Best Chinese Headphones and Earphones 2021 ( New Models Released!)

by Tim Blue
Best Chinese Headphones and Earphones
bluedio speaker

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Best Chinese Headphones and Earphones

We recommend to buy quality headset from quality suppliers on Aliexpress China. Kindly see below on our TOP picks for Chinese Headphones for 2021.

We also cover the Top Earphones from Aliexpress. Based on our research the Best Headphones from Aliexpress in the market are at a price range from $30 from $80 that have features such as Active Noise Cancellation, Protein Padding, Wireless and is Easily Stored. 

The Best Earphones in Aliexpress have wires that don’t get tangled, have a mic and have better buds than the past which helps with noise cancellation.

Looking for the Best Budget headphones? Look no further than the list below!


Why Chinese headphones and earphones?

They are arguably the best headphones and earphones that money can buy! Brands like Ukkuer, Bluedio, Oneodio, Edifier, Ausdom and many more are some of the most amazing headphone brands that cost much cheaper than the more expensive brands such as Sony, JBL and Bose.

The Chinese earphone brands such as Cohai, Baseus, Simvict are much better than the earphones you get from the big brands.

How do I know this?

I’ve purchased, used, reviewed these products for more than 5 years and I’ve gifted these products to my friends.

In my opinion, the below listed are the best Chinese headphones.

Bluedio T7 is the best China made headphone costing around $60. It has noise-cancellation features, protein earmuffs for protection, adjustable holders and is enabled with Bluetooth 5.0. It’s wireless and has a working time of 40 hours.

If you want to know what the best Chinese earphones are, then check out the one below.

The KZ ZS10 is the best performing Chinese earphone in the market. Costing just $28, it’s an IEM that has a 30 amp impedance, replaceable cable, four balance armature with one dynamic armature. It’s the best selling earphones on Aliexpress with over 2000+ orders.

Top 10 Chinese Headphones on Aliexpress 2021

HeadphoneKnown For
Bluedio T7 Plus
The best over all Chinese headphones costing around $72. Includes noise cancellation
Oneodio Dynamic HeadphoneCheapest wireless headphones from China costing around $32
Mixcder Noise Cancelling HeadphonesHeadphones with the BEST noise-cancellation technology. Costs around $60
Ukkuer HeadphonesMost affordable headphones on Aliexpress under $20. Does not have noise cancellation
Edifier Bluetooth HeadsetChinese Headphones with the best battery life of around 80 hours and costs $50
Ausdom ANC10Best overall budget headphone with active noise cancellation. Costs around $23
Hifiman HE400STop Headphone in the premium segment. Costing $500
Cowin E7New Chinese headphone brand with cool products. Costing $59
Havit Gamer HeadphonesThe best Chinese gaming headphones on Aliexpress

Best Chinese Headphones 2021

Bluedio T7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Headset with a microphone $40 Product – Bluedio T Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Headset with microphone for phones and music

best headphone china
best choice chinese headset

Price: $30.75

Check the price on Amazon

This fantastic headphone comes in three different colors, black red, and yellow. You can have around 25 hours of music, once the headphone is fully charged. The Bluetooth version for this one is 4.2. The best thing about the headphone is it takes just 1.5 to 2 hours for a full charge.

The noise cancellation feature will make your music more intriguing. With such great features, the headphone comes at a reasonable price of $48.84. The estimated time for delivery is within 9 to 18 days.

Bluedio T6 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone

Click HERE to Purchase

Check the price on Amazon

Oneodio Dynamic Headphone

best chinese headset

Another gem of a product, this headphone is a must have for the headphone lovers. Oneodio is an up and coming brand on Aliexpress. This product boast a superior sound quality. 2 versions Studio Standard or Studio Pro/ They will be active when it is found connected with your smartphone, laptop, or pc. For the connectivity, there is a 3.5 mm or 6.5mm jack. The headphone is portable and is very good for office use having features like noise cancellation. Best quality music provider.

Price: $19.00 on Aliexpress

Check it out on Amazon

Click HERE to Purchase on Aliexpress

Check it out on Amazon

Edifier Bluetooth Headset $38

Price: $38 on Aliexpress

Check it out on Amazon

You can use this headphone for gaming also along with using it with your smartphone or mobile phones. The headphone is bluetooth as well as can be connected with the device using a 3.5 mm jack. You can get this light frame headphone in 3 different colors.

We love the sound bass, the design and the flexibility of choosing wireless or wired control.

