Guide to the Best Game Controller for an Android Phone

by Tim Blue

If you don’t have a console gaming setup or a PC setup, you needn’t worry. The mobile gaming revolution has just begun and you can take your humble smartphone and make it into a gaming device with the help of gaming controllers.

Android Game Controller for AndroidAvailability
Razer KishiView on Amazon
Steelseries Status DuoView on Amazon
8 Bit DO SN30View on Amazon
Rotor RiotView on Amazon
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Gamesir T4View on Amazon
Razer JunglecatView on Amazon
DelamView on Amazon
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Razer RaijuView on Amazon

Android game controllers have started selling like hot cakes with more and more people enjoying the experience much more than just the touch interface. There are numerous games that support Android game controllers paving the way for making mobile games its very own vertical that rivals the PCs and Consoles of the world.

Top Game Controller for Android Phones

With the gaming controller, you can start playing the more intensive games that are generally played on a PC or a console. 

Razer Kishi 

Razer Kishi is the most popular game controller for an Android phone. It’s compatible with most USB-C Android devices. The analog sticks are clickable. It has bumper buttons and D-pad for perfect accuracy.

The biggest positive of the Razer Kish is the design. It comes with a flexible and extendable design that fits most Android phones and even a few tablets. Even if you change your phone, you can continue using the Razer Kishi. 

razer kishi android

It connects directly to the charging port which ensures there’s zero latency and you get real time game play. 

When not in use, the device becomes half the size and can be stored easily. If you’re wondering if it will fit the size of your Android phone, these are the official measurements from Razer themselves. 

“ Other Android devices with center-mounted USB-C port and within the supported dimensions of 145.3 – 163.7 mm (Height) x 68.2–78.1 mm (Width) x 7.0 – 8.8 mm (Depth)” 

Check it out on Amazon – $79.99

Steelseries Stratus Duo

One of the best selling game controllers for Android on Amazon, the steelseries stratus duo is one of the best Fortnite game controllers. 

It uses Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity to seamlessly sync with your Android device. It also works with Oculus Go and Gear VR. 

steelseries stratus duo for Android

It’s enabled with Steam, which lets you seamlessly access 5000+ Steam games. The design is pretty sturdy and the triggers are solid that will be durable. It comes with clickable analog joysticks.

It has a 20 hour battery life and can be recharged through a Micro-USB cable. It weighs 245 grams and has a cable length of 5 feet. 

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Check it out on Amazon – $50

8bit DO SN30 

The truly versatile and compatible with everything is the 8bit DO SN30. It’s super popular on Amazon with more than 4.5 ratings with 1500+ ratings.

The 8bit DO is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Switch, MacOS, Raspberry Bluetooth Pi.

8bit DO sn30

It’s a retro controller with clickable buttons, rumble vibration, motion controls, d-pad, screenshot buttons, motion controls. 

You can pair the controller either as a X-input or D-input device via Bluetooth. You can use the USB wire and use it as a wired USB controller.

It weighs about 130 grams and is super portable. Although this product was initially launched in 2017, it’s constantly upgraded as the other hardware changes.

Check it out on Amazon – $44

Rotor Riot

The Rotor Riot is one of the most popular game controllers for Android. It costs about $49 and has the design of a full sized controller. 

It has R3 and L3 compatibility. But one downside is, it’s not compatible with Call of Duty and PUBG. 

It is a wired controller, which means no Bluetooth or Batteries required and hence gives you the most seamless, latency free experience.

rotor riot android controller

It’s compatible with most USB-C phones that have Android Nougat and above. It’s not compatible with all the devices, check out the compatibility here. 

The compatible games can be found on the Ludu Mapp app. So before you buy the controller, you can check out the games there. It is compatible with Fortnite. 

It has a removable mobile support post for the ultimate visual experience. 

Check it out on Amazon – $49.99


The iPega is an Android phone compatible game controller. It’s compatible with most Android devices over Android 6.0. 

It’s an extendable controller and one of the few Android game controllers that can fit a tablet of a good size. It can fit a 11-inch tablet as well. 

ipega android gaming controller

It’s a perfect controller for emulators. You can download the Shooting Plus V3 app to customize the control of the buttons. The instructions might not be clear for everybody and you’ll need to check a Youtube video.

The 380 mAh battery gives a continuous use of 15 hours. It’s also compatible with iOS if you’re wondering. 

Check it out on Amazon – $42.99

Gamesir T4

The Gamesir Android controller has gained popularity in the past few years because of its price. It costs around $35 and is cheaper than many controllers out there. It has a 6-axis gyro and some of the games you can play with the T4 are Splatoon, Zelda, MFi games among others.

gamesir t4 pro android gaming controller

It’s compatible with Android devices 8.0 and above. It has the vibration feature and the level of vibration can be adjusted.

