18 Best Car Accessories on Aliexpress 2023 | $1 Car Accessories from Aliexpress

by Tim Blue

You might have seen these Chinese Tiktoks with people using some really funky car accessories to make their driving a much better experience. Even before these trends picked up, I used to buy a loads of Chinese car accessories. The side mirror sticker that provides visibility even during rain and small vacuums for cleaning the car.

All these car accessories you are looking for can be found on Aliexpress. And they are amazing!

Aliexpress Car Accessories

Car Accessories on AliexpressPrice
Car Protection Sticker $2
Hanging Trash Bin for Cars$0.99
Car LED Strip$0.49
Car Decal Stickers $1.02
Car Toys $0.01
Car Clock $2.22
Windshield Washer Tablet $1 for a lot
Car Sticky Gel Pad $0.18
Car Fragrance $0.24
Car Dash Cam $24.99
Baseus Car Charger$4.99
Car Heater $127.75
Dog Fur Collector for the Car$28.15
Anti-sleep alarm for Drivers$0.78
Heated Seats for the Car$9.86
Parking Assistance$10.91
100 Smart Car Gadgets & Accessories🙏Amazon/Tik Tok China #878

Hanging Trash Can for the Car

Car bin aliexpress

This is one of my personal favorites. A dustbin in a car is a must if you don’t want your car to look like a dumpster. I’ve bought many variations of this type of hanging trash can, but my favorite one has been this, the hanging version. I initially had one that was placed on the cup holder, but that took too much space. The hanging version can be hung on the side of the door, at the back of seat. Literally anywhere. I normally place a few of these in the car in multiple locations and then clean them out once a month. Absolutely great car accessory from Aliexpress. And the best part? Costs just $40!

Check it out here

Car Protection Sticker 

Price – $2

If I could go back and give myself a tip about car care, then the first thing I would tell myself is, protect your sides of the car. This is where most scrapes happen. When you are turning and you are too close to the curb, your scrape another automobile and so on. If you want to keep from painting your car often, you can implement this cheap solution to improve the paint life of your car. 

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LED Strip for the Car

Price – $0.49

Have you seen the earlier Fast & Furious movies? Most of the cars had these really cool neon lights at the bottom that gave this spaceship sort of effect and that is achieved by installing simple LED bulbs. It’s easy to setup and because its LED, it lasts for a long time. Apart from jazzing up your car, LED lights also play another important role, which is to give your car an outline at night. This gives an idea to on-coming traffic the size of your car and how much space they need to give your vehicle. This is also a very useful accessory when your tail light is broken and you need to inform other drivers, the position of your car at night. 

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Car Decal Stickers 

I’ve always wanted to put some decal stickers on my car that would showcase my personality. But I’ve always avoided them because most of the stuff I’ve put in the past used to remove off easily when it rained once. Until I found high quality stickers such as these from Aliexpress. These are super cool, edgy, stylish and also very durable. It gives you a dimension to your car that not a lot of other things can do! 

Price – $1.02

Price – $0.29

Car Toys 

Price – $0.01

Got a wide dashboard and want to fill them up with stuff? One of the best things you can put on your dashboard is a toy. Aliexpress is filled with car toys that are ridiculously cheap. You can easily pick ten of these toys for about $10. Well what would you do with toys you ask?

If you are on a long commute, it gives you something to stare at 🙂 I kid. There are some people who like car toys and if you are one of them, then check out the ones on Aliexpress.

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Car Clock 

Price – $2.22

I drive a beat-up Hyundai i10. It’s a good car and it works great, but there is always an issue with it. The clock never works and I haven’t bothered to fix it. I look at the clock every once in a while and I get the shock of my life because the time is always wrong. I wanted to get a good clock for my car and here are the ones that I liked. These sit well on the dash pretty well and looks pretty darn awesome to be honest! 

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Windshield Washer Tablet 

Price – $1 for a lot

If you are one of those people who likes to take care of their car on a regular basis, then you very likely fill your windshield wiper tray with washer liquid. What I used to do is, take a bottle of water and then add some washing soap to it and it was always annoying to do. I came across these cool tablets that would dissolve into the water and it doesn’t make it too soapy nor does it have only water. A perfect mix of water and cleanliness! 

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Car Sticky Gel Pad 

Price – $0.18

How many times have you pressed the brakes your car really hard and have had things flung around the car. It happens to everybody and one very simple solution is the anti-slip, sticky gel which I love. It keeps things stuck on. One annoying aspect is the size of the mat, it could be a tad bigger. But it ensures you don’t have to go on an archaeology expedition in your own car! 

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Car Fragrance 

Price – $0.24

I love to have my car smelling clean. There are a lot of solutions out there, but most of them are inelegant. They don’t really work or they dry out after a bit. A truly unique one from Aliexpress is the car fragrance that is attached to the air conditioning. It’s a small piece of equipment that is attached to the vent and the air conditioners wind pushed out the fragrance too! For $.34, it’s a steal! 

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Car Dash Cam 

Price – $24.99

Even if you don’t buy any of the other accessories here, a dash cam is a must. It has so many use cases it’s hard to count. A good dash cam can  prevent you from hitting other vehicles, find out where your car is, remotely see the action around your car, identify and take photos of cars when they bump into your car while parked. A dash cam also works as evidence during accidents. 

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Baseus Car Charger

Price – $4.99

Who can live without a car charger? A car without a charger is like a house without a charger. It’s annoying and wrong! One of the best car chargers in the market  which I have the pleasure of owning is the Baseus car charger. This car charger attaches to the cigarette lighter and then passes electricity to your phone in very quick time. One of the best purchases you will make for your car! 

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Car Heater 

Price – $127.75

A car heater isn’t an accessory that everybody has in mind, but if you come from a country where the winters can be brutal, then you’ll know why I mention the car heater as an important accessory. This is a simple device that keeps in the insides of your car nice and toasty and also ensures that the cold does not freeze your car and make it vulnerable. 

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Dog Fur Collector for the Car

Price – $28.15

If you have a dog in the house, then you know how filthy they can make the house. You can clean your house easily, but it’s not easily to clean your car everyday. A simple solution to this is to purchase a dog seat cover. This cover, covers the entire back seat of your car that ensures that your pooch can be comfortable and at the same time it ensures that your car remains clean. 

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Anti-sleep alarm for Drivers

Price – $0.78

When you are driving long-distance, it can get tricky when you haven’t slept enough. One of the biggest accidents on the road happens because of sleepy driver. This driver alarm is a simple technology that buzzes every time the driver falls asleep. If you do late night driving, you need one of these.

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#14 – Heated Seats for the Car

In cold countries, the car’s heater sometimes isn’t sufficient and as most people would love their car to be comfortable, the biting cold doesn’t make it so. One very simple solution is to buy heated car seat covers. There are super comfortable seat covers you place on your seat, that heat up and keep you warm.

Price – $9.86

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Parking Assistance

One of the things I honestly struggle with my i10 is the fact that I have to turn my neck when I’m reversing the car and this is a hassle. A simple device like this parking assistance device beeps at the right time informing about obstacles, other cars that helps me from crashing!

Price – $10.91

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Some of the best car accessories can be found on Aliexpress. Just like most Aliexpress products make sure you check the seller, the reviews and also check to see if the product is compatible with your car, especially the ones you have to fit in your car. If you are worried about the performance of these products, especially electronic, then you needn’t worry because most of the Aliexpress products are tested and get a certification.

Anti-Fog Mirror Film

When the weather changes, the glass in your car can fog. Fog is one of the biggest reasons for accidents. Get an anti-fog film to clear up the fog in your car.

The fog film is available in numerous sizes for car of different sizes. Installing this mirror is as easy as installing a tempered glass on your phone. Peel the layer and stick it in the mirror of your car.

Check it out on Aliexpress

Car Perfume

Car perfume aliexpress

Cars do have a smell, especially if they are old. The best thing one can do is to clear the air with some good old fashioned perfume. They can be easily attached to the AC vents of the car.

Check it out on Aliexpress

The 12V 5KW Car Heater 


If you own multiple vehicles and need to keep your vehicle warm in super cold climates, then you need a powerful heater. This heater can heat buses, vans, pickup trucks, big trucks, small trucks and cars. Here are some of its features 

  • Eliminates window frost
  • Keeps the insides of your vehicle warm and toasty
  • Can be used at high altitudes, even at 1500 metres above sea level
  • It consumes less fuel and it has low emissions
  • It is very easy to install 
  • You can dismantle and re-attach it when you want to move it to another vehicle
  • It runs on diesel which is more cost-efficient
  • It is 39cms in length, 14cms in width and 15cms in height 

Price – $129.50

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