Xiaomi Mi Handheld Portable Vacuum Cleaner G10 Review

by Tim Blue

The evolution of vacuum cleaners led consumer electronics manufacturers to keep coming up with new and efficient ways to improve suction and use less power. Xiaomi isn’t the one who wants to be left behind while following the suit of manufacturing handheld, cordless, elegant, and affordable vacuum cleaners.

The latest addition in the Mi home by Xiaomi is an excellent cleaning machine – Mi Portable Vacuum Cleaner G9 G10. Xiaomi G10 is on its way to going beyond some of the biggest electronic manufacturers, offering a solid build, assortment of attachments, rechargeable batteries, brushless motor, and washable parts.

Xiaomi dwells deeper (on a study by Dyson) that highlights the existence of dust particles, allergens, and spores even after cleaning the entire house. Besides that, the Coronavirus pandemic brings attention to maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the surroundings.

The following sections in the review of the Mi G10 handheld vacuum cleaner would focus on:

  • Features and advantages
  • An extensive buyer’s guide and things to consider
  • Common questions by buyers

Check out the Xiaomi Mi G10

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Xiaomi G10 Review

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 integrates a powerful, high-speed motor with a filtration system of 12 cyclones. Xiaomi brings substantial autonomy in its G10 cordless vacuum cleaner with a 3,000mAh battery 150 AW suction power, a TFT LCD, and a detachable 250 ml tank. G10 is a multipurpose vacuum cleaner as it makes it nearly effortless to scrub each corner, floor, couch, car seat, and cupboard.

However, if you feel that I’m just reading out the features from the instruction manual or an online ad, you are completely mistaken! I have used the latest Xiaomi Mi G10 vacuum cleaner myself and my personal experience was delightful. 

Below, I’ll explain the features of the Mi G10 vacuum cleaner in detail and my personal experience.

High-definition back display panel

I loved this feature of having a display panel at the back with excellent definition. The TFT panel is the highlight of G10 that enables you to view all the information about the chosen mode and even the remaining minutes that you can use under it.

Some other vacuum cleaners that I used usually don’t show the remaining minutes and instead only a color-changing bar that indicates battery time. Moreover, you can set and configure the menu in 11 languages.

Excellent attachments for every cleaning need

When I look for a wholesome vacuum cleaner, attachments need to be according to each floor corner. Whether I want to clean dirt or fur balls of my pets – I would need a specific accessory to tend to that need. G10 provides an ensemble of various supplements as I open the box. For difficult places, it has two nozzles; for cleaning mattresses and soft areas, it contains a mini-brush.

What I found exciting was that I could charge two batteries parallelly on the wall docking station. Although you might have to buy the second battery separately, a docking station is a huge plus. The multi-surface brush has two enhancements – a smart torque and an anti-wrap system. The intelligent torque is terrific on the Standard mode when I used it on stubborn carpet dirt that wouldn’t have been possible earlier. You can also adjust the brush revolutions as you increase the speed of the vacuum cleaner.

Convenient dust dumping with higher suction

The anti-wrap system is a series of small flaps that helps me easily maintain daily cleanliness because it can eliminate even the smallest of hair tangles. Similarly, the extension tube works like a charm, especially for washing kitchen floors or a small surface.

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I found emptying the tank easily accessible because the extension tube has a release button in the lower section leading up to the dust compartment. Hence, I don’t have to remove the mounted accessories every time, making it more straightforward than robotic cleaners.

It is lightweight and comfortable

I found it relatively easy to carry because of its lightweight at just under 1.7 kg. Also, the weight doesn’t exceed 2.5 kg even after attaching the extension tube and multi-surface brush. Further, I found the grip comfortable as it has a button enabling the continuous mode and saving me from pressing the trigger down for suction.

The innovative design of the G10 decreases its weight, without compromising on any feature that would heighten its comfortability. This is what I liked best about this lightweight G10 from Xiaomi – the minimal weight and the range of characteristics proves that the company is always invested in its innovation and design and the desire to create the ultimate cleaning solutions for the public.

Maximum power to clean almost any surface

The G10 by Xiaomi could give a run for money to its competitors with 12 cyclones to assist its digital motor. For me, it went perfectly smooth while cleaning any surface from farthest to closest in only a few rounds. However, for daily use, I recommend the Standard mode to strike a balance between autonomy and cleaning.

While it claims 10 minutes of runtime in maximum mode, I found the automatic mode depends more on the surfaces and use conditions. So, practically, the latter can give a runtime between 30 and 40 minutes – enough for my apartment of 120 sq. meters of floor area.

Drawbacks of Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10

  1. I found the brush unconvincing, as the rotating brush doesn’t suck coarse things.
  2. I also am not a fan of narrow suction, which doesn’t allow the dirt to collect rightly on the baseboard.
  3. The noise is extremely high at its full power and sometimes can also scratch and damage the furniture.

