Powerbeats Pro Clone in 2022 | Powerbeats Pro Alternatives on Amazon and Aliexpress

by Tim Blue

This is out first Beats clone article on Best Chinese Products and we are super excited to be covering the Power Beats Pro Clone. Beats founded by Dr Dre was bought over by Apple for a cool Billion dollars. Post that, they’ve made some cool products that again are a bit too out of budget for the average user. That includes me.

If you are looking for Apple’s flagship earbuds replica or the Airpod Pro clones, then we got you covered!

I decided to do something about it. I went to the market and checked out a few of the competitor clones and I found an amazing Powerbeats Pro Clone. 

Here is my review of it. 

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Anker SoundCore

Greentech – $18 Alternative

Earhook Earbuds

Powerbeats Pro Replica

What are the Powerbeats Pro? 

I just want to get this out there. A lot of people are aware of Apple’s Airpods, but barely know anything about the ‘Beats’ product. The Powerbeats Pro is an over the ear performance earphones that are built primarily to give you quality sound, unmatched stability, easy portability and a bit of a style statement too. This product is primarily built for workouts. 

Now that we got this out of the way, let’s see how the Powerbeats Pro clone fares. 

Powerbeats Pro Clone Specs

Bluetooth5.0 (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac)
Charging BoxYes
Battery Life (Earbuds)10 Hours
Battery Life (Charging Box)4 to 5 times charging of earbuds 
Charging CableYes, Micro-USB
Ear TipsYes (Small, Medium and Large )
Battery PercentageYes, LCD Display
Independent EarbudsYes

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Powerbeats Pro Clone Amazon

Powerbeats Pro Clones on Amazon are cheaper alternatives at a much reduced cost. Some of these would be considered alternatives of Powerbeats and not exact clones. Here are a few of them. 

JLAB Audio Buds

powerbeats clone on amazon - jlab audio buds

One of the best Powerbeats alternatives that’s available on Amazon is Jlabs.

  • 6 hour battery life for the earbuds and 34 more hours with the charging case
  • IP66 rated sweatproof ratings
  • Auto-on connection
  • Ambient noise control

Click here to check it out on Amazon

Zinat Wireless Earbuds

znat audio wireless earbuds
  • Bluetooth 5.0 
  • Volume Buttons and Music Control Buttons
  • Auto-pairing
  • 8 hours on a single charge for the earbuds and 40 hours with the charging box
  • Voice activation for Siri and Google Assistant
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Click here to check out the product on Amazon

ZNARI Wireless Earbuds

powerbeats replicas znari brand amazon
  • Bluetooth 5.o with 30 feet connectivity
  • 150 hours standby time, 4 hours of continuous playback
  • Waterproof / Sweatproof
  • Passive Noise Cancellation

Click here to check out the product on Amazon

Powerbeats pro alternative

Powerbeats Clone Aliexpress

Power HBQ Pro 

powerbeats clone aliexpress
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 10 hour playtime and with the charging box 30 hours
  • HD Stereo
  • Deep Bass with Stability 

Click here to check out the product on Aliexpress – $30

powerbeats replica aliexpress


  • With pop-up window
  • Voice control access to Siri or Google Assistant
  • Waterproof and sweat resistant
  • Volume and music control
  • Wireless charging
  • Hands free calls
  • True exact replica

Click here to check it out – $30

Powerbeats Pro Clone Review

Inside the Box 

The Powerbeats Pro clone comes with a host of things. Firstly it has an instruction manual in Chinese and English. It has a Micro-USB charging cable to recharge the box, two sets of ear tips with differing sizes to help you find the right fit. Finally, you have the charging box and the earbuds inside. 

The Design 

The case has a slight matte finish which is strong and sturdy. It will fit in your pocket, but it’s not as petite as the Airpods. This means that if you are wearing tight pants, they will jut out. Also, you can’t get cool and stylish cases for this charging box like you can do for the Airpods. That part is a bit of a bummer. 

The earbuds themselves has a hook design where they go behind your ear while the buds go inside your ear. This is reminiscent of the old-school Bluetooth headsets we saw in movies in the early 2000’s which were pretty cool. 

The ear loops, the small pieces that goes over your ear is super flexible and soft and does not brush up against your ear. 

There is also a volume rocker that you can access directly with ease. The volume rocker also doubles up as a song changing button. Just another extra push and you can change the song. 

Also the power button, instead of  the Beats, ‘b’ is a power symbol, which is still awesome. 

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Click here to buy

Pairing the Powerbeats Pro Clone 

It uses Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity which is the latest standard. When you take them out of the box, they are automatically turned on and you can pair them like any other Bluetooth device. After the first pairing, you can immediately pair automatically every time you take out the earbuds out of the box. 

It works with both iOS and Android, Windows and Mac devices which is perfect. 

Features and Specifications 

The charging box for the Powerbeats Pro Clone is in itself a beast. It can easily charge both the earbuds 4 to 5 times with ease. The earbuds itself can be used for 10 hours continuously on a single charge. 

Now this puts all the Airpod clones to shame, as this more than doubles the battery time of those products.

Inside the case is a small LCD display that gives you information on the battery that is still left. This is perfect because you don’t need to access this information from your phone. The best part? This LCD display isn’t available on the original Powerbeats Pro and this is an addition which is super valuable. 

Similar to the Powerbeats Pro, this clone has a ‘Power’ button that can be turned on and off manually. So even when they are outside the box and when not in use, you can turn them off. 

You can use the power button to activate the voice command. Coming to the buds themselves, they are your traditional earphone buds. These are the most compact and fit best compared to all other products out there.

Considering this is a product that is built for athletes and gym goers, it goes without saying it’s sweat proof and water proof. This means you can easily drop it in a glass of water and nothing happens. 

The Sound 

Is it better than the Airpods? 

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I hate to say it. But the fact is, the Powerbeats Pro Clone has better sound than the actual Airpods and that is achieved with the more snug design and the bass is fantastic on this device.

There is also a microphone in this product that lets you take hands free calls. The Mic sound is way better than most products out there and in fact it’s brilliant. When you are taking calls or listening to music, you can independently use the left one or the right one. 

Final Call 

One of the best allround performers that ticks every box and beats every estimates is the Powerbeats Pro Clone. I’m caught in a conundrum because these actually might be better than the Airpod Clones and that is something to think about. 

This product has an amazing battery life of over 10 hours on 80% battery and has superb sound that you will not go for any other product.

In terms of utility – this product easily beats all the other competitors. 

  • It has better portability compared to headphones
  • It has better sound than the Airpods
  • It has no wire issues such as traditional earphones 

This is one of the best out there.

How can you tell if Powerbeats Pro are fake?

It’s pretty easy to tell when there are no actual logos and signage. The original has the ‘b’ logo on the side, whereas the fake powerbeats pro have no logo on the side or a slightly different design. 

The other way to check if your powerbeats pro is legitimate or not is to check the manufacturer number. You can check out the entire guide here

Basically you can compare your serial number to the serial number on the app and see if they match. 

Are there fake powerbeats pro?

There are fake powerbeats pro clones that are available on Amazon and Aliexpress. Their price ranges from $50 to $80 which makes it hundreds of dollars cheaper than the original powerbeats pro.  

Are there fake powerbeats 3?

There are fake powerbeats 3 that can be purchased on Aliexpress and Amazon. Their price range is from $10 to $30. 

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