The price of the headphone is also affordable, and it is just less than $40. The product will be delivered to you within 12 to 20 days.

Click HERE to Purchase on Aliexpress

Check it out on Amazon

Mixcder E9

Price – $46.73

You might not have heard of the Mixcder brand of headphones, but they are quite popular in China. I’ve had the privilege of using these headphones. They are one of the top headphone brands going around. So what does this headphone have that makes it tick?

It’s an ANC headphone which uses noise cancelling technology to cut the outside noise. The 500 mAh battery gives 30 hours of playback and if you lose power you can always use the cable to play your music. 

It also has a built-in microphone that lets you place hands free calls. This is a solid device with all the features of a premium headphone at an affordable price. 

Click here to Purchase

Ausdom ANC 10

Price – $29.23 on Aliexpress

Check out the price on Amazon

The Ausdom ANC 10 is one of my personal favourites because its the perfect combination of price and features. It has a playback of 20 hours, which is much lesser than the Mixcder E9 covered above, but that doesn’t matter much as you can use a cable with your music device. 

It has a folding function which makes it easy to carry. I also quite like the design of the Ausdom. It has a metallic round finish on top which makes it look premium.

It comes in numerous colours that includes Black, Red and Rose Gold which is a bit too girly for my taste, but it’s something that women will love. 

The cushioning gives this extra comfort and can be a perfect companion while running and while performing other sports activities. They are also one of the best selling Bluetooth headphones on Aliexpress. 

Click here to Purchase on Aliexpress

Check out the price on Amazon

Cowin E7

Price – $55.99 on Aliexpress

Check out the price on Amazon

This particular brand is pretty new to me as well. I hadn’t heard of Cowin until recently. When I first saw these headphones, they looked rather tacky, but those were just the product images. When I saw the actual model at an electronics conference, I was blown. These are super good looking and it is $20 more than the Ausdom 10. Can it back the price? 

Like most of the headphones we have reviewed, it comes with active noise cancellation. It has 30 hours of battery life and it has buttons on the side that make it super easy to control the volume. It’s similar to TWS earbuds. 

It has a mic for handsfree calls and also has an aux outlet to make the headphones wired. 

Does it warrant a slightly higher price? I don’t think so, except for the style and design! 

Click here to purchase on Aliexpress

Check out the price on Amazon


Price – $18.82

The headphones we have covered till now have ranged from the $30 to $60 and you might be wondering, can’t China make cheaper headphones than that and the answer is yes! The Ukkuer (A bit of a tongue twister) SN-P18 is a bluetooth headphone under $20. 

It comes in three dashing colours – Black, Red and White.

Ergonomically they are pretty unique looking. I have a gripe with the placement of the buttons though. They are placed in front, which means you’ll have to awkwardly move your fingers to change the volume. It has mic too for two way calls! 

It doesn’t exactly have noise cancellation, but it isolates the noise, which is pretty decent. This would definitely be in my top pick for the best budget wireless bluetooth headphones category. 

Click here to Purchase

Budget Stereo Headphones

Price – $15.52

Check out the product on Amazon

Our next product is another budget headphone from Aliexpress that is even more cheaper than the Ukkuer. For being a cheap headphone, it does have noise cancellation features. The protein cushioning ensures comfort during use! 

It comes in numerous springy colours that look pretty great. If you don’t want to overspend on headphones and want all the features, this will be one of the headphones to look out for! 

Click here to Purchase

Check out the product on Amazon

Nisheng Bluetooth Headset

Price – $12.52

If you are looking for the best headphone brands that are also cheap, then look no further than Nishen. This brand has all the capabilities of a top Bluetooth headphone at a much lesser price. At $13, this is one of the cheapest headphones available online.

It is wireless and has protective cushioning for comfort. The battery capacity isn’t much at 250 mAh, which will give you about 10 hours of constant use. So if you aren’t a power user and want a cheap headphone, this is the one to go for! 

Click here to Purchase

Cheap Bluetooth Headphones

Price – $20.16

Check out the best budget headphones on Amazon

The cheapest headphone in our list is the no brand headphones. At $10 it’s a steal! It gives you 10 hours of playback time and has a mic for two way calls. 

It’s wireless and comes with a cable in case you run out of power. These are pretty great and although the noise cancellation feature is not brilliant, these are still fantastic headphones for the price. 

These are some of the cheapest and best over ear headphones from Aliexpress.

