Comment obtenir des Spins gratuits sur Temu ?

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Check out Temu’s free spins – they’re like a digital game of luck that adds excitement to your shopping experience. 

These spins are not your average giveaway; they’re designed to make your experience better. 

Spin to match three icons and unlock rewards like gift cards and cashbacks. It’s a fun blend of entertainment and shopping, making your adventure more unpredictable and enjoyable!

In this guide, we’ll uncover how to get free spins on Temu, share tips to increase your chances of winning, and highlight the awesome perks these promotions bring.

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10 Ways to Get Free Spins on Temu

Discovering the wealth of Temu’s free spins requires mastering diverse strategies to acquire these bonuses. 

Below are ten methods to boost your spin count and elevate your chances of winning big:

Method 1 – New User Signup Offers (5-20 Free Spins) 

The first way to acquire free spins is to sign up as a new user. New users are granted a welcome bonus of 5-20 free spins to start off with. 

If you don’t have an account or wish to create multiple accounts, you can earn free spins with each new account that you own and operate.

  • Download the Temu app on Android or iOS.
  • Complete the signup process.
  • Verify your email and phone number.
  • Within 24-48 hours, enjoy your promised free spins.

Method 2 – Complete Your Account Profile (Up to 10 Free Spins) 

Another easy method to get free spins on Temu is by completing your account profile by filling it with your personal information, payment details and a profile picture. 

A completed profile can earn you 10 free spins.

invite friends to get Free Spins on Temu

Method 3 – Refer Friends for Free Spins (20 Free Spins Each) 

You can also refer friends and earn free spins for every referral that successfully signs up to Temu. Each referral will earn you 20 spins and there’s no limit on how many free spins you can earn. 

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To take advantage of this program, use the ‘Referral Program’ section in ‘My Account’ to share your unique link.

Method 4 – Participate in Contests on Social Platforms

By following Temu’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages and taking part in contests and giveaways, you can easily earn free spins if you’re declared a winner. 

Additionally, simple actions like follows, shares, and tagging friends provide opportunities to earn free spins.

Method 5 – App Challenges (20-100 Free Spins) 

Another way you can earn free spins is by keeping an eye out for Temu’s app challenges or email promotions. 

Download the app, explore its features, and make purchases to unlock promised free spins which will be credited within 24 hours.

sign in daily to get Free Spins on Temu

Method 6 – Reviewing Products (5-10 Free Spins per Review) 

If you have purchased anything from Temu, write a review for that product and submit it on the website/app. Each review will earn you 5-10 spins depending on the level of detail in the review. 

For example, a regular review with no image/video, personal comments might fetch you 5 spins, but by submitting a complete review you can earn up to 10 spins for every one submitted.

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Method 7 – Participate in Forums 

Temu’s online forums are another way to acquire free spins.  Join a forum such as Blackhatworld and discuss products and share your insights. 

Active participation through comments, posts, and replies can earn you free spins.

Method 8 – Watching Sponsored Videos/Ads (1-2 Free Spins per Video) 

If you’re bored then the best way to earn free spins on Temu is by clicking on any of the sponsored ads and watching the complete ad till the timer runs out. Each ad normally earns you 1-2 spins and it’s a great way to earn more until the ads run out.

Free Spins on Temu

Method 9 – Participate in Surveys (2-5 Free Spins per Survey) 

In-app surveys can also earn you free spins. Search for pop-up surveys while browsing the Temu app and then complete the survey by following the instructions. 

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A completed survey once submitted can fetch you 2-5 spins that will be credited to your account in 24 hours.

Method 10 – Checking in for Daily Rewards (5 Free Spins) 

Finally, you can get up to 5 free spins on Temu by checking in on a daily basis. Temu has a program running wherein users who sign in on a daily basis can earn 5 spins even if no purchase is made on that day. 

So by simply opening the Temu app daily for a week, you can earn a cool 45 spins by doing absolutely nothing.

Tips How to Get Free Spins Easily

  1. Time your spins wisely by choosing moments with high jackpot prizes or new rewards.
  2. Spread out your spins over time to explore a wider range of potential rewards.
  3. Join every Temu promotion to increase your chances of winning.
  4. Aim for bonus rounds after a series of unsuccessful spins for higher odds of winning.
  5. Link your payment details for smooth redemption of cashback and gift card prizes.
  6. Understand the prize rules to maximize your redemption potential and avoid missed opportunities.
  7. Prioritize using bonus spins first, as they often have better odds.

What are Free Spins & What are its Benefits?

What are Free Spins on Temu

Temu offers free spins as a marketing strategy to captivate users by enticing them with the prospect of winning prizes, not only prompting them to download the Temu app but also encouraging them to return for more, fostering long-term engagement. 

By encouraging free spins with trial purchases, Temu effectively lures you to explore the platform, facilitating new user acquisition..

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The luck draw style of free spins transforms shopping from a mundane task into an entertaining experience. 

You will spend more time exploring the app, making purchases, and enjoying the process, ultimately enhancing overall engagement. 

Winning prizes, even if modest, bring around a sense of appreciation and loyalty towards the Temu brand, creating an emotional connection with users and serving as a powerful tool in building a dedicated customer base.

Moreover, the thrill of winning through free spins generates organic word-of-mouth advertising, as you will excitedly share your success stories with friends and family. 

This not only expands Temu’s reach but also adds credibility to the platform. 

Additionally, the data collected during the sign-up process for free spins becomes a valuable resource for Temu, enabling the platform to implement data-driven marketing strategies that are targeted and personalized.

How to Get Free Spins on Temu FAQs

What’s the maximum I can win on a free spin?

Currently, you can earn up to $500 in gift cards per spin and at times prizes can even touch $1000 depending on the offer running at the time.

Do free spins have an expiration date?

Yes, as with all promotional events, free spins do come with an expiry date. You have a total of 30 days to utilize your free spins before they expire.

Is there any max limit on how many spins I can get?

No, there’s no limit on how many free spins you can get. You can earn 5 or 100 depending on how many events you take part in. Just remember, the expiration date for free spins is 30 days so make sure you use them before the deadline.

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