The buttons on the controller are customizable to your requirement. The buttons have a jazzy backlight that gives that extra look while gaming. 

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The 600 mAh battery takes 90 minutes to charge and can be used for 20 hours continuously. It has a detachable bracket for placing the Android device.

It supports games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas and more. The rumble motors are adjustable.

The 2.4Ghz connections and Bluetooth are blazing quick. 

Check it out on Amazon – $35.99

Razer Junglecat

The other popular Android game controller from Razer is the Junglecat. The Junglecat is a dual-sided mobile game controller. The main highlight is its 100 hour battery.

It’s got a 4 star rating with over 200+ ratings. 

razer junglecat android game controller

The analog sticks on either side of the phone give more distance between the hands, especially for people with large hands, this is a boon.

Custom cases for the Razer and Samsung phones let you have a better grip for the junglecat to your phone.

The Razer Gamepad app lets you choose 100+ game titles and customize the buttons. The 14ms low latency ensures super real-time gameplay that’s always connected.

The main highlight is the 100 hours of gaming which is 5X more than the closest competitor in the market. Announced in 2019, it’s one the latest Android game controllers in the market. 

The two sides of the controller can be detached from each other and it’s quite tiny, which makes it easy to carry, but also easy to lose. 

Check it out on Amazon – $99


Delam is of the cheapest Android game controllers that costs only $13. But how would a game controller like this fare?

It has a 6 finger operation. There are buttons for L1, R1, L2, R2 that’s perfect for FPS games and gives you much needed precision.

delam android game controller

It has a rotatable 180 degree touch head that makes it easy to install. The buttons are put through a rigorous test and they can easily withstand a use of 100,000+ times.

It has a stretchable grip that can accommodate phones that are as small as 4.7-inches and that are as big as 6.5-inches. The sides of the phone is left open for charging.

It’s ergonomically built and it’s perfect for long durations of gaming. The design as tested by us also tells me that the fingers won’t pain too much.

It works with PUBG, Call of Duty, Free Fire, Critical Ops, Knives Out and more. It’s super highly rated with over 4 stars and 650+ ratings.

Check it out on Amazon – $13.99

Yobwin Game Controller

The Yobwin Game Controller is the underdog in this list. It costs only $19 and is the most highly rated game controller. It’s a mechanical game controller that’s perfect for FPS games. It has the six finger operation with the option to aim, move left & right, fall, replace and more.

It’s equipped with the cooling fan at the back that immediately cools your phone down especially if your phone overheats. There are slots on either side of the game controller and you get the option to charge your device while playing.

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cheap android game controller

The adjustable bracket ensures it can accommodate a wide ranges of Android devices. From 4.7-inches to 6.5-inches. It’s compatible with all the major titles.

The flip touch head flips to a 180 degree angle and ensures that the phone sits snugly. The only downside is the 3 hour playing time as the battery is only 320 mAh.

If you are big Call of Duty Mobile fan and if you are looking for a cheap controller, then this should be your pick.

Check it out on Amazon – $19

Razer Raiju 

One of the most premium and popular game controllers for Android devices is the Razer Raiju. It’s quite expensive at $97, but it packs a bunch of features which makes it worth it for the elite phone gamer.

razer raiju android game controller

The button layout on the Raiju is ergonomic and multi-functional. It has a hair trigger mode which is perfect for shooting.The adjustable phone mount gives the best viewing angle.

All the button controls and customisations can be made through the Razer mobile app.

Check it out on Amazon – $97

Things to know about Mobile gaming controller: 

  • Compatibility: This is the first thing to know about the gaming controller. A lot of controllers are only meant for iPhones which might not suit your android device. Hence, check the compatibility of the controller and your phone.
  • Mounting: mobile controllers need a stand to put on your phone while you’re playing with it. Some controllers come with the mounting, some don’t so please check with the seller before buying it. Get either attached or a built-in mounting which is compatible with the controller. 
  • Games: Some games work really well with controllers and some don’t. If you’re more of a screen player then the controller might not be that useful to you. If you’re someone who plays shooting games a lot, a controller is a great option for you. 

Is it worth getting a controller for Android?

Yes, it’s definitely worth getting a gaming controller for Android if you’re into shooting and side scrolling games. 

How do Wireless controllers connect to our smartphones?

Most of the wireless controllers connect with bluetooth on Android smartphones. There are also some controllers that use wifi to connect. Bluetooth connecting game controllers are better because lower latency, lower battery consumption, and better reliability.

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Razer Kishi

If you don’t have a console gaming setup or a PC setup, you needn’t worry. The mobile gaming revolution has just begun and you can take your humble smartphone and make it into a gaming device with the help of gaming controllers.

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