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HAVIT Wired Gamer Headphones

We haven’t covered gamer headphones from China in this article and HAVIT is a brand that is worth of a mention. The HAVIT gamer headphones are insanely popular on Aliexpress. They have more than 14,000+ orders with a 4.8 rating.

The headphones are ergonomically designed with 50mm Neodymium drivers. It has surround stereo sound and the outside of the headphones have cool RGB lighting.

It’s got a sensitivity of 109 decibels. The frequency response is 20Hz to 20Khz. The soft memory foam has amazing cushioning that’s comfortable on your ear and also on top of your head.

The 53mm drivers ensure you hear the faintest sound while gaming. The 3.5mm microphone is detachable and the headphones can be used wirelessly.

Check it out here

Top 10 Earphones on Aliexpress 2021

Earphones on AliexpressKnown forPrice and Availability
Xiaomi EarphonesCheapest branded earphones from China$4.99 On Aliexpress
GGMM C800Under $10 earphones on Aliexpress$9.98 On Aliexpress
JBL T110Best branded earphones on Aliexpress$9.62 On Aliexpress
Baseus H04Best new brand of Chinese earphones$3.99 On Aliexpress
Cohai Bluetooth EarphonesUnder $2 earphones on Aliexpress$1.98 On Aliexpress
Roreta Dual DriveCheapest earphones on Aliexpress$1.09 On Aliexpress
Simvict EarphonesBranded cheapest earphones on Aliexpress$2.84 On Aliexpress
Langsdom EarphonesMost selling cheapest earphones on Aliexpress$1.42 On Aliexpress
Kuge Magnetic EarphonesBest magnetic earphones$3.98 On Aliexpress

Best Chinese Earphones 2021

Xiaomi Earphone for Mobile Phone

xiaomi earphone 2019

Price: $6.79

These earphones from the brand Xiaomi are really good to have. This is a must have for people who like to listen to music while running or jogging. Four different colors are there to your liking. The headphone can be bought below $10.

You will get the product shipped to your destination free within 20 days.

  • Comes with a Mic
  • Volume control isn’t available
  • Pause / Play, Call receiving and call ending functionalities are available
  • Compatible on all Android devices
  • Wired earphone with a 3.5mm jack

Click HERE to Purchase

Check out the alternative on Amazon

GGMM C800 HiFi Earphone 

best earphone aliexpress under 10

Price: $9.98

The earphone has a cool metal design and max magnetic speakers. You can get it in three different colors. The best feature is obviously the crystal clear sound of the earphone. You can get it at a price of below $10, and the delivery will be done at your place within 19 to 39 days.

  • 1 year warranty on the product
  • Play/Pause, Volume Control, Skip/Redwing and activate Siri or Google Assistant
  • 3 eartips – Small / Medium / Large
  • 8.6mm dynamic driver

Click HERE to Purchase

JBL T110 Fashion Go Best Xtreme Bass Stereo Earphone

top earphone on aliexpress 2019

Price: $11.47

We all know how much class JBL brings with it. This headphone is no different. It comes with amazing coil winding and magnetic drive technology. With them, you are certain to get superb sound quality with very low noise. You will be able to take this product home for 11.90, and the delivery of the product will be done within 19 to 39 days.

  • 9mm dynamic driver for clear sound
  • Built-in microphone
  • Single button remote to control music, calls.

Click HERE to Purchase

Check out the product on Amazon (It’s cheaper!)

Baseus H04

Price – $3.41

The Baseus H04 is one of the most popular wired earphones that sells on Aliexpress. Apart from being popular, it’s super cheap too! It comes with rubber earbuds and a premium metallic finish. They are angled earbuds which fit the ear better and they also have tangle free wires.

There is a single button for multiple functions such as pause/play, next song and previous song. Because it has a mic built-in, you can attend your phone calls through the Baseus earphones. 

The gold plated jack ensures there is no corrosion. It comes in Red, Black, Rose Gold and Silver. 

Click here to Purchase

Cohai Bluetooth Earphones

Price – $1.98

A super popular earphones from Aliexpress is the Cohai Bluetooth earphones. This is one of the top earphones online with over 55,000+ reviews and purchases. So why is it popular? 

For starters, it’s very cheap! You will shell out just about a $2 for this. It’s super stylish and has button controls for changing the music and pausing/playing. 

It’s waterproof and you can take calls through these earphones. It comes in silver, black, yellow and blue. If you are looking for the best budget earphones for everyday use, then look no further than this!