Extensive buyer’s guide to buying a handheld vacuum cleaner

What are the points for consideration while looking for a new vacuum cleaner? People often ask what to avoid, and some are confused about whether their older vacuum works well enough or if they should buy a newer model. Vacuum cleaners with new models have a lot of benefits that older models don’t have.

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The truth is, while high-quality cleaners have a long life expectancy, new models are consistent with better performance. For one, they have better materials, which means they work more efficiently and last longer. Moreover, they have better suction, dirt removal, and air filtration.

Hence, a vacuum cleaner with advanced features like handheld, cordless, attachments, and washable parts; is a must-buy for every home. Below is a lowdown on the things to consider while buying one:

Decide your requirements and research

Handheld vacuum cleaners depend on the specifications like cord length, weight, motor power, filtration, and attachments. You can also look for renting options if you’re not sure a handheld cleaner would be ideal for your house.

Further, you can read the reviews, recommendations, experiences, and detailed product reviews on sites. Then, you can ask yourself these questions:

  • The type of residence and utility of vacuum cleaner
  • Type of floor from hardwood, tiles, low, medium, or high pile carpets, rugs, or a mix of them
  • Bagless or bagged cleaner
  • Allergy issues in family, pets, and fur type

Handling and maintenance

Handheld vacuum cleaners are a favorite among households because they can reach hard spots easily with faster pickups. Hence, the controls should also mirror the same convenience when changing the floor type and suction strength. Another important consideration is that the dirt cups stay devoid of any vacuumed dirt when emptying them into the trashcan.

The latest models by Xiaomi also have digital units to sense and measure the surrounding parameters and inform the user about the time to change, clean, or replace various parts.

Suction power and brushless motors

The suction power of the primary motor in Air Watts is one of the essential considerations to measure the cleaning performance of a vacuum cleaner. However, high suction power doesn’t guarantee good cleaning on thick carpets and pet hair. Hence, an excellent motorized brush roll for self-cleaning is a must-have feature.

A handheld vacuum cleaner with a suction power of 100-200 AW provides efficient suction power with brushless motors and powerful batteries.

Air filtration

Your vacuum exchanges the air you breathe, and sir filters help the air exchange be cleaner, so it’s essential to use the right filter for your vacuum. The better the filter, the cleaner the air release will be when you turn it off. Hence, vacuum cleaners equipped with High-efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters can remove 99.97% of particles of 0.3 mm.

So, look for a vacuum cleaner with washable and multistep HEPA filters for cleaner and breathable air around your house.

Level of noise

The best vacuums are the ones you don’t hear. Anything louder than 75 dB should be replaced with a quieter alternative. The noise level below 60 dB of a vacuum cleaner is perfect for when others are sleeping — most of these vacuums have noise levels between 65 and 75 dB.

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Reducing the suction strength often minimizes the noise level, too. Most advanced vacuum cleaners have different levels from low to high modes, with varying noise levels. Since I have babies and elderlies at my place, keeping the noise levels down is always a priority. The Xiaomi Mi G10 helped me immensely in this scenario. Cleaning the entire house was pretty comfortable without waking my baby up!

Cleaning distance and tools

With cordless vacuums, the power is limitless. They don’t depend on the main power and can clean any area in the home because they can recharge their batteries. The runtime of a cordless vacuum is between 30-60 minutes, enough to clean large areas without needing to charge.

How do you clean up the dirt and grime from a wide range of surfaces? You need the right tools for the job. These include the Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Motorized Pet Tool, and Upholstery Tool. They come with many vacuum cleaners, but you can buy them separately.

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 brings everything its rival brands offer and improves them. Its HD TFT display has excellent visibility and instrumental indications while in use. The vacuum automatically adjusts the power and rotations of the brush according to surfaces and dirt. You can rely on this device to provide the right energy and processes for any cleaning need.

We sincerely believe that the points mentioned above would help you make an informed decision while buying a vacuum cleaner. Handheld and cordless electronics are the future of consumer electronics, making it convenient to keep our dearest surroundings – our homes – clean, hygienic, and fresh.

  1. Can I clean Xiaomi G10 vacuum cleaner parts?

Except for the motor and electric brush, you can use clean water without any detergent to clean each part of G10 from the mop, filters, water tank to dust compartments.

  1. How do I know if it is fully charged?

The battery level indicator goes off when it reaches full charge. If you plug in when it’s full, the indicator breathes for 20 seconds before going off.

  1. Can Xiaomi vacuum work without Wi-Fi?

The two buttons for turning on and cleaning need Wi-Fi for setting up, updating the firmware, and fan speed. After that, you can use it without an Internet connection.

  1. How can I connect Xiaomi vacuum cleaner with my phone?

Press Scan in the Mi Home app and press the two buttons under the cleaner’s lid together until the Wi-Fi indicator starts blinking. The device will appear in the menu list before assigning Wi-Fi SSID and password to pair the device.

  1. How long can my G10 vacuum cleaner last?

G10 gives you a runtime between 30-45 minutes on a single round of battery charge. The life of G10 can last up to 2-3 years, depending on the level of care.

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