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by Tim Blue

Ah, the good old times. You know you’re nostalgic when you remember something you used to do and just don’t see it around anymore. Someone reminded me about Chinese jump ropes one day and all that fun we used to have frolicking about the playground jumping ropes like they were the only obstacles in the world.

My point being, Chinese jump ropes are just not around in stores anymore. Sucks how kids these days don’t get to experience the simplicity and joy of this game. Not only is it fun, but it is also a great form of exercise, this game. 

Check out the Jump Rope on Aliexpress

Best Chinese Jump RopePriceWhere you can find it
Toysmith Store$2.99View on Amazon
SeeuFun$7.99View on Amazon
Gejoy Colorful Stretch Rope$8.99View on Amazon
2CHILL Store$4.99View on Amazon
Gejoy 157 Inches Stretch Skip Rope$8.99View on Amazon
NUOBESTY$7.99View on Amazon
Kidz Fitness$6.99View on Amazon
H2solution$9.98View on Amazon
YANQINQIN (5+7+10)$10.92View on Amazon
Paliston$6.99View on Amazon

I am an upstanding human/citizen and I care about the well-being of the future kids in this world. They should get to play with this. So for no personal reasons (read: for jumping and playing around the house), I have scoured the internet and found some of the best Chinese jump ropes I found online. Go nuts!

Best Chinese Jump Rope to Buy

Toysmith Store

Toysmith takes pride in being one of those brands that work around its product line based on family values and enhancing them. This Chinese jump rope was created with that in mind, so dads, moms and siblings could be in the company of each other and play sweet games and have a singalong with the little ones.

Since it is an itty bitty thing, it poses as a choking hazard to toddlers sprawling across the floor. Keep it away from your absolute little ones. If you have a darling kitten around your home, you can drag it across the floor of the house and watch it follow you as it chimes its collar bell.


This is a pack of 4 extra sturdy Chinese jump ropes. They come in two lengths, containing two of each length, 9.8 feet and 13.1 feet respectively. The ropes constitute multiple rubber bands, wrapped with nylon string, giving it flexibility and enabling you to become more flexible.

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The two sizes allow both children and adults to indulge in this fitness-cum-fun activity. They come in only two colours, green and purple as shown in the pack. The manufacturer suggests another alternative for these ropes. They can easily be cut with a pair of scissors to be used in arts, crafts and DIYs.

Gejoy Colorful Stretch Rope

best chinese jump rope

This one comes in a pack of five. So if you’re worried about misplacing or breaking or losing your Chinese jump rope, you always have another lying around at your house. The funky multicolour jump rope is attractive and will practically rope the kids in to play with it. It doesn’t need any selling.

The Chinese jump rope is 3 metres long and 3.2mm thick. Since you have 5 at hand, you can make the game tricky by creating multiple elves vertically as well, instead of just horizontally.

2CHILL Store

best chinese skip rope

If you are looking for a fun thing to put into children’s goody bags at a birthday party, this is a fun gift for the kids. They’ll appreciate the hopping around and create their own versions of hopscotch. And when the parents open up their children’s goody bags, they’ll be impressed by the thoughtful fitness through the fun approach you thought of. The jump rope has great elasticity, allowing for more space and more fun!

Gejoy 157 Inches Stretch Skip Rope

chinese skip jump rope

A pack of 6? Wow. Tell me about never having to restock (haha). These ropes come in two colours red and green, each is approximately 4 meters in length. These might look thin, but the elasticity is of great quality.

On top of its super long length, the Chinese rope stretches even more while two people stand on either end with the ropes pulled across their ankles or calves. This is one of the best Chinese jump ropes since I can safely say these are school gym-grade.


chinese stretch rope

This is one of the only vastly different looking Chinese jump ropes, and it comes with its differences as well. First of all, let me tell you, it’s not just something you can play Chinese jump rope games with. Its flatness and thickness makes it a versatile elastic that can be used as bows, hair ties, crafty things and even bra straps!

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It’s about 300 meters in length and has a width of 0.7 cm. The girth protects it and makes it more durable than most others. It is safe to say that it is one of the best Chinese jump ropes.

Kidz Fitness

tricky chinese jump rope

You can choose whether you want to buy a single pack or a double pack. Each one in the pack would contain an 8 feet long Chinese jump rope. The best thing about this is you have a wide variety of colours to choose from.

This can be used as an excellent training tool that assists in hand-eye coordination, a fun parent-child communication tool and fitness in general. If you have only a single kid with no one around to play with, this can be pulled and strung around two study chairs with other slim sturdy objects creating loops.

YANQINQIN (5+7+10)

elastic jump rope

This one is different from most because it doesn’t use nylon wraps. The plain rubber acts as a non-slip agent that prevents unwanted injuries among kids. It comes with the hazard of suddenly snapping against the calves if pulled too hard, but thanks to its sturdiness, I doubt that will happen.

I do, however, suggest you don’t go overboard with the distance between the legs. This Chinese jump rope is a set of three with all in different sizes. SIzes being 5m, 7m and 10m. You can customize and buy other lengths as a variation of the same product as well.

Some tips to consider before beginning

This activity would enable a kids mind and leg coordination and would also require it to some extent, so one has to start off slow. Begin at a slow pace and then move on to ats and super fact. Practice, balance and agility is important, so it is recommended that the kids do a bit of warm up if they are new to it. Fun needs to stay fun!

What good is a Chinese jump rope if you don’t know what to do with it? These are a couple of books, filled with fun activities that you can suggest to your kids or pursue yourself if you’re in the mood for an active Sunday afternoon. Gather your family and bounce around. Who knows, it can become a weekly tradition with your little ones.

  1. This FUNPAX Chinese Jump Rope Activity Book comes with a step by step guide packed with instructions, activities and ideas for how to use a Chinese jump rope. It’s perfect for a fun night at a sleepover where the kids are discovering themselves and are looking for something fun to do rather than just gossip. The ideal reading level is for kids above 8 years of age. It also makes for a perfect present for a young kid. In fact, it is great, knowing he or she will probably learn something new and show off some of their skipping skills.
  2. Chinese Jump Rope (Klutz), by Anne Johnson, compiles this quirky book of Chinese jump rope activities that provides clear cut instructions to children on how they can make their own Chinese jump rope with a pack of rubber bands. The book holds a list of 9 games and alternatives that kids can fool around with. Bonus: The book comes along with two already existing Chinese jump ropes, in case, you know, the kid doesn’t succeed in making his own. I’d recommend this book for kids of the age group 7 to 12years of age.

Songs and rhymes to jump to

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Anything becomes more fun when there is a song to go along with it. Not only does it make you rhythmic that helps you remember the procedure, it just is more exciting. Imagine playing Oranges and Lemons without singing the Oranges and Lemons rhyme that could have been written exactly for this game!

Some typical rhyme goes like,

In and Out

Side Side

On and Off

Twist Twist

Here’s another:

England, Ireland,

Scotland, Wales,

In, Out, In, On!

Here’s another illustrative example for you that will help you set the tone and rhythm for the rest of the rhymes you are reading, in case you don’t find audios for them. This one even has ‘ London bridge is falling down.’ No one has trouble remembering that! The internet is a vast place, so I am sure you’ll stumble across something.


Now I can’t possibly write all of them, so some more of these examples are here. Memorize them, sing them out loud, teach them to your friends. This could be the start of a new friendship with a neighbour you haven’t spine to in 5 years since you moved into the new house. You never know. A great way to break the ice, isn’t it? Are you jumping with joy as much as I am at the look of this list? I doubt it. 

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