Best Lepin Star Wars Sets I Bought | Where to buy Chinese lepin star wars?

by Tim Blue

Lepin’s Star Wars collection is very popular. They have the most latest Star Wars figurines from the latest Star Wars series at a super cheap price. 

For those of you who are unaware, Lepin is a Lego knock-off brand. They have the same products and toys but at a much cheaper price. They are most sought after by collectors who want a cheaper option than Lego. 

There have been numerous discussions about whether Lepin products can be purchased or not. Lepin products sell the same products that are similar to that of LEGO’s and most of the Lepin sellers do not plagiarize the brand or the logo or the packaging. Lepin Sets are very popular online for this reason. 

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Lepin Star Wars products are cheaper by 30% to 40%. But where do you buy the Lepin Star Wars set? 

We’ve summarized the best place to buy a Lepin Star Wars set.

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Lepin Star Wars Sets

Aliexpress is known for the alternative brands and it’s a great place to purchase the Lepin Star Wars set. So why is Aliexpress good to buy the Lepin Star Wars Set? 

  • They have an amazing collection of Star Wars sets. From AT-AT walkers to Yoda to the Millenium Falcon. Full sequences are available. 
  • They ship worldwide. Aliexpress sellers ship to the US, Europe, South America, Canada, Asia and Australia. 
  • Shipping more often than not is cheap and there are numerous shipping options depending on how soon you want your items. 
  • They have a refund policy. Aliexpress refund the amount in case, you aren’t happy with the products 

Things to know before buying Lepin Star Wars Set on Aliexpress

  1. Check the number of pieces in a unit. 
  2. As one product page has multiple products, make sure to select the right product
  3. If you want to buy more than one product, make sure to contact the seller and tell them, as they’ll ship both the items together, hence saving your shipping costs. 
  4. For units with many pieces, check with the seller if they send a guidebook. This is pretty important to create these sets. 
  5. Check the dimensions of the product on the product page before purchasing to ensure you are getting the right size 
  6. If you are gifting the product, make sure to check the shipping time, as these differ from seller to seller and confirm with the seller before making a purchase.
  7. For actual customer images, check out the links below and scroll down to the review section

AT-AT Lepin Set

lepin star wars set

The AT-AP Walker set is one of the most sought after sets from Lepin. It’s available on Aliexpress for a price of $28. Every unit can be dismantled and assembled as per your requirement. It’s simple to set-up and looks great. It’s even perfect as a display piece once you complete setting it up. 

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It has a 4.9 rating with 250+ successful orders. 

Check it out here

They offer 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Star Fighter Lepin Set

where to buy lepin star wars set

One of the most popular Lepin Blocks set from the Star Wars is the Star Fighter figurine. It’s a building toy that’s compatible with other similar Lepin toys.

It has a 90 day money-back guarantee, so you can buy it and not worry if you don’t like the product as you can receive a refund. It’s made of environment friendly pieces.

It doesn’t ship with a box, but all the pieces come in one pouch. Can be assembled in no time and looks great! A figurine like this in Lego will easily cost $70. Whereas on Aliexpress it costs $27. 

It has a 4.8 rating with 250+ orders. 

They offer 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Check it out here

Snowspeeder Lepin Set

One of the popular machines from the Empire Strikes Back is the Snowspeeder. Lego released the 20th Anniversary Snowspeeder collection that has 309 pieces. It comes with the speeder, the satellite and figurines.

lego replica

It costs $88 for the Lego piece and on Aliexpress, the Lepin Set costs about $13. It’s a super popular set and is very affordable compared to the original. 

It has a 4.8 rating with 200+ orders.

They offer 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Check it out here

Rise of Skywalker Lepin Set

Rise of Skywalker Lepin Set

If you are a big fan of the Rise of Skywalker movie, then this set has the most popular fighter planes and action figures from that movie. 

In this set, you can get the D-0 droid and Yoda and entire fleets that you can see in the movie. The piece with 3500+ pieces costs only $138 which costs around $250 in the Lego website.

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It has a 4.9 rating with 100+ orders.  

Check it out here

Yoda Lepin Set

yoda lepin

Yoda is probably the most popular Star Wars character and the Yoda figurine toy is very popular. The one on Lepin has 1771 pieces and it costs $59. It comes with a PDF booklet that acts a guide to set the Yoga figurine.

It’s a superb set and perfect for children. 

They offer 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Check it out here

Lepin Force Awakens Set

Lepin Force Awakens Set

One of the Lepin sets that is absolutely worth buying is the gigantic LEGO set that is a display unit. These are sets with more than 8400+ units. It also has the Death Star unit that comes with numerous characters. From Imperial officers to Darth Vader and more than 45+ characters.

There are sets from different scenes from really popular Star Wars movies and these are the biggest Lepin Star Wars sets that money can buy and it’s absolutely worth it! 

They offer 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Check it out here

Can you still buy lepin sets?

Lepin sets can be purchased on sites like Aliexpress and the Lepin website. 

Are lepin sets any good?

Lepin sets are pretty good for the price you pay for it, but don’t expect it to be as good as LEGO. They are cheap and pretty durable and if you especially are looking for an expensive collector’s item or if you are looking for a cheaper replica for your child. There is no resale value for a Lepin Set. 

How can I know which seller to buy a lepin star wars set? 

You need to go on Aliexpress and look for a lepin star wars set. Check for sellers that have good reputation and feedback. If the sellers are established then it’s better as you know that they’re secure and help you with issues. You can also find out about the lepin star wars set quality and other essential things in the feedback section. 

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How can I know if my Lepin Star Wars set is of good quality? 

Read the description of the products carefully and find out what material is used to make the set. You can also read the reviews and find out how the products really are. 

Are Star Wars Leipn Sets worth buying?

Yes, Lepin sets are worth buying because they’re light and extremely fun. Although the quality is not as great as lego, it’s affordable. They’re also durable.

Lepin Set Vs. Lego

Lepin sets are lighter and aren’t as glowing as Lego. Lego is better in quality but the mouldings are the same as Lepin. Also, Lepins are much more affordable and the fun is almost equal. You can save around 80% of your money if you opt for a Lepin set instead of Lego. 

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