Where to Buy Chinese Sewing Machine

by Tim Blue

If you want to know where to buy Chinese sewing machines this year then you’ve come to the right place. 

China is one of the world’s largest exporters of sewing machines and there are many brands within the country that specialize in manufacturing and selling sewing machines. 

These machines can vary in style, features, capabilities and accessories, so it’s never easy picking the right machine for your needs. 

However, the affordable price and quality of the machines available are top notch and most of the time the machine you buy is worth the investment.

But, where to buy Chinese sewing machines from and how to choose the right product for your needs?

The best place to pick up high quality Chinese sewing machines such as Brother or Booksew machines from is Amazon. The site hosts a wide range of different sewing machines for different purposes and while the price of these machines on Amazon may not be too affordable, the secure gateway, robust customer support and timely delivery makes Amazon a great place to buy Chinese sewing machines from.

Let me now take you through where you can buy Chinese sewing machines from and list out some of the best rated Chinese sewing machines i’ve tested.

These are some amazon Chinese sewing machines on Amazon & Aliexpress

Where to Buy Chinese Sewing Machines?

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i

Brother is one of China’s largest sewing machine manufacturers with factories in different provinces as well as countries in the East Asian belt. One of my most favorite sewing tools is the Brother CS6000i. It features 60 built-in stitches including nearly every type of stitch you can imagine, such as fancy, decorative,e and even comes with 7 different automatic buttonhole styles. 

The one main feature that I really loved about this machine is the automatic needle threader. After using it for weeks now, I don’t know how I managed to live without one because this feature makes it extremely easy to thread needles and can save a lot of time.

You’ll also appreciate how easy it is to select your preferred stitches with the touch of a button thanks to the sewing machine’s LCD screen. And don’t forget about the 25 year limited warranty on top of lifetime technical support from Brother.


  • Made from high quality materials
  • Stable and sturdy
  • LCD display with control buttons
  • Ideal for heavy and light clothes
  • 60 stitching styles


  • Very expensive

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, XR3774

Free-arm sewing machines are a great asset to any house as they can be used to do clothing alterations and to sew brand new custom clothing as well. One of the best free-arm sewing machines to come out of China is again from Brother. The XR3774 sewing machine provides 37 built-in stitch techniques allowing you to create any design you like.

It also includes a drop-in top bobbin which I found to be quite user friendly and the best thing about this feature is that it helps prevent jams. It carries most of the same features that are found in the sewing machine mentioned above, sans a LCD display. 

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This lightweight Chinese sewing machine is available on Amazon for a bargain price of around $150. Based on my experience, you can use this machine to sew heavy-duty jeans, quilts, sweaters, overalls and much much more.


  • Premium quality sewing machine
  • 37 stitching styles
  • Wide table included
  • Direct power


  • Very expensive

rxmeili Sewing Machine Portable

The rxmeili is a cheap and affordable sewing machine from China. Don’t let its small and compact size fool you because when I used this sewing machine I found it to be pretty decent and easy to use. 

This machine is electric and weighs hardly 2.4kgs. It’s ideal for household use and can be used only on lightweight and thin clothes/cloth items. However, it does support size 110/18 needles so you can technically work on thicker materials such as jeans or denim wear with ease.

While it does offer 12 kinds of stitches, which is cool, the machine serves its purpose and all you have to do to change the style of the stitching is by simply turning the knob on the side. 

Underneath the body is a built in drawer which you can use to store your extra pins, needles, spools of thread and more. But apart from all of this, I fancied the reverse stitching feature which made it easier to undo mistakes.


  • Dual power mode
  • 12 built-in stitch styles
  • Foot pedal extra
  • Ideal for lightweight clothes and home decor


  • Slightly expensive

Inne Portable Sewing Machine

Inne is another Chinese sewing machine company and I happened to come across one of their best selling products, the mini portable electric sewing machine. If you really want something cheap and reliable then definitely go for the Inne brand, you will not regret it.

I found the foot threading machine to be a  wonderful added bonus here and the automatic control really did ease the tasks. Since it’s an electric sewing machine, the chances of it vibrating and sliding on a smooth surface is high, so the Inne portable sewing machine comes with rubber suction cups at the base to keep the machine sturdy and in place.

You get an extension table along with this machine and the seller provides an option to choose from different plugs depending on which country you’re from. Though most Chinese products tend to come with an instruction manual in Chinese, the Inne portable machine has an all English manual that will really help you understand and learn new techniques with this sewing machine.


  • Good build
  • Built-in sewing light
  • Comes with a sewing kit and foot treadle machine
  • Automatic control
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Mid-range price

Dechow Sewing Machine for Beginners

The Dechow sewing machine is quite like the rxmeili machine in terms of design and performance, however, the Dechow variant comes with additional accessories such as a 27 piece DIY sewing kit, 14 pieces of cotton floral fabric, 20 pieces of nose bridge wire and 21 yards of elastic rope.

