Shein Physical Store List | Does Shein Have a Real Store?

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Shein is currently the number one online clothing brand in the world and as per reports, the company crossed $16 billion in sales in the first quarter of 2022, so it does look like their online model is paying off.

But wouldn’t it be easier to visit an actual Shein store rather than buy clothes online and wait a few weeks for them to get delivered?

Read on to find out the latest Shein physical store list and check out if there’s one near you in 2024.

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Shein Physical Store List 2024

Permanent Stores:

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Harajuku, Japan

Pop-Up Stores:

  • New York, United States
  • California, United States
  • Dallas, Texas, United States
  • San Antonio, United States
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Various locations in Europe (France, Milan, Dublin, London, Portugal)
  • Sydney, Australia
  • New South Wales, Australia

Online Presence Only (No Physical Stores):

  • China (Shein’s headquarters)
  • Australia (No physical stores, online sales and pop-up stores only)

Notable Pop-Up Event:

  • Lux Cafe, New York
  • Storefront, Dallas, Texas
  • Stackt market, Toronto
  • Fashion week in France and Milan
  • Various pop-ups in Australia
  • Shein pop-up store in Sydney, Australia
  • Shein pop-up store in New South Wales, Australia

Unique Store Format:

  • Shein section within a store in Barcelona, Spain
  • Harajuku store in Japan where shoppers scan QR codes for online purchases

Does Shein Have a Real Store?

As of 2024, Shein has two permanent physical store which are located in Barcelona, Spain and Harajuku, Japan. They don’t have any other physical stores, not even in their native country, China. 

Instead, the brand has managed to conduct their business online and this has kept their operational costs to a bare minimum.

Shein Physical Store List

Shein does however host pop-up stores at different locations around the world and though these pop-up stores generally last for 2-3 days, they tend to draw in thousands of customers. 

Apart from these pop-up stores, you can get your hands on Shein clothes at a third-party store which has tied up with Shein to resell their products.

What is a Shein Pop-Up Store?

Shein Physical Store List

A Shein pop-up store is a temporary physical store that Shein opens in different cities from time to time. 

Shein normally opens pop-up stores to showcase their new products to influencers and potential customers and they offer massive discounts on these products for a limited period of time, generally lasting three to four days or for a weekend. 

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In turn these influencers help grow the brand’s reputation by sharing their haul with their followers through various social media platforms.

Where are Shein’s Physical Stores Located?

While Shein does not have any permanent physical stores in major countries, there are a few that currently exist that not many know about. 

Let’s check out the list of Shein physical stores based on country and region to see whether or not there’s one close to you.

Shein Physical Stores in the US and Canada

Even though Shein is partly an American brand, it does not have many physical stores in the US. In fact, the only Shein stores available in the United States in 2024 are their stores in New York and California..

They hosted the Shein New York pop-up at the Lux cafe for a period of 4 days and most recently they held a pop-up at Storefront in Dallas, Texas on the 26th of August for 3 days followed by one in San Antonio.

Shein Physical Store List

Unlike other countries, Shein pop-up stores are more often found in the US and they tend to happen twice or more in a year. 

Canada as well does not have any physical stores and the last Shein pop-up store they launched was at the Stackt market in Toronto earlier this year. Here, the pop-up stores are generally open for a period of 4-7 days before moving to another city or closing down altogether.

Shein Physical Stores in Europe

Barcelona, Spain is the only city in Europe where Shein has a permanent physical store. But this is no ordinary store that carries Shein branding, rather, it’s a small section of another store that Shein has occupied.

Shein Physical Store List

Apart from this, Shein does host regular pop-up stores in and around Europe for a couple of days. Some of the most popular pop-up stores that recently opened were in France for the fashion week and in Milan earlier this year. 

Shein has also launched pop-up stores in Dublin, London and Portugal where they showcased their new fall and winter collections of 2022.

Shein Physical Stores in Australia

No, as of now there are no physical stores located in Australia. Though the brand does have a presence in the country, they rely on online sales and pop-up stores only.

In April, Shein launched a pop-up store in Sydney, Australia and most recently they had one in New South Wales on the 2nd of September, for that weekend. 

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There’s no doubt that Shein will continue this practice in Australia and we can hope to see more pop-up stores appear in different cities soon.

Shein Physical Stores in China

With China being the headquarters of Shein, you’d expect there to be at least one physical store. 

But alas, there are no physical stores in China and here, customers will only be able to purchase Shein products through their online website or by waiting for a pop-up store to open.

Shein Physical Stores in Japan

Shein opened its new store in the Harajuku fashion district of Japan on the 12th of November.

Here shoppers can browse through Shein’s sustainable fashion catalog but unlike a traditional store where you are able to purchase what you like, the new Shein store provides QR codes against each item that can be scanned and you will then be taken to the online store where your purchase can be made.

This model is a good idea because Japanese buyers can now check the length, quality and look of the item first-hand before making a purchase. However, the drawback is they will still have to wait a couple of days for the shipment to get delivered.

How to Find the Next Shein Pop-Up Event?

Shein pop-up stores are getting increasingly popular, but not everyone knows when the next pop-up event will take place until a couple of weeks prior, or in some cases on the day of.

Shein Physical Store List

The only thing I can say here is subscribe to the Shein newsletter or follow them on social media to stay up to date on what they are planning otherwise you would never know when a pop-up store has opened until it’s too late. 

Since these pop-up stores remain open for a weekend or in some instances for a couple of days, the footfall is massive and there are queues outside these stores from as early as 6AM in some places, so it’s important to plan in advance.

Shein on Instagram

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Shein on Facebook

Buying From Shein Unofficial Stores

Apart from their online website and temporary pop-up stores, some places in South America have what is called a Shein unofficial store.

A Shein unofficial store is a store that sells Shein clothes without a licensing agreement with Shein. They have most of the recent stock available along with clothing labels and branding left intact.

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However, the only drawback with shopping here is that since these clothes are not sold at an official store or by an authorized retailer, Shein will not be held accountable for any damages or problems that arise from these clothes.

So, while it might look good, it’s still better to buy straight from the source, so if there’s any issue whatsoever, the problem will get addressed.


Does Shein have a physical store?

Shein does not have physical stores in any country apart from the one in Barcelona and relies solely on online sales and their pop-up stores.

Why Doesn’t Shein Have Any Physical Stores?

Shein is currently the most successful online clothing store in the world and they have managed to attain their status through online sales only.

This model has increased their profits tenfold and they have understood that opening a physical store will lead to more expenses and their clothes will have to be priced a tad higher which will not sit well with their customers.

Does Shein have a shop in London?

No, Shein does not have any shop in London, England but they had recently hosted a pop-up event during London Fashion Week earlier this year.

Where is Shein located?

Shein is an online retailer with their headquarters and main warehouse located in China. The clothes you receive from your online orders are shipped directly from their Chinese warehouse to one that’s located locally before reaching your destination.

How does a Shein pop-up store work?

Shein pop-up stores are temporary stores that run for a limited period of time, generally between 3-4 days. These stores have a limited number of items from their latest collection and are sold on a first come first serve basis. 


While Shein is the only clothing brand to have no physical stores, they have done pretty well for themselves. 

Although we would love for there to be at least one physical store in every major city, it is not something that we can see the brand doing any time soon.

So, make sure you look out for the next pop-up event as it will be the closest thing to a physical store that you will see in a long time.

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