Lenovo Vs Dell | Which is the better laptop brand in 2022?

by Tim Blue

When you want to invest in a new laptop, you have quite a many choices in front of you. Though the process of choosing one might not be overwhelming as the task of building a whole PC, laptops significantly differ between them which you will have to research in detail to guide your decision.

If you are looking for the best quality laptops working on Windows, the two main brands that will flash in your mind are Lenovo and Dell. These two manufacturers are known for flooding the market with high end premium laptop models. Nevertheless, the devices they manufacture are quite different in their characteristics.

For a broader understanding, we may say that Dell laptops have higher specifications and features, but they do carry a higher price. At the same time, you must bear in mind that higher prices do not always guarantee a higher quality. Each laptop brands has its own pros and cons to take into account. There are some good models from each manufacturer that can meet your expectations. Here I have compared these two brands on some basic parameters to guide anyone’s decision of choosing the right laptop brand.

Lenovo Vs Dell

When you have to choose between Lenovo and Dell, you may go by the understanding that Dell makes higher quality laptops. A representative example of Dell’s offerings is Dell’s XPS series. Lenovo can be a good choice if you are contemplating on investing in a well-priced laptop. Nevertheless, this general rule does not apply to Lenovo’s ThinkPad series as they try to compete with the top quality offerings seen in the market with their high-end specifications and bigger price tags.  

Looking at the bottom line, both Lenovo and Dell make amazing laptops. However, you will need to take into account a few things while trying to choose between Lenovo and Dell.

Dell Laptops Overview

In general terms, Dell laptops are priced on the higher side, but their quality is indisputable and promising. Best suited for high-end gaming, less strenuous activities and demanding work, Dell’s laptops exist on a different platform. Dell’s laptops can be depended on for heavy use. At the same time, its models like Chromebook are targeted for light use. 

When it is the question of performance, Dell’s high-end models come with amazing processors and graphics cards. Such components can compete with high-end gaming PCs when you want really them to. In addition to gaming, they can also support editing high quality photos and videos.  

When you do not want something with so much power, you can settle with Dell’s Chromebooks. These are rendered as lighter models that can best suit travels. Nevertheless, they too feature decent processors that can deliver more power when compared with the laptops of similar size range from other brands.  

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Most Dell laptops are fitted with high-end screens. In general, they implement HDR, which is a great choice for portable screens. Even with a heavy use, they can assure seamless performance for about 6 hours. Though this might not be a good thing when compared with some others you can find in the market today, this is a good number to touch taking into account their power.  

If you are willing to spend more on them, Dell laptops are the best options. Especially when you want a laptop with the power comparable to a full-fledged desktop PC, it is better that you settle with Dell.  


  • Dell’s laptops are configured with internal parts and design that are comparable to the best industry standards. 
  • Other than Apple, Dell is known for some of the best screen builds and displays found in the market. 
  • Dell’s customer service is rated above average among all the brands out there in the market. Given the strong concerns raised about the poor customer services of several popular computer companies, this is a great news for those who wish to invest in Dell laptops.  


  • Some models offered by Dell over the recent years are diagnosed with poor battery life. If you are looking forward to using the computers on the go, this is an important concern you must give attention to.  
  • Despite their several merits and advantages, many people share the notion that Dell laptops are priced more than what they actually deserve. 

The best of Dell – The XPS Series

The widest known laptop series from Dell is the XPS series. Though all the different models of this series are pretty expensive, we can say they are quality built offerings. 

The model names XPS 13 and the XPS 15 actually depict their screen size in their labels. XPS 17 is the largest members in this series which is not a gaming laptop. However, it is made to match with the same quality build.  

Expert reviews opine that XPS series has some of the best built laptop models of our times, evident in their finest audio quality and display characteristics. In addition, their excellent engineering has rendered them so very well with a comfortable and highly responsive keyboard, high performance, strong battery life and aesthetic appearance.  

