Cheap Chinese Drones Review | Top Budget Clone Drones on Aliexpress 2021

by Tim Blue
Best Chinese Drones
best aliexpress drones

Store Name: GT Pro Store

Store Description: The GT Pro store has the best drones on Aliexpress. It has a wide collection of drones ranging from $15 to $85 and more. You get drones of all types and if you are looking for cheap Chinese drones, then this is your destination!

Price range: $15 - $100

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Yes we spend a great deal of effort curating these cheap and good drones. Below are some best cheap chinese drones shipping worldwide. Only available on Aliexpress this 2020.


If you are a drone lover, then I’m sure you’ve heard of the DJI Mavic Pro. The truth of the matter is, a drone like that is very expensive. There are a lot of cheaper drone options that are available but lack certain features. If you are a beginner to drone flying, then it makes absolute sense to go for a budget drone that is affordable and has the right features.

Drone TypesBest Drones on Aliexpress
DJI Mavic Pro AlternativeEachine E58
Best Aliexpress Mini DroneTeeggi Mini Drone
Cheap Long Range Drone with CameraSH-5
Best drones for KidsHDR/C Drone
Best Drone under $50 SG-106
Best Aliexpress Drone under $20HJ14
Best UFO drone for KidsUFO Drone
Best 4K GPS DroneXingyu Drone
Best Camera Drone on AliexpressS60 Drone

So today we cover the best Chinese drones and the best Aliexpress drones and find the best under $100 drones and under $50 drones that match the features of a DJI Mavic Pro but at half the cost.

Here are the Best Aliexpress Drones

  • Eachine E58 Quadcopter Drone
  • Sg-106
  • SYMA X8 Series Drone
  • DJI Mavic Mini Drone
  • Teeggi Mini Drone
  • S60 Drone
  • Hj14

DRONE FAQs from China

  • Most of the Chinese Drones come with a 3 month seller’s warranty and one year of manufacturer’s warranty
  • You might not receive the original box the product comes in, that’s alright because sellers do that to reduce the weight of the shipment

Top Chinese Drones 2021

China and Aliexpress is not only about simple electronics, they’ve got more to offer like Drones!

DJI is one of the best drone manufacturers in the world. Although you can find DJI drones on Aliexpress, you are probably looking for cheap alternatives to DJI drones. You can find the best drones on Aliexpress that are cheaper than DJI.

Top Aliexpress Drones 2021

#1 – Eachine E58 Quadcopter Drone

This is one of the best selling budget drones out there. It resembles the DJI Mavic Pro very closely. This is a foldable quadcopter which means it has 4 rotor blades. It’s not as big as we think it is and as it is foldable, it can be easily placed in your backpack or pocket.

At the outset, it has a solid design and the foldable rotors look sturdy. It comes in a black finish which looks super pristine and for people who are worried that they might lose it during nighttime flying, it comes packed with blinking LED lights that can easily be spotted.

On the top, there is a massive power on button, but it’s the bottom you need to be curious about. The back of the device has a massive camera that shoots in 720p HD and can shoot at an angle of 120 degrees.

It has one key takeoff feature and it’s pretty protected against strong winds because of the speed mode that can be effective against winds.

One can take pictures and shoot videos with the Eachine E58. It can also do a 360-flip. It can hover at a fixed height for a considerable period of time.

The Quadcopter’s batteries are a 3.7V 500 mAh. Li-po. The Eachine E58 is probably the best Chinese drone in the market.

best drones under 200

#2 – SYMA X8 Pro

The SYMA X8 Pro is a $100 Drone that is a Quadcopter with 4K camera capabilities. If you want a photography drone, then this is a good fit.

The peripherals come with the drone, a remote controller, extra rotors, battery, battery charger, screw driver, gimbal and a foam box.

It’s a full-scale drone, which means it can go upwards, downwards, forwards, backwards, anti-clockwise and clockwise.

It’s enabled with GPS which means, you’ll be able to locate your drone, no matter where you are. You’ll get a pinpoint accuracy of the location.