In my opinion, it’s one of the loaded sewing machines that you can get for under $70 on Amazon. I found it easy to use and the fact that it offers two speeds, makes it definitely a worthwhile buy.

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The Dechow Chinese sewing machine can stitch through thick fabrics and though it’s marketed as a beginner sewing machine it’s designed to allow you to take on a variety of tasks such as creating clothes, quilting, home decor creation and even DIY arts and crafts projects.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Can work on light and heavy materials
  • Comes with a complete sewing kit and extra pieces of cotton fabric
  • Adjustable sewing speed


  • Slightly expensive

Towayer Handheld Chinese Sewing Machine

The Towayer handheld sewing machine is quite a small, but powerful, highly portable sewing machine that not only costs an affordable price of $11, but it also comes with a complete DIY sewing kit as well as a portable power cord so you can either use it wired or wirelessly depending on your needs and preferences.

I found the quality of the material to be a little low and even though it’s made from ABS, this handheld sewing machine can potentially break if dropped from a high surface. Truth be told, it’s a pretty impressive device and comes equipped with an adjustable rotation axis, power control knob, matcher, needle wall and a start/stop switch.

Since it’s so small and works well only  with light material like Cotton and polyester, I wouldn’t recommend using this machine to try and sew your jeans or other thick material clothes. There are multiple variants of this sewing machine available on AliExpress and you get to choose the color and if you want the additional accessories or not.


  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Sold with a DIY sewing kit
  • Has adjustable rotation axis and a power control knob


  • Can get damaged easily
  • Limited stitching styles

Booksew Mini Sewing Machine

If you like the Inne portable sewing machine, but want something that’s a little more affordable, then check out the Booksew mini sewing machine. This rather compact and lightweight sewing machine is for under $30 and is probably one of the cheapest mini portable sewing machines that come with an extension board.

It’s designed identical to the Inne and is made from plastic with Stainless steel components making it quite durable to use. I liked the fact that this mini sewing machine comes equipped with a built-in light so you can sew at night. 

The Booksew mini portable sewing machine is a highly versatile device that can sew thick and heavy clothes. It has a dual power mechanism that’s quite amazing, so even if there’s no electricity, simply insert the AA batteries underneath the machine and turn on the switch.


  • Well made chassis
  • Can be powered by battery or power cord
  • Adjustable tension knob
  • Built in sewing light
  • Affordable 


  • None

LISM Handheld Electric Sewing Machine

The LISM handheld sewing machine is another highly portable tool that you can find on AliExpress and this one costs under $10. It’s one of the most popular sewing machines on the site with hundreds of satisfied customers from around the world.

This portable sewing machine is designed in the same way as the Towayer and it also comes with a DIY sewing kit and a portable power cable.

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I personally loved using the Towayer over the LISM sewing machine, simply because I felt comfortable with that machine over this. But if you’re on a low budget and want something that’s good enough for re-sewing old clothes or hemming your shirts, then definitely check out the LISM handheld sewing machine from China.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Battery and Power cord operated
  • Comes with a DIY sewing kit and additional tools
  • Extremely affordable


  • Does not provide a variety of stitching options
  • Build quality could have been better

How to choose which Chinese sewing machine to buy?

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced seamstress, there are certain factors to consider when buying a Chinese sewing machine.

  • Stitches – The most important factor to consider is the number of stitches available. Some of the most common stitches provided are straight, zigzag and blind hem, but some machines can provide upwards of 30+ different stitching styles that can actually make your life and workload a lot easier.
  • Mechanical or Automatic – Both types of machines are easy to use, but automatic and computerized sewing machines will be able to provide custom stitches, auto threading, buttonhole, automatic tensioning, foot selection and even a start/stop button. You would find most of the  same features on the mechanical machines, however they will have to be adjusted manually.
  • Attachments – The attachments you get with the sewing machine are important and will help determine what kind of item you want to sew and in what style. Some machines will come with extra attachments that can make the whole stitching process easier whereas others might only come with either a buttonhole foot, overcast stitching foot or a button attaching foot.
  • Additional Features to Consider – Some other key features to consider when buying a Chinese sewing machine are automatic thread cutter, foot pressure, wi-fi and even a knee-lifter.

Where can I buy Chinese sewing machines from?

Chinese sewing machines are available on sites like Amazon and AliExpress. These machines are made from high quality materials and come with some pretty cool features that make them stand out from other brands’ designs. The best Chinese sewing machines are found on Amazon, but if you’re looking for a bulk deal then it’s better if you check out AliExpress instead.

Which are the best Chinese sewing machine brands and is it safe to buy a Chinese sewing machine?

Yes, it’s completely safe to buy Chinese sewing machines as long as you make the right choice. Since not all sewing machine companies are reliable, stick to Chinese branded machines such as the ones made by Brother, Booksew and Inne.


Well, there you have it, 8 of the best Chinese sewing machines and where you can get your hands on them. 

These devices have been reviewed and tested in our studio and I must say, you will not regret buying any of them simply because they are all high quality and performance driven machines.

Hope you had fun, as always, until next time.


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