Best Game of Thrones Gifts on Aliexpress 2021

by Tim Blue

It’s the summer, but it’s time for winter and dragons. That can only mean one thing and that’s – Game of Thrones! Everybody and their pets are watching this show with ardent fervour. Considering the first episode just aired, the excitement is at its peak.

In today’s article, we collate best of Game of Thrones merchandise that is cheap and would make a perfect gift!

Best Game of Thrones Gifts on Aliexpress 2021

Game of Thrones T-shirt on Aliexpress

You can never go wrong with a t-shirt. Game of Thrones tees are cheap and you can buy a set of a single piece. You can proudly flaunt your love of Game of Thrones with a t-shirt. The tees are available for both men and women and represent the sigils of all the major houses. You also get tees with specific quotes from characters on Game of Thrones.

These tees can be worn at home or outside and will you establish as the premier Game of Thrones fan!

Check it out here

Game of Thrones Poster on Aliexpress

As teenagers, everybody adorned walls with posters and as you grow older, you move on to something more sophisticated such as a framed poster. Luckily for us, Game of Thrones logos and quotes are really beautiful. It will look good in any house. Apart from having the sigils, you can also choose a very good quote or picture of one of your main characters.

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A poster is cheap and can be replaced easily as well.

game of thrones poster

Best Price – $1.57

Game of Thrones Necklace on Aliexpress

A necklace is for hardcore fans. If you aren’t just a watcher of the show, but truly support houses, then the best way to show it, is with Game of Thrones necklaces. You can find high-quality necklaces that aren’t too tacky but are stylish and represent your favourite houses and characters.

game of thrones rings
game of thrones necklace

Best Price – $1.79

Game of Thrones Keychain on Aliexpress

When I was young, I found an Anakin Skywalker figure that also doubled up as a keychain. It was one of my favourite poessessions and I used it for quite a bit. Similar to that, if you love Game of Thrones, then you can get a beautiful Game of Thrones keychain.

game of thrones keychain

Best Price – $3.50

game of thrones gifts cheap

Game of Thrones Mug on Aliexpress

Think of Game of Thrones, while drinking your morning coffee? Then you are a true GoT fan! Make it even more memorable by getting a Game of Thrones Mug. This is also a perfect gift to give to people where you don’t have to be worried about size, you don’t have to worry if they’ll use it or not, as mugs are most useful.

game of thrones mug

Best Price – $12.56

game of thrones beer mug

Game of Thrones Map on Aliexpress

When the initial intro comes on, the graphics show the entire map of the world that includes Westeros, Winterfell and all of the Seven Kingdoms in the world. The Game of Thrones Map is one of the most beautiful pieces of maps going around and that is perfect memorabilia, either as a gift or as a poster in the house. Bonus points for also naming all the kingdoms!

game of thrones map poster

Best Price – $2.84

Game of Thrones Figure/Figurine/Figura on Aliexpress

Love Jon Snow too much? Then get a figurine to keep on your desk. It makes a perfect gift and also will remind you of your favourite characters. These figurines are perfect to decorate your desk with or to place on your study table. One of your favourite characters can also double up as a paperweight.

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iron throne replica

Best Price – $24.95

khaleesi figure

Best Price – $16.71

Game of Thrones Costumes on Aliexpress

There’s no bigger tribute to your favourite GoT characters than to be them. Around the world, whether it’s Halloween or not, there are many Game of Thrones parties and events. During these events, people don’t back out. They dress as their favourite characters. Why should you hold back?

Dress up as Khaleesi or Jon Snow and live your character with a Game of Thrones costume!

jon snow costume

Best Price – $41.02

khaleesi costume

Best Price – $16.99

Game of Thrones Phone Cases on Aliexpress

When we get bored we change our cases. We change our cases based on our mood, the season and so on. This is the season for Game of Thrones and it makes perfect sense to get a Game of Thrones case. The cases come in various designs and styles and colours. There’s a wide variety to choose from. And the best part?

It’s super cheap!

game of thrones cases

Best Price – $1.31

#10 Game of Thrones Notepad on Aliexpress

Love to take notes? Then take them on a Game of Thrones Notepad. These notepads are simple and have a GOT sigil or quote on the outside. It’s a simple and perfect gift and it’s also something people will definitely use.

game of thrones notepad

Best price – $5.67

Game of Thrones Hand of the King Pin on Aliexpress

The hand of the king, pin is one of the most coveted pieces of jewellery on the show. If you get this pin, that means you are the first minister and first advisor to the queen or the king ruling the country. Tyrion Lannister is the hand of the king for Khaleesi and you can become one! Give this as a gift to your juniors, or children or someone younger and they will love you for it!

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hand of the king brooch

Best Price – $0.85

Game of Thrones Music Box on Aliexpress

Coming down to the last few gifts, they have to be something truly exciting and boy! Do we have something awesome for you? The Game of Thrones music box is a hand controlled device that plays out the show’s music theme as you turn the handle. It’s an awesome gift and it will be great fun at parties.

game of thrones music box

Best Price – $1.80

Game of Thrones Lego Pieces on Aliexpress

Have kids in the house, who love Game of Thrones? Get them to play with their favourite characters by gifting them lego pieces of their favourite characters!

game of thrones lego

Best Price – $0.65

A suit is something very formal and it’s tough to showcase your love of Game of Thrones with a suit. Or is it? The Game of Thrones cufflinks are stylish, they sit well on a suit and also you can showcase your love for Game of Thrones in a formal setting.

game of thrones cufflinks

Best Price – $1.18

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