It’s attached with a 720 HD camera that can be moved around as well for better shots. It’s enabled with Wifi, which means you can do a live stream of whatever you are shooting.

Single-button auto-return ensures that the drone comes back to you with a touch of a single button. The Drone will also return if the connection is low or battery is low.

It takes about 150 minutes to charge the device and you have a working time of 9 minutes, which is good enough for a decent few shots.


#3 – SG-106

The SG-106 is a pretty impressive drone that has a bunch of features that people will find useful. Firstly, let’s talk about design. It has a beautiful, aerodynamic design and it’s a quadcopter with 4 blades.

It comes in two colours – White and Black. This is a non-foldable drone, but it has many other benefits.

It has a 4k HD camera that can shoot with just gestures and shoot videos on gestures as well. It has a smart portrait recognition. You can also plan the trajectory of the drone through your smartphone. You can use your fingers to draw the trajectory and the drone will follow that exact path.

The 1600 mAh battery is a beast and the drone can last in the air for a good 22 minutes. This drone has a dual camera set-up, so you can switch between front and back.

best drone under 50 aliexpress

It also has the fixed height feature which ensures you can take a fixed point to hover photography or video.

It can do 360 rolls and has the single key for taking off and landings. You can also attach protective rings on your drone so that nobody gets slashed by the rotor blades.

The app for this drone lets you edit videos on the fly and lets you ship as well.

#4 – SH-5

The SH-5H is a super unique drone that is meant for aerial photography. It’s basically a quadcopter with a rig in the bottom that has the camera attached. The feature set also enables aerial photography.

best drone with camera under 100

For people who love aerial photography, these are the features you get

  • Pneumatic fixed height, which  you hover around and take crisp and clear aerial shots
  • It has the gravity sensor feature which let’s you get more control of the drone and gives you the feeling of complete control as opposed to pressing a few buttons
  • You can shoot videos and photos in HD, 1080p
  • You can get real-time transmission of the video which enables aerial shots
  • It has an emergency landing feature
  • It has a single button for taking off and landing
  • It has the headless mode feature as well
  • You can adjust the camera up to 60 degrees while up in the air
  • You can use the trajectory feature to map the path of your drone
  • The dedicated remote control has numerous features that give you complete control of the drone

#5 – Teeggi Mini Drone

If you are looking for a cute and petite drone that can shoot some videos and take some photos, then the Teeggi Mini Drone will come handy.

Coming to the design, this is a cute drone that is shaped like a beetle and it is so tiny it can fit in the palm of your hands. The top shell can be replaced and fixed with various colours.

The drone although small, is still foldable. It has a HD camera that can shoot gesture photos and gesture videos.

best mini drone under 50 aliexpress

It has the auto-follow feature where once locked based on gestures, the drone will follow you. The drone can fly from the source up to 50 metres, which isn’t much, but it’s perfect for top shots.

With the gravity feature, you can control the drone like a Gameboy by tilting it left and right.

It has the altitude hold feature that lets you control the drone and keep it at a height.

This can be easily carried in the pocket too and perfect for amateur photographers.

#6 – The Transformer Drone

The transformer drone is a brilliant looking remote-controlled drone. It gets its name from its incredible design. Talking about the design, the Transformer drone is a quadcopter that can be easily folded and easily stored.

The battery lasts for 20 minutes and is one of the best in the industry. It has the altitude holding feature and has an independent removable camera.

best foldable drone aliexpress

It has the gravity sensor feature where you can use your phone’s smartphone to move the drone around.

It has the headless mode which lets you fly the drone in any direction and also has the VR 3D mode which let’s you watch the aerial shots in VR.

The parts of the Transformer drone don’t break, they can be reattached and they are super malleable.

#7 – 4K GPS Drone

4k gps drone

The GPS 4k drone is one of the most versatile and portable drones in the market.

  • It has a flying time of about 25 minutes
  • Charging time of about two hours
  • Can shoot high quality 720p videos at a 120 degree angle
  • Super portable and sturdy

#8 – UFO Drone

UFO drone aliexpress

The UFO drone is a perfect drone for kids. It’s cheap and fun to play with.

