10 Fashion Hacks and Styling Tips I Learned on TikTok That You Need to Know Now!

by Tim Blue

I’ve always been a fan of easy to do fashion hacks and styling tips. 

So, when I wanted to upgrade my wife’s wardrobe last month, I got on TikTok to see if there were any new hacks and tips that I could try with maybe a rubber band or two instead of unnecessarily splurging on something new and trendy.

I remember sitting up late one night and going through hundreds of videos on TikTok just to find the right hacks and tips to suit her wardrobe. 

Some of the influencers I came across like …… provided pretty handy tips with simple and easy to find items like bobby pins, rubber bands and at times a needle and thread. 

Within seconds they were able to transform most of their old clothes into something I wouldn’t have thought was remotely possible with such minimal effort. Well, I guess that’s just the level of creativity some people have. 

While some hacks appealed to me, others were not meant for her style of dressing and I had to carefully pick out the best hacks and tips to improve her wardrobe. 

So, here are some fashion hacks and styling tips I learned on TikTok that worked.

I’m pretty sure you’re going to love trying them out.

The Tiktok Fashion Hacks and Styling Tips I’ll cover today are:

  • Hoop Earring Dress Hack
  • Transform a Tank Top into a Skirt
  • Adjust the Fit of Tight Jeans without Sewing
  • Turn a Maxi Dress into a Mini Dress
  • Cropping an Oversized Sweatshirt without Cutting it
  • Use a Hair Band to Hem your Trousers
  • Crop your T-Shirt without Cutting it
  • Turn a Crossbody Bag into an Over the Shoulder Purse
  • Create a Front Knot Shirt from an Old Shirt in your Wardrobe

Fashion Hacks and Styling Tips I Learned on Tiktok

Hoop Earring Dress Hack

tiktok accessories tips

Since my wife has loads of dresses in her wardrobe, this styling tip was like a god send. Instead of getting rid of her old dresses, I got her to try the hoop earring dress hack and it worked as intended. 

The hack, as shown by @kalechng involves using a hoop earring or anything in the shape of the hoop and a rubber band to add some texture to the dress and at the same time to clinch in the waist. It’s simple, easy to pull off and doesn’t require any permanent alterations.

Transform a Tank Top into a Skirt 

tiktok fashion hack

This hack showed us how easy it is to transform old tank tops into comfortable to wear tight skirts that can be worn at home or to the beach.

I came across this video on @barbarasm99’s Tiktok account and it didn’t take her more than a couple of seconds to turn a bunch of tank tops into cute skirts. She simply criss-crossed the straps of the tank tops and wore them on her hips like a skirt. 

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The only thing I noticed was that once the tank tops are worn as a skirt they lose their shape and can’t be used as a tank top again.

Adjust the Fit of Tight Jeans without Sewing

tiktok jeans tips

Now this hack was pretty helpful considering we have so many jeans and most of them have become tight to wear thanks to the whole lockdown and work from home situation. Not only was this hack easy to pull off, it saved us quite a bit of moolah too. 

Truth be told, I have been using this hack on my old jeans that I used to love wearing and I have to say that it actually works as intended with the only exception being that I have to wear a long T-shirt or a sweatshirt to hide the hairband.

In the video, @mahi.ka adjusts the fit of a tight pair of jeans by using a scrunchie or hairband. She loops the hairband around the button and then threads it through the buttonhole and back around the front of the button. This way the jeans stay on the waist and the waistline of the jeans loosens just enough so they remain in place. Simple and effective.

Turn a Maxi Dress into a Mini Dress

tiktok fashion

As I said earlier, my wife has a lot of dresses and there are quite a few maxi dresses that she doesn’t wear anymore. This styling tip helped transform her old maxi dresses into mini dresses in no time. 

But I had to let go of a few of my belts to let her do this and it was worth the sacrifice.

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@kalechng to the rescue once again with this simple tip that can transform any large dress into a mini dress in no time. In the video she takes a belt and adds it on the outside of the maxi dress, but with the buckle at the back. She then lifted the hem of the dress and pulled it over the belt, adjusting the length until it sat well and voila a brand new mini dress without any permanent alterations.