  • Volume control
  • Pause/Play/Next/Rewing options on the button
  • In-built MIC

Click here to purchase

Roreta Dual Drive

Price – $1

The Roreta Dual Drive is another budget earphones that is super popular. It has a unique design and the earbuds can be moved around depending on your comfort. It has buttons for controlling the music and also a mic for handsfree conversations. 

More importantly it looks super stylish and has amazing sound quality.

  • In-Ear, earhook design
  • 9 AMP impedance
  • Microphone for hands free calls
  • Cheapest Earphones on Aliexpress

Click here to purchase

Simvict Earphones

Price – $2.99

The Simvict earphones are one of those budget earphones that have the premium earphones experience. It comes with a carrying case. The classic black and red is an attractive looking earphone. It also comes in white and blue. 

It’s super comfortable to wear and it has amazing sound. It has buttons for controlling the sound and picking up the calls etc.

  •  22 AMP impedance
  • 10 metre Bluetooth transmission
  • 1.2 metre length

Click here to purchase

Langsdom Earphones

Price – $1.42

Langsdom is an up and coming earphone company from China. They are popular for their headphones and earphones. The Langsdom has a flat wire that doesn’t coil when you keep it inside. It comes with a carrying case.
The sound is pretty great and it’s durable as well for the price you pay for it. 

  • 1.2 metre cable length
  • 10mm dynamice driver
  • 32 AMP impedance

Click here to purchase

KZ-ZS10 Pro

KZ ZS10 Pro earphones aliexpress

A nice change up from the other earphones listed here is the KZ ZS10. This earphone is actually an In-Ear Monitor you can find in Aliexpress. It’s different from the traditional earphones that you see.

It has four basic armature + 1 Dynamic Driver. It has 30-amp Impedance and an earphone sensitivity of 111 db/MW.

It has a 2-pin connector that can be detached. The silver plated wire is tough and can does not get tangled.

It is a ear-hook type design.

Check it out on Aliexpress – $27

Kuge Magnetic Earphones

One of the most popular earphones on Aliexpress is the Kuge Magnetic Earphone. It has a certain metallic finish to it. And the earbuds connect to each other through magnets, thereby reducing the tangle when it’s inside your pocket. 

Earphones aliexpress
  • It runs on Bluetooth 4.2 and is wireless
  • It has a battery life of around 4 hours 
  • The transmission distance is about 10 metres 

These are the new age earphones in the market that are cheap, wireless. 

Price on Aliexpress – $3.98

Best Headphones and Earphones on Aliexpress

Bluedio Official Store

bluedio earphone aliexpress

This 3-year old brand has 98% people responding positively for them. Started way back in 2002, the company now covers more than 100 different countries. The slogan of the company is ‘Amazing Life.’

Check HERE.

Check out the Bluedio store on Amazon

Oneodio Official Store

oneodio earphone aliexpress

Certainly one of the top brands in Aliexpress Oneodio- a year-old store. The brand is awesome and it is one of the biggest Bluetooth wireless device seller. We love to feature them as they carry awesome beautiful products.  They have positive feedback of 98.8%.

Check HERE.

Check out the Oneodio store on Amazon

Anker Official Store

anker earphone aliexpress

Founded in 2011 in California, the founders know what they are doing. They are one of the best when you ask about Bluetooth headphones and earphones in Aliexpress. They enjoy positive feedback of 98.8%. They just stick to their motto, ‘ Make More Beautiful Sound.’

Check HERE.

Best Headphone Brands

What is the best brand of Bluetooth headphones?

There are numerous Bluetooth Headphone brands in the world. Some of the best bluetooth headphones on Aliexpress are Anker, Bluedio, Odio, Sennheiser, Bose, Sony among others. 

Most of these brands have a great collection of Bluetooth headphones. The best Bluetooth headphones have Bluetooth 5.0 enabled. There are two types of Bluetooth headphones.

One has a range of 30 feet, while the other has a range of 300 feet. It depends on what your budget is and you will be able to get the Bluetooth range of that caliber. 

There are few and far between these brands mentioned, especially when it comes to the quality of the sound, the form factor and the design.

Ultimately if you are looking for the best brand of bluetooth headphones, then the price is the major factor. All the products we have covered above are top quality and are the best headphone brands in the market. 

Which headphone brand is the best?