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The most attractive laptops you will find today, they have a matchless design. The several alluring advantages of the XPS series make them some of the best options you can land on today. 

Lenovo Laptops Overview

Lenovo laptops are among the top selling laptop models today. Some of the most desirable characteristics of Lenovo laptops are their admirable quality, versatile nature, and their reasonable and affordable pricing. 

When it comes to pricing, Lenovo laptops generally occupy the lower end of the scale. Nevertheless, they are known to give the best value for your investment. Rendered with a sturdy body and durable features, they can last for long withstanding different kinds of stresses. In the segment of value laptops, Lenovo’s contribution in number of models is noteworthy. If you have some serious concerns with regard to the budget you allot for your laptop, probably you will find Lenovo can be the right choice.   

In terms of their performance, Lenovo laptop models do not lag anywhere behind those of the leading brands. Majority of Lenovo laptops are powered by Intel Processors. These processors can easily support and handle anything you throw at them from high end gaming to top quality video. It might not be feasible to run first-person shooters at 240 frames per second on these models, buy playing a game or watching something will never be a struggle on Lenovo laptops.  

The economically priced models of Lenovo do not have the same kind of advantages that the higher end models can boast of. What is important to note about Lenovo laptops is that they are certainly going to promise you the performance on par with your investment. When you are awaken to the reality that top performing laptops of most other brands are invariably priced on the higher side, you will only be happy that Lenovo can bring you all those advantages at a cheaper price.    

For casual use, Lenovo is undoubtedly a great choice. For light use, most Lenovo models are well built and stylishly designed. If you are willing to stretch your budget a bit more, you can land on some good models that bring you a better performance. If you plan to do things that will not be too taxing on your laptop, you will find Lenovo promise you the best value for your money. 


  • When we talk about the best value for money, Lenovo is certainly the winner since majority of its offerings carry a reasonable and cheaper price tags. Most of their lower end models like IdeaPad for instance are available at reasonable prices online and offline. 
  • While belonging to the lower price spectrum of laptops, their configuration is never disappointing as Lenovo has made use of Intel processors and Nvidia GPUs.
  • Most of Lenovo’s models are stylistic and simplistic options and for this reason, Lenovo has a huge following. 
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  • Majority of Lenovo’s laptop offerings belong to the lower end models when compared to those of Dell. Therefore, when it comes to choosing from the premium laptop range, there is no much option. 
  • Most of Lenovo’s laptops are not designed for gaming. Legion is the only series that exclusively targets to fulfill the needs of gamers. However, the gaming characteristics of this series is not up to the mark.  

The best of Lenovo – The Thinkpad Series

When we say XPS is the best of Dell, we need to project Lenovo’s Thinkpad series as the best of Lenovo. Thinkpad models of Lenovo are among the bestselling models over the last few years. Though Lenovo has conceived this series primarily targeting business class users, the members of this series are quite popular among other professional circles too.  

Among the galaxy of models delivered by Lenovo, the X1 Carbon is perhaps the most representative model that has a huge following. This model has a long list of admirable features you will expect in a good laptop including sleek design, highly reliable internal components, and an excellent display that will all together make this model a hard to beat option.  

Take home from this discussion

Looking at the top characteristics, pros and cons of these two major computer brands, it becomes pretty clear when it comes to making a choice. When it comes to durability and supporting highly demanding programs and tasks, Dell’s laptops are indisputably recommended. Nevertheless, they bring all of these advantages for a higher price. If a larger spend in never a constraint for you, Dell laptops can be the best option or you.

While comparing between Lenovo and Dell, price is certainly one of the most important points of study.  

Lenovo delivers some of the best quality devices with a focus on value. Finding better laptop models than those of Lenovo in the same price range is nearly impossible. Lenovo laptops models are ideal for casual use, entertainment and general gaming. If you are looking for a laptop that assures the best value, you will find Lenovo the best brand you can invest in.    

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