  • Can be charged via USB
  • Premium PP material
  • Sturdy
  • Perfect for kids

#9 – S60 Drone

S60 Drone
  • Can shoot in 1080p quality
  • One of the most popular drones on Aliexpress
  • 100 metre control distance
  • 20 minutes working time
  • Charging time of 120 minutes
  • 4K dual camera

#10 – Hj14

cheapest camera drones on aliexpress

The HJ14 is one of the cheapest camera drones on Aliexpress

  • 9 minute flight time
  • Portable drone
  • 40 minute charging time
  • Speed switcher

Best Drone Stores on Aliexpress

GT Pro Store 

best aliexpress drones

The GT Pro Store is one of the coolest drone stores on Aliexpress. They have a wide variety of products from folding drones to mini drones to quadcopters to remote controlled drones that work with a smartphone. 

They also sell professional drones for photography and other types of drones that cover various use cases. They are one of the best drone stores in China. 

You’ll find the best drones on Aliexpress in this store.

Check out the store here.

Sharefun Bay Store 

aliexpress drone store

The Sharefun Bay Store is a dream store for Drone enthusiasts. They do sell robotic toys apart from drones. When it comes to drones, they sell drones from all brands, all shapes, sizes and requirements. 

From mini drones to photography drones, you can find it all here. The best part about this store is the constant discounts they offer on various occasions. 

Check out the store here

Buyer’s Guide on Drones from Aliexpress

If this is the first time you are buying a drone, then my suggestion would be is, pick a budget drone, learn how to use it and fly it and then move on to the more expensive ones. The ones with more features will need more time to learn.

How to choose the right drone?

Choosing a right drone isn’t as complicated as people think it is. It all depends on what you want. There are camera drones, mini drones, long-distance drones and so on. So let’s break it down in terms of how to choose the drone. 

Before you read any of the points below, ensure that the drone you are buying is something that you can operate. More often than not, a lot of people end up buying drones that they aren’t able to operate and it ends up gathering dust in the attic. 

#1 — Purpose 

What do you need a drone for? Do you need it for photography? Or video shots? Or just spying on the neighbours? Defining your purpose is paramount to choosing the right kind of drone. If you are a beginner, then I would suggest going for a cheap drone.

Aerial Photography — > Camera Drone
Amateur Drone User –> Mini Drone 
Professional Drone User –> DJI or a DJI Drone Alternative

#2 — Camera Quality 

If you need to take aerial shots, then the camera becomes paramount. But there are different levels of camera quality. It depends on your requirement. 

#3 — Battery Life 

Another important factor is the battery life. If you are going to be using 

#4 – Size of the drone 

The bigger the drone, the more potential in terms of battery life, camera quality and other things. 

Types of drones on Aliexpress

There are a variety of drones available on Aliexpress and here’s a small list. 

Remote Controlled Drone
Micro Drone or Mini Drone 
Video Drone 
Go Pro Drone 

What are the best drones for the money?

You can find the most affordable and the best drones on Aliexpress. This is the place to go for super affordable drones because you’ll be buying directly from the seller. Here is a list of drones on Aliexpress. 

When we reviewed these Chinese drones, we found them to be on par with the top drones out there. 

What is the best most affordable drone?

The best and most affordable drone would be the Eachine E58. It has all the features of a high-end drone and it comes at a price point that is affordable compared to most drones out there.

What is the best small drone?

The best small drone that you can find on Aliexpress is the HDR/C drone. It costs about $33. It easily fits in the palm of your hand. It has a 300 mAh battery and it charges within 30 to 40 minutes. The flight time is about 10 to 15 minutes. 

It works with your phone and you can use the accelerometer on your phone to control the drone.

How much does a decent drone cost?

A decent drone that can withstand windy conditions and that can take decent pictures and can go for a pretty good range and that can be controlled from your smartphone or a remote control will set you back anywhere from $80 to $300. 

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