One of the best headphone brand we have come across is Bluedio. They make super stylish and good sounding headphones. Why are they better than Bose and Sennheiser? Ultimately brands like Sennheiser and Bose ride on their brand value and charge a premium primarily on the value they place on the brand.

You can find Bluedio headphones for way cheaper and of the same quality as Sennheiser and Bose. If you take the Bluedio T6 as an example. This is an active noise cancelling headphones that comes at a price of $38.

The same features on a Sennheiser or a Bose would easily cost you $100+. So in terms of value for money and the features they provide, these headphones from China is the best! 

Which cheap headphones are the best?

You cannot go wrong with Chinese Headphone Brands when you are looking for cheap headphones. Why are Chinese headphones super cheap? Primarily, they are a very competitive market with over 5 to 6 brands vying for users attention only in China.

Being competitive and being the manufacturing hub, the Chinese make the cheapest headphones. Some of the cheapest chinese headphone brands are Anker, Bluedio and Odio. 

These headphones from China are at least half the price of best selling brands like Bose, Sennheiser and Sony. These headphones aren’t your average headphones from a cheap Chinese supplier.

These are top quality brands with top quality features such as noise cancellation, surround sound and more. 

What are the best headphones and earphones for the money?

If you are looking for the best aliexpress bluetooth headphones that is worth your money, then here are a few options. 

JBL T110
Bluedio T6 Active Noise Cancellation
Edifier Bluetooth Headset
Onedio Dynamic Headphones

The Edifier Bluetooth is also considered one of the best chinese gaming headset in the market. 

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Best Chinese Earbuds on Aliexpress 2021

The top earbuds on Aliexpress in 2021 are the Baseus Earbuds, Ternzun M19 Wireless Earbuds, YTOM T1 Wireless Earbuds.

Baseus Chinese Earbuds

baseus chinese earbuds

Check it out here – $62.99

One of the most popular Chinese Earbuds brand is Baseus. They make amazing earphones, headphones and also TWS earbuds.

Tronsmart Onyx Ace

best chinese earbuds

Tronsmart is known for their electronics on Aliexpress and is a popular Chinese earbuds brand. This particular earbud is one of the best selling earbuds on Aliexpress. This model has more than 23000+ orders with a 4.8 rating.

It’s quite cheap at around $30 which is much cheaper than most premium earbuds. This is the ultimate earbuds with the following features.

It works with Bluetooth 5.0, supports noise cancellation, has battery life that supports 24 hours of playtime. There is a touch sensor and voice activation.

Check it out here

How to choose the best chinese headphones and earphones: 

Here are some of the basic things you need to keep in mind before buying your Chinese headphones/earphones. Choosing the right headphones is pretty simple if you it checks all these boxes: 

  • Wired or wireless headphones: This is pretty simple and my suggestion would be wireless headphones because they’re more convenient and portable. Wireless headphones can always become wired but it’s not possible otherwise. The manufacturer often packs wires inside wireless headphones as well.
  • Battery Life: this is the most important factor as you don’t want your headphones to run out of battery soon and run around charging it. Choose the one with 10-12 hours of battery life so it can run longer. Anything less than that will not be worth getting. 
  • Sound Quality: Headphones’ main purpose is sound and if the quality goes bad here then your investment isn’t worth it. Sound quality differs in different headphones. The base, accuracy, fidelity etc. makes a difference. So check your headphones and listen to an audio/song before buying your headphones.
  • Active Noise Cancellation: Active noise cancelling feature muffles the outside sound where you can’t hear the noises when you’re wearing headphones. These are a huge factor in producing clear and crisp sound in your headphones. So, i’d recommend you to go for this feature. 
  • Storability: This might not look like a huge factor but trust me it is since you tend to listen to music/podcasts etc on the go. You wouldn’t want to carry bulky boxes to store your headphones, instead you’d want a small case that fits in everything well so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Go for detachable or foldable headphones that are easy to store.

Is shipping of Chinese headphones safe? 

Yes, shipping of Chinese headphones is safe as the sellers use anti-vibration packaging. This is to ensure that it gets delivered to you safe and sound.

Do chinese headphones sellers provide warranty? 

Yes, most of the chinese headphones sellers do provide a warranty period of 6-12 months from the purchase date. Your headphones can be replaced or repaired free of charge within the time period. 

Is Bluedio a good brand for chinese headphones? 

Yes, Bluedio is one of the best Chinese headphones brands. They might not have the best sound quality but they’re extremely affordable and worth it. 

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