Cropping an Oversized Sweatshirt without Cutting it

best tiktok fashion

There are two ways to crop an oversized sweatshirt and both are quite easy to do. This hack appealed to me because my wife can now wear my old oversized sweatshirts outside the house and still look good no matter where she goes.

In one video creator @qumi_fashion showed us that the best way to crop any oversized sweatshirt is by using a shoelace. The steps were quite similar to the earlier hack on how to turn a maxi dress into a mini dress, but here the belt is to be positioned right above the stomach so the sweatshirt rises over the belly button.

tiktok styling tips

The second video from creator @yvetteg23 was way easier and did not require using a belt, but it did have a drawback. Here, she goes on by tying the sweatshirt and then proceeds to tuck the sweatshirt inward. It’s a quick way to crop an oversized sweatshirt, but the knot can come loose and the sweatshirt will unravel giving it an ugly appearance.

Use a Hair Band to Hem your Trousers

tiktok fashion tips

This hack was pretty ingenious and instead of getting long trousers hemmed, I could now alter the length of our old trousers simply by using a hair band. I found the hack to be a proper quick fix especially if there’s no time to get the trousers hemmed or tailored. 

In the video @miiisheru takes a nylon hair band and pulls it over the hem of her pants. She then folds the trousers upward and over the nylon hair band until the trouser length is just right. 

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This hack works and is similar to the two others mentioned above with the belt and the length can also be adjusted depending on what footwear you got on.

*I recommend using nylon hair bands as they are stretchier and don’t cut off circulation at the ankles.

Crop your T-Shirt without Cutting it

tiktok summer hack

The trend of wearing crop tops is back again and instead of spending money on buying new crop tops I decided to share this trick with my wife so she can repurpose her old t-shirts and turn them into fashionable crop tops.

In the video, Tiktok creator @blackqueen_509 takes a simple classic t-shirt and begins to twist the front of the t-shirt. She then goes on to take a bangle and pull the twisted portion of the t-shirt through the bangle and twists the bangle up while tucking the sides and back of the t-shirt inward. This simple hack instantly turns any t-shirts into crop tops without having to cut the fabric.

Turn a Crossbody Bag into an Over the Shoulder Purse

tiktok hangbag tips

HACK to transform your crossbody bags into shoulder bags! 🤩 have you tried this yet? #fashionhack #stylehack #womensfashion #latinacreator

♬ original sound – Yasmeen – fashion tips ✨

My wife outgrew wearing crossbody bags a few years ago, but there’s still so many laying around at home. So the second I saw this styling tip, I knew that she had to give it a try. 

Here the creator, @atyasmeengarcia takes the adjustable strap of the crossbody bag and folds it towards one end of the bag and then proceeds to secure the shortened shoulder strap in place with a big ol knot and tucks the knot under the flap of the crossbody bag. The end result is a fashionable and chic over the shoulder purse that doesn’t resemble the old crossbody bag from earlier.

Create a Front Knot Shirt from an Old Shirt in your Wardrobe

tiktok fashion products

Finally, a DIY fashion hack that changes the complete look of the long shirt by transforming it into a front knot crop shirt in no time. Instead of buying a new crop top shirt, consider trying this hack and trust me, you will enjoy how well it uplifts your entire look.

@abovethelastyle shows us how you can transform any old shirt into a front knot crop shirt without using anything. Simply button the shirt till right above the belly button and then knot the front sides of the shirt and then fold the fabric inward. With this genius hack, you get to wear some of your old favorites in new styles while saving money at the same time, so I consider this a win.


Based on what I found, Tiktok is a great place to learn some new tricks and hacks which can be applied in our daily lives. 

Though some may seem far fetched, there are plenty of creators out there who share hacks that actually work and can greatly improve any wardrobe with just a couple of simple household items.

I will add more fashion hacks and styling tips to this list when I come across new ones that are worth the mention, until then I do hope these tips and tricks help spruce up your wardrobe like it has for us.


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