.

Sound quality and Mic

When it comes to sound quality, there isn’t much of a difference at the outset when you compare it to the i30 TWS. The thing about the Mic quality is, you can choose to have only one i60 on your ear when you’re making calls. Based on the testing I’ve done, the quality of the Mic is better on the i30TWS than the i60. When it comes to music sound, the i60 is pretty good, if not better than the i30.

Battery Life

The battery life for the i60 is also very similar to the i30. That is 4 hours of continuous use. This is one hour lesser than the Apple Airpods. This battery life is still significant, as the charging case can be fully charged, which in turn charges the i60.

Differences between the i30 and the i60

There are a few fundamental differences between the i30 and the i60. The i30 has a notification light inside the charging box when you open it. There is also a button at the back.

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The i30 cannot be charged wirelessly, whereas the i60 can. Apart from these few differences, there isn’t a major difference between the i30 and the i60.

Final Thoughts

The i60 is a pretty good TWS earphone. Are there ones better? Sure. But are there ones better for the same price that are better? Highly unlikely. The i60 is a perfectly positioned product in terms of price and offerings.

If you pay $20 more, you might get a better earphone, but the thing with earphones is, I’d prefer to have 2 or 3 earphones instead of just one very expensive one. Earphones can be lost easily, especially when you are out commuting.


  • Considering these are very good quality Airpod copies, it’s super affordable
  • The design is spectacular and the finish quality is astounding
  • The touch sensors work great and the multi-touch features are perfect too
  • The notification colours are straight forward and very clear.
  • It has the wireless charging feature which can be a huge boon. That is another wire you don’t have to deal with. I’ve lost those tiny cables on non-wireless chargers and that can be quite annoying
  • The battery life of 4 hours is astounding


  • There isn’t much of a difference between this and the i30
  • The mic quality can be better

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