Where is KUIU Made – Is it China?

by Dwain

Hunters often require comfortable and durable apparel that can withstand various terrains and weather conditions. 

Among the prominent names in the hunting gear industry, KUIU stands out due to its commitment to quality. 

If you’ve ever wondered “where is KUIU made“, here’s a detailed look into the brand’s origin, manufacturing process, and other pertinent details.

Where is KUIU Made?

KUIU’s journey in manufacturing began in Canada. This is where the brand initially produced its hunting gear. But things changed in 2012.

In that year, KUIU made a significant move. They transitioned their production facilities from Canada and set them up in China. 

KUIU Made in Vietnam

This shift means that even though KUIU is rooted in American origins, if you pick up any of their products today, it’s made in China while some of their other apparel is made in Vietnam. 

This showcases the brand’s evolution in its quest to deliver the best to its consumers.

What makes KUIU clothing stand out among other brands?

KUIU Fabric

When you think of KUIU clothing, think of unparalleled comfort. The secret lies in their fabric choices. Imagine a fabric that stretches just right – KUIU’s fabrics offer this by including up to 10% elastane. 

But that’s not all. Their clothes are woven from continuous synthetic fibers. And for that softness that feels like a gentle hug? That’s the work of the ultra-fine polyester fibers in their clothing.

Where does KUIU get the materials to make such comfortable clothing?

KUIU materials from Japan

KUIU believes in quality, and for that, they turn to Japan. Japan provides them with the majority of their raw materials, primarily the unique fabrics they use. 

Once these premium materials are in hand, they’re transported to China, where the actual magic “the manufacturing” happens.

Where does KUIU manufacture their hunting gear?

Where does KUIU manufacture their hunting gear?

KUIU, even though it is an American brand, produces its hunting gear in China. This is the same case with its clothing line. 

The reason for this decision is that China has emerged as the leading exporter of fishing and hunting equipment across the globe. 

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So, by manufacturing in China, KUIU takes advantage of the country’s extensive expertise in this field.

Is KUIU an American brand?

Is KUIU an American brand?

Yes! KUIU originates from the United States. 

It was established by the notable entrepreneur and former football player, Jason Hairston. You can find the brand’s main headquarters in Dixon, California.

Are KUIU and Sitka the same brand?

Are KUIU and Sitka the same brand?

While both Sitka and KUIU are prominent brands in the hunting gear industry, they each have their own unique characteristics, designs, and ownership. 

KUIU, founded by Jason Hairston, is known for its innovative hunting gear and has its roots in the United States with a strong American identity. 

On the other hand, Sitka, owned by W.L. Gore & Accessories, is also recognized for its high-quality hunting equipment and apparel. 

Despite their individual merits, they remain distinct entities in the market, each with its own vision and target audience.

Where can I find KUIU’s headquarters?

Where can I find KUIU's headquarters?

KUIU’s headquarters, often referred to as its main office, is located in Dixon, California. This location serves as the central hub for the company, and it’s here that they handle their main operations. 

This includes tasks like managing sales, overseeing distribution, and coordinating other essential business functions. If you’re looking to connect with KUIU at its core, Dixon, California is the place to be.

What materials does KUIU use to make their hunting gear?

What materials does KUIU use to make their hunting gear?

KUIU is known for utilizing advanced materials and technologies in their hunting gear to ensure they provide lightweight yet durable products. 

  • Clothing:
    • Base Layers: Often made from Merino wool or synthetic blends. Merino wool is chosen for its natural moisture-wicking properties and odor resistance.
    • Insulating Layers: These may use down or synthetic insulation. KUIU specifically uses Quixdown®, which is a premium goose down, known for its high warmth-to-weight ratio and compressibility.
    • Outer Layers: Typically made from technical fabrics like Toray Primeflex™, a stretchy, durable material that offers water resistance and breathability.
  • Backpacks:
    • Frame: Made from carbon fiber, which is both lightweight and strong, ensuring the backpack can handle heavy loads without adding unnecessary weight.
    • Pack Fabric: Often constructed from Cordura® or similar high-strength nylon materials that are abrasion-resistant and durable.
  • Tents and Shelters:
    • Made from ultralight and durable materials, such as SilNylon (silicone-impregnated nylon) which is waterproof and lightweight. Some may also use ripstop nylon for added durability.
  • Boots and Footwear:
    • Utilizes a combination of waterproof leather, high-quality synthetics, and membranes for breathability and water resistance. Vibram® soles are commonly used for their grip and durability.
  • Accessories (like gloves, hats, etc.):
    • Materials can vary widely, but they often include fleece, Merino wool, or synthetic fabrics for moisture-wicking and insulation properties.

Does KUIU provide warranty on their hunting gear?

KUIU hunting gear warranty

KUIU offers a warranty on their hunting gear that primarily covers defects arising from manufacturing or workmanship issues. 

This warranty remains valid for the lifetime of the product. However, it’s essential to note that this warranty is exclusively for the original purchaser, and proof of purchase is required to stake a claim. 

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While the warranty is extensive, it doesn’t cover damages resulting from misuse, natural disasters, regular wear and tear, and other specified conditions. 

In situations where a product shows defects, KUIU’s primary approach is to repair it. If repair isn’t feasible, they commit to replacing it with a similar item or, in cases where a replacement isn’t available, possibly providing a refund. 

If a warranty claim needs to be made, the process involves filling out a detailed form on KUIU’s website, and it’s crucial to clean the product before returning, as mandated by California law. 

Does KUIU provide a discount for the military and first responders?

KUIU Government and military discount

KUIU values the dedication and service of our military personnel and first responders, which is why they offer a special 10% discount to these heroes. 

To access this benefit, one needs to either create an account on the KUIU website or log in if they already have one. 

Once logged in, there’s an option in the account dashboard labeled “Military/First Responders”. Clicking on this directs you to a verification process, managed in partnership with GovX. 

This step ensures that the discount is exclusive to verified military and first responder personnel. Once the verification is successful, the discount is automatically integrated into the user’s KUIU account. 

This means every subsequent time they shop, the 10% discount is automatically applied, streamlining their shopping experience and ensuring they get the recognition